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zomg TABLET - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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zomg TABLET [Sep. 6th, 2005|09:17 pm]
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Ha-HA! I got a tablet! I suck at it, and it's not a very good tablet (it was on mad sale). But at least it's decent enough that now I can show you what keeps me up at night! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Kita does not keep me up at night, except for those times in which he's pining for Atobe. Then he whines a lot.

Yuushi does not keep me up at night on a regular basis, but... well, you'll see.

Nioh doesn't keep me up at night. Even though I know he's planning to fill my car with styrofoam peanuts. Pyo.

zomg YEY RENJI. Renji does not keep me up at night, either, except sometimes when I make up little Renji stories in my hed.
I'm kinda proud of the Rikkai uniform I made here ^^v

This is really what keeps me up at night. Yuushi and Sanada stapling Inui to the wall. That's kinda iffy in and of itself, but really, why are they stapling his pance to the floor! Are they afraid the pance might fall up? Do they think maybe the law of gravity is going to be repealed? WHY, YUUSHI, WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!
(also, after they stapled him to the wall? they did naughty things to him. But I'm not going to draw that.)

So I was gonna make Inui and Renji a rap band, because Renji is a mad l33t DJ and Inui can rap, but all rap bands have at least 3 guys, and one of 'em has to be a little cute guy. Who's littler or cuter than Dan? Nobody XD
Sometimes I make up little fake rap songs that they do in my hed, but I dunno what the words are cuz it's in Japanese.

I'm not insanedrop trou!