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Words of wisdom [Jan. 2nd, 2004|07:19 pm]
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Cartoons are better than boys, from Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah Cartoons.

So, last night, "Mushroom Samba" was on. I think it's my favorite episode. But if I stayed up to watch it every night, I'd probably say that at least once a week.
It's so great, though. You got Ein doing the battery-operated-doggie thing, Spike going nowhere on the stairs, Faye swimming, and Jet talking to trees. Then, when they come out of it, Spike is on the very top of the ship, Faye is in the corridor wrapped in TP and holding some in her mouth, and Jet is covered in lipsticks! Oh it's so funny! And the minor characters -- Domino and those bounty hunters who are after him. I could watch a whole show about that one bounty hunter chick with the fro. She was mega cool. And Domino got away, ya know? And he's still a baddie. It's just ripe for ... something.
Anyway, I forgot where I was going with this. It was somewhere, I swear. Maybe I was gonna show off my art.
Oh yeah! I know. So, like, the reason I never drew James from Pokemon in a dress is because it would be redundant. You could just see that in any given episode. But then I was thinking, is that my only schtick? Is there no other humorous situation I can put anime characters in? Surely there is. I just can't decide what to have them doing. It has to be one-panel type stuff, and I don't think I can do anything that's not inherently funny. Which means you won't get a drawing of Spike and Jet making out. People making out isn't inherently funny. (OK, you might get a pic of Spike and James making out, but that's another issue entirely.)
Anyway, I'm working on it in my mind. There will be funny to come.
Ironically, I was going to buy this account today, and payment is down.

Update: Guess who just got a paid account. Mmm-hmm!

I'm not insanedrop trou!