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Weird dream alert - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Weird dream alert [Sep. 26th, 2005|06:34 am]
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OK I had this dream that like, I was going on a random date with some d00d but I can't recall who it was, but it wasn't someone I was especially keen on going on a date with, but in the dream I was like "eh, ok, whatever, might be fun". So we went to some restaurant that was crap but people kept coming in that either I knew or that the guy I was on a date with knew, so it was really more of a social event, but then some of my friends knew some of the other people and they ended up singing some lame-ass song from a musical (it probably wasn't a real song at all). Then we went to the conbini for sodas but all the sodas sucked and the guy workin at the counter was a total moron and kept charging people the wrong price for their drinks, so I was getting really irritated cuz it was annoying, so then we were going to some big convention thing, but on the way there was a random moron that this guy i was with knew, in a car, and he almost ran over himself with his car (dunno how that worked, dream physics eh) and so we stopped and I got out and i went and smacked the moron and I was like "d00d. that was SO ST00PIT!!" and then the mor0n went to go drive the car I was in, and I was like "fuck no, I am not getting in a car with that guy, how far are we from where my car is at?" but then they got the moron out of my date's car and then it was OK and we went to the convention, but we took the mor0n's date with us so she wouldnt get hurt riding with that moron. She started singin some song randomly but then she got all embarrassed cuz it was a st00pit song but I was like "eh, I secretly dig that song."
So then we get to the convention and one of the guests at the convention was Eiji who was an old friend of Holly's so I went to say hi to him, but ZOMG HIS HAIR LOOKED SO ST00PIT. I wish I could describe it and do it justice. It was like, the base of his hair was put in some kind of patterning thing and it was perfectly horizontal, sticking out from his hed. Like a bajillion little lighting symbols, sticking straight out for like 3 feet from the base of his hed. It was SO RETARDED. And in the dream I was like "how am I going to talk to holly without going ZOMG HIS HAIR WAS SO ST00PIT."
So then I got in a random discussion with someone about the song "Cross with you", and I was not saying how much I hate it because it was just a random stranger so I was being noncommittal. Then the little store we were in started playing the song, but in my dream it wasn't actually "Cross with you" it was one of Echizen's songs from the videogames. But apparently there was a video for it, and everyone knew the dance from the video, so they were gonna do it, and it was the dance from the "Robokiss" video.

I think the guy I was on a date with was Kite and I think his moron friend was Tanishi, because at one point he tried jumping through the car window and got stuck.

Well that was fun. In other news, Pokemon XD slated to come out this week?! Really?! I recently restarted Crystal version, and it's so old sk00l. But it was the best Pokemon game evar so I still like it. Actually I'm done with the game I just have to defeat Ash. And I guess maybe catch all the pokemons, if I feel like it, which I won't. I already played FireRed and LeafGreen through twice, and Ruby twice, and Sapphire... hrm, maybe I'm not done with Sapphire 2nd time? Emerald ... well, I have all but like 2 battle symbols. I am in the middle of a 2nd playing of Colosseum, too. All of these things will be suspended when XD gets here. Lol XD? I'mma name my character w00t.

I guess I'mma play pokemon til my laundry is finished and I can go for coffee.

I'm not insanedrop trou!