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ZOMG TENNIS [Sep. 2nd, 2005|04:35 pm]
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OK sorry I haven't read the internet or posted or done damn near *anything* online in a couple months. I was busy doin stuff. And if you're one of the people who did that "cleaning out my flist" thing and I neglected to respond saying "keep me on it"? I meant to say that! I still like you! I don't even know if anyone was doing that! But I still like you because you are funny and talented!

To make up for my absence, have a new music! It's a band called Yum!Yum!ORANGE and they're like, girl-ska :D It's yey!!

Me, all I got is some comics I made using little icons and some discussion about tennis. You'd think I'd be over it since the show ended, but you know the manga is not over yet and I just got vol 29 the other day and I've read it like 6 times. I won't get vol 30 for a couple weeks yet (but I know what's going on currently cuz I saw brackets on the internet somewhere)

The following lj-cut leads to some non-work-safe images.

So since my scanner is broken I have to make comics with icons I find on the internet. The Kanishi icon I got from xi (they have other Higa icons as well as RyoRyo fanarts... and I mean Ryouma and Ryouga, not Shishido and Kisarazu). The other d00ds I got from mamemimumo (they have more cute icons but not a lot of Rikkai so you know...)

Let's just not discuss how this little scene came about, shall we? ^^;;;

Well wasn't that fun? Hell yes it was. What really sucks is that there won't be Higa or Shitenhouji character singles ;_; I have ideas in my brain how they talk like. Like you know Chinen talks like Pegasus from Yu-gi-oh (japanese version), and Kintaroh talks like Goku from Dragonball (japanese version) (and ok Koshimae was crackin me up, that would so be me if I was Japanese XD ) and... I had how Chitose talks but I forgot it now. OH YEAH Spike from Bebop XD (luv Chitose)
OK seriously. Picture Kintaroh singing the "yoi na" song from Dragonball Z. Seriously. That's cute!!

It would also be cool if there was another videogame like Crystal Drive 2005 (Crystal Drive 2006?) that had Higa and Shitenhouji in it. And if you used Higa's coach his ability would be to shut down the opponent's coach for the whole match XD TAKE THAT, MIZUKI AND YAMATO!!

OK, so the real news is that we discovered a pairing so hott it warranted breaking up a couple of OTPs to make it happen. Check it out. Yuushi and Sanada. Just think about it for a minute. YUUSHI AND SANADA. Is that not hotter than Yuushi and Gakuto? Hell yes it is. Is that not hotter than Sanada and Yukimura? Hell yes it is. Seroiusly, think about it, picture Sanada and Yuushi naked on the fl00r. HOW HOTT IS THAT.

Oh hey speaking of uberhott, I haven't showed you my Rikkai poster!! Here have a look!!

Aren't those posters AWESOME?! Renji is like, zomg teh hottttttttttttttttness in that picha!! And I know there's some flash glare on the buchou one but you might be able to tell HOW CUTE a feis Yukimura is makin!! Click on that picha then click on it again when you get to the gallery view and you can see the full size pic, it's huge :D Lookit how cute Akazawa is, too. He's somewhat red rather than mocha like he's apposed to be but he's makin a really cute feis too. But DAMN how hott Renji is. There's also a wall scroll of the same pic, and I want that, but Jackal is somewhat orange in the wall scroll... I can't decide. But it would be this pic, in giant wall scroll form!! Rikkai is just so pwn. I've read the Rikkai matches in the manga like a bajillion times, but really I don't always read it, cuz I'm not so good at japanese.

But that reminds me! I registered for Japanese class at the community college continuing education dept yey :D I also gonna take tennis lessons at the local rec center... jeis I know that's just sad, doing a recreational activity just because of manga, but hey some people learned go just because of Hikaru no Go, right? Ehehehehe ^^;;;;;

And one more thing. WHY are there not Rikkai plushies ;_; And even if there was, they prolly wouldn't have a Renji plushie anyway ;_;
Here, have a picha of Renji's wet backhed.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 3rd, 2005 - 06:13 pm
Holy crap, you're alive! Yey!

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Date:September 5th, 2005 - 10:25 pm

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Date:November 23rd, 2005 - 03:21 pm
omg WHY didnt I see this before!?!!
..oh yes, it's becoz I didn't have a computer at the time *curses*

Higa chibis... so CUTE!! Kite: Are you old?

*thinks about Sanada/Oshitari* That... really would be HOTT wouldn't it? Really, really hot. *.*

& those posters are so cool~ Akazawa looks adorable. He's so molostable.. I love him. Yes, yes.. tie him to the bed & get out the strap-on kinda love...