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Man did I do some STUFF! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Man did I do some STUFF! [Mar. 3rd, 2005|11:05 pm]
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Mechazawa recommends
|Porno Graffitti - Neo Melodramatic]

Ooh I took a quiz. And then I took another. Actually I took about all of 'em but I'm only posting results for those that were either extremely odd or quite humorous. One of 'em was not very funny at all so I didn't post it, essept one of the answers was "Wants to name their kids after Dragonball characters" and do you know who it picked for that slot? raditzsex!! How's that for on-topic ;D

What Hyoutei Regulars are your friends?
by oniwabantaijiya
Your LJ/Xanga name:
Atobe Keigo-- The Divaleviosa8
Jiroh Akutagawa-- The Narcoleptic Onevalamelmeo
Kabaji Munehiro-- The Slaveasimuth
Shishido Ryou-- The Drama Queenmichiyo_seta
Ohtori Choutarou-- The Nice(r than everyone else) Boytarma
Oshitari Yuushi-- The Genius_kaze3chizen
Mukahi Gakuto-- The Sassy, Little, Uke, Bitchevildragyn
Hiyoshi Wakashi-- The Forgotten Onejlightstar
Sakaki Tarou-- The Stoic Coachbobrhyn

(Check here if this is a Xanga account, not an LJ: )
Find tons of anime pics, tests, pictures, and anime wallpapers at Anime Cubed!

Eerily accurate ¬¬
(I'm teasing you. Except valamelmeo. You really do sleep too much.)

What is your future bestfriend like?
by dogpwr
What's your name?
If you were given a $100 bill, and were dared to eat it would you?, if you got to keep it later?
They are like:Your Grandma
Find tons of anime pics, tests, pictures, and wallpapers at Anime Cubed!

Uhh... the hell is that? Let's just look at that for a moment. "What is your future bestfriend like". What the hell is a future best friend? Can't I keep the ones I have now? Or is this quiz suggesting that since you are online reading/taking quizzes, you don't HAVE any friends? This quiz is implying that all I do is sit around reading the internet and eating cheez! OK yes I have some cheez but that's not really the point...

What Gundam Wing Characters are your friends?
by RavenShaoran
Your LJ/Xanga name:
Heero Yuyyaoi_witchchan
Duo Maxwellryuukoi
Trowa Bartonevildragyn
Quatre Winnermakaioh
Wufei Changkaru_chan
Relena Peacecraftfantabulous
Hilde Schbeikersoupychan
Zechs Merchiseprojectvortex
Treize Kushrenadamaho_kiwi

(Check here if this is a Xanga account, not an LJ: )
Find tons of anime pics, tests, pictures, and anime wallpapers at Anime Cubed!

W00t! I'm Quatre! Quatre Raberba Weiner! Hehehehehe weiner XD

In other news, I took some screencaps of the TeniPuri Fan Disk 0 game remix or whatever the hell it's called. But the software I use saved all the - ok first, it saved bitmaps instead of jpgs. And also, it was savin stuff at 720x480, which is really just st00pit. So I went back and recapped a few things, but I didn't recap everything, and now I'm kinda sad. Also, I do not recall in the dvd where some of the pics I capped were at. So, what I did was, I took the original caps and stretched 'em so they don't look st00pit... but I'm not very good at that sort of thing... I dunno. Anyway, I'm saying all that to tell you I have some new screencaps uploaded. Including some NEW SHOWS! OK the shows themselves are teh old, but the caps are new because I only just got the dvd-rom so I can screencap ANYTHING I have on DVD now! Yey!

Oh yeah, click on thumbnail for actual size. No, wait... click on thumbnail for 640x480. Click again on 640x480 to get actualy size. You really should, especially on the dvd cap i put words on.

Jackal's navel.

The DVD has a lot of good Yukimura shots. Mainly in what passes for a music video of Sanada's song.

ha-HA! I am not even caring enough to edit out the menu part of the DVD! Gratuitous Rikkai chibis!

More gratuitous chibis! The hell are they doing... I think in the original aired episode there was a big P&G or Kelloggs or whatever sponsor was pissing me off that week on this shot.

Here's... a very slightly different from the previous pic of Yukimura. We made up this storyline in which it is the future and Sanada and Yukimura get married in a traditional Japanese wedding essept that Yukimura wears a lacy white western-style wedding dress. It's quite teh smex, I assure you.

Gratuitous Hyoutei! I don't even remember what this was on the DVD. Do you know how difficult it is to read Japanese menus when you suck at kanji? Well, you probably don't suck at kanji. I do! And let me tell you! It is difficult!

This is not from Prince of Tennis. This is Shiina Ringo. I don't even think she plays tennis. But she might. I bet she watches the anime, though. Not while wearing this. This isn't a tv-watching sort of outfit. Also, her name is Apple, and.. Fuji likes apples, so he probably likes Shiina Ringo. Therefore, it is only peripherally on-topic.

The fuck is Gakuto wearing? Remember this? This was the scene where Atobe is wearing the frilly purple thing. And Gakuto is wearing.. uhh... whatever the hell that is o_O

Whatever Yuushi's wearing is smexy. But I dunno if even he could pull off wearin whatever the hell Gakuto is wearin. Anyway, these are scenes from a ep you saw.

Chibi Yamato and chibi Tezuka. Awwww! And that reminds me. Yamato was briefly seen (and when I say briefly I mean for a short period of time, not 'in his briefs', cuz I'd damn sure have capped that if it was) in episode 174 and damn, he is some hottness.

I don't really understand this... but... I want one. If there was a plushie of whatever the hell that is, I'd buy that. Really, all I want is Rikkai plushies. I'm going to pout until I get one >(

Gratuitous more pictures of Yukimura.


zomg luv. or, here's Tezuka in street clothes. It's the same shirt he was wearing yesterday. Or, he has like 5 purple shirts. I really don't much care for a FujiZuka pairing.

They're gonna make out.

And I took screencaps from a Excel Saga dvd, because Kym hasn't seen it.

This is from the ep of Excel Saga anime where they made it like a dating sim game. This is probably my favorite episodes, if only for this gag.

OK, I was trying to cap this guy (played by Okiayu) but.. uhh... I missed. And I accidentally and NOT on purpose capped the back of his hed. This is the first case of accidental backhed capping in my history. I was sitting here with my finger poised on the 'photo' button, but ... I missed. Anyway, Watanabe backhed. There ya go.

This is Hyatt. I know many of you know who these people are but Kym doesn't so I'm showing her. Hrm. I don't think I took any caps of Excel...

The subs aren't on this part, but I assure you: Option 3 says "Put it in".

This is Menchi. This is Excel's emergency food supply. Hence the sadness in his little puppy eyes. Hrm, I don't think I capped IlPallazzo either...

Put it in. Hehehehehe!! (No, I will not get tired of that joke. Sorry.)

This is one of the few times there isn't a "put it in" option. Hehehehe, put it in.

OK here's a goo-- no, wait. This is a almost-profile of that guy... perhaps I should use the "pause" button rather than the "photo" button...

Hehehehe!! PUT IT IN!

Oh yeah, pause works way better than trying to keep the mouse hovering over the 'photo' button. There ya go. Tha's Watanabe. And behind him that's Iwata and Sumiyoshi. Iwata is played by Morikubo. I prolly spelled that wrong.

Here's those other two guys. They follow Watanabe around cuz he might have f00d. At this point in the story, they are all unemployed.

The one guy Sumiyoshi, he only talks by saying nothing but words appear by his hed.

I was tryin to cap this funny face but I fail it and you get this instead. Do you NEED the funny faces? Because I can do it. But you know... can't see Excel Saga screencaps bein in high demand really o_O

Hahahaha!! Put it in! "Why can't I get it in?" remember that one? Yeah that was from like episode 110 of TeniPuri or something.

Here's what the puchuu's look like when they die. They have a grumpy man-face.

This is Nabeshin. He's a combination of Spike Spiegel and Lupin III. He's not in the manga, unless he's in a volume I haven't read.

In other news, my kitten is in heat, and so she's makin weird sounds and showing all the other cats her butt. Ilmari doesn't know what the hell is goin on and the eunuchs don't really give a crap. It's still funny, the sounds she makes. She barked! But mostly she goes "rrrr".

I will probably be uploading some aiko song off the new album as soon as I get the new album which should be any day now - so if anyone still hasn't grabbed that Yuushi/Gakuto track, get it now yo ;)

OK I took a lot of time and energy to make this mood theme... but I think I don't really need a FMA-themed mood theme. I dunno what kind of mood theme to make. I'm gonna waffle on that. With a dvd screencapping program, I can pretty much make a mood theme of any show I wanted. Or I have always considered making a Pokemon avatar mood theme... maybe I'll do that. I always like pokemon...
I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:March 4th, 2005 - 06:02 am
For some reason I ended up as one of my own friends in the Hyotei meme *scratches head*. You were Sakaki.

Am I the only one who likes Gakuto's fashion sense? I recently went out of my way to snap that very picture because I liked seeing him in that outfit. Heck, I loved the little skirt/kilt he had on in the Band of Princes video. I guess I'll just take Gakuto any way I can get him. :)

[User Picture]
Date:March 4th, 2005 - 06:55 am
Gakuto looks cute in his odd clothes, but they're still odd clothes o_O The outfit he's wearin in Band of Princes is adorable :D But it's still strange...

[User Picture]
Date:March 4th, 2005 - 09:22 pm
I think in the original aired episode there was a big P&G or Kelloggs or whatever sponsor was pissing me off that week on this shot.

I feel your pain. :O However...it can be fixed. (PWNED.)

Oh, goodie, I'm Sakaki. o_o; Hooray for Excel Saga love!