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The lj app for android sucks pretty hard. I think it doesnt work with the virtual keyboard so theres no typo correction or spell check.
Anyway, pls ignore, i need to host these photos that have nothing to do with manga or anime and i dunno how to up them without posting, lol, yey technology.

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Please tell me tgat will put them in my scrapbook....

hamada yey!


I'm not going to say who this is. I gave them placeholder names. Try to guess! Don't just guess ships I like, that's cheating :p .
If you can't tell from reading it then maybe you aren't into that fandom or maybe I write them in a way inconsistent with your interpretation?
At any rate, here's a fluff drabble thing about some humans! or not! There's one big clue! I'm not telling you what the clue is!
(If you be like 'I think I know but it's all OOC' you don't have to tell me, because I'll just be super embarrassed if you get it right but hate it :p )
If anyone guesses correctly, or guesses such a compelling alternate concept that I will believe it, I will change the names to the real names and post it on a fic site!

Also, if there exists a fandom that has these as actual character names, you can tell me that, too, because that would freak me out and be probably all kinds of wrong!


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beelzebub, oga n belbo, pick a winner

Sorry about this, non-stans....

OK here's a CRAP-TON of (ok not a crap-ton, 32) screen grabs from Block B's video "Jackpot". I loved these pictures but I'm stuck putting them on LJ because my ISP quit letting us have webpages? What the hell? Anyway, GIANT BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF THESE MOST DIVINE GENTLEMEN.
The take-away here is, I'm pretty sure I've become PO biased. I don't even know how, but you'll agree with me by the end.
I will add captions and stuff later, they exist but for some reason LJ doesn't seem to give a crap. Why did I type in any captions at all if it doesn't display them? Well at least if you hover there's a title. Way to be cheap, LJ.
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hamada yey!

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Sorry I forgot to read replies, but here's some quick answers:
1. I don't have good skills for scanning CD covers so I am not going to scan any, sorry, but you wouldn't like the result even if I tried! I can't figure out how to remove the pattern from the actual paper and maintain a true HQ. I'm good at other things ;)
2. I don't have any videos. I own some DVDs but because of region encoding I can't rip them. I'm sure there's software somewhere but I'm also pretty sure Vimeo or DailyMotion will have the DVD rip already anyway?

OK I'll be back soon really REALLY I WILL this is not hiatus this is like, it's Monday and I'm off to the store!
tanishi okawari yo!

Music coming soon, cool merch

Next Tenipuri song is going to be by Yukimura! I love ALL of Yukimura's songs so I expect to love this one, too! I feel like maybe I say that about a lot of characters, but it's true! I don't love all of everybody's songs, because I really don't like slow "ballad" style songs like "Yokogao" and stuff unless there's something really compelling about them. I just know I have loved all of Yukimura's stuff, so even though he is not on my list of favorite characters, I'm excited for the next release ^^

Now here's what I wanted to talk to you about. These figures. Wow, right? They're priced as things that made you go wow, too. So I probably won't get one, but boy do I want one!

Yukimura figure

Shiraishi figure

Tezuka figure

Atobe figure

Ryoma figure
If there was a Sanada? I'd buy it!

the manufacturer name is Kotobukiya so if you want to try and buy one, that's a good word to use in your search criteria. The site I got the images from is sold out of Atobe, which doesn't surprise me XD I'm not sure if this is just the ones that have release dates or if this is the extent of the project, but I keep thinking about that Tezuka figure and asking myself if I need that.
The answer may be yes.
Akaya and Piyoshi

I should really get to watching shinPOT

Because I love the characters in TeniPuri. I love them. They are my soul mates. THAT IS A LIE.
(--off topic, I saw some dumb article about how a "soul mate" makes you feel whole and like nothing is missing. So what the hell does that make me, my own damn soul mate? I don't feel the least bit partial! I'm pretty sure I'm whole. Or am I actually IN a relationship with the song "Christmas day" by Exo and that song is my soul mate?)

One of my biggest sads about Tenipuri is that I don't know where to find the Carameldansen that this icon was taken from online anymore.

I was remembering this on Twitter (@tennis9232), whenever Dan went to Seigaku to play against Ryoma, after only practicing tennis for a month or so, it was such a nice episode. Ryoma's does have a kind side to him, Dan is one of the cutest characters in the whole series. Maybe I'll go back and re-watch the original instead of trying to get into ShinPOT. Wasn't Dan on the sidelines with Horio and Urayama in ShinPOT? That's not as cool. Dan was awesome because he was inspired to play tennis instead of just be a manager and he did that, he went to play tennis instead of just be a manager. That's so cool. Yamabuki at least Akutsu gets some love in the early stages of ShinPOT from what I read, he is big-bro'd by Oni, and I approved of that. But you know, there were other guys from YB not just those two.

Honestly I thought today was Thursday all day and now that tomorrow isn't going to be Friday I'm a little depressed. EDIT: i edited this post b/c I forgot why?
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