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More content than you can shake a stick at! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
We are all fuzzy robots.

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More content than you can shake a stick at! [Oct. 27th, 2005|01:20 pm]
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Mechazawa recommends
|nobodyknows+ - ココロオドル ~original Version~]

Are you shaking the stick? Yeah there ya go. Keep it up!

How about some Orange Range to get you thinking about the holidays! It's called "Winter Winner". It's kindof a winter version of Shanghai Honey. Renji classifies this song as "yey". Yuushi says it's not smexy enough. He's right, it's a party song, not a wanna-sex-you-up song. Sanada claims not to like it, but Yuushi sez he caught Sanada dancing to this song in his underwear.

Orange Range - Winter Winner

Now for that part of my post that has random pictures with silly captions. There's cats in here.

From the Good Job! cd+dvd - the dvd was like, outtakes from making videos or something, hard to describe.
Anyway, Su's navel. And a groovetastic dance. (Rakuen Baby PV)

Ilmari and Fumiya are gonna MAKE OUT. With megane on. Like in doujinshi. (Blue Be-Bop PV)

(Galaxy PV)

Randomly during the shots of the Tasogare Surround PV this little dance by Ryo-Z was inserted...

And then it happened again! Truly vexing. (in the preview this pic wouldn't show up, so... maybe you see it maybe not.)

Tha's just a damn cute picha. Wub Su.

Here's a really old PV (Fade Away maybe?), and Pes had a afro. And that brings us to part 2.

If I had known how easy it is to give people afros, I would have.... done it more ¬¬

Originally, we were just putting the fluffy hed from 1st yr on him, but ... it evolved.

Don't ask about the megane ¬¬

Really after Oishi's fluffy hed I wanted to put a afro on Renji, but I didn't have a white day pic of Renji. So ... chibi Renji and Inui get a fro. Also? They're gonna rap. (You thought I was gonna say "they're gonna make out", didn't you!)

Mizuki with a fro looks like Rick James!!

This is actually Atobe with a fro. He's your 1973 prom date.

Tezuka and his big ol' fro!

(he's mad at me ¬¬ )

I think Ryouma's going to Boogie Wonderland for summer vacation.

Chotaroh has a REO Speedwagon fro. Shishido likes it.

Eiji rides the short bus.

HEPPY NEEDED A FRO. And a comb, cuz he's cool.

I think I posted this one before. Rikkai poster! It's mega! Is Renji not the hottness in this pic? Yes he is. Also, if you can see it, not sure how well it shows up, look how cute Akazawa is in the buchou poster. Then look how hott Renji is in the Rikkai pic.

Here's the same Rikkai picture, in GIANT WALL SCROLL form! OK if you click on the picture here and then click it again when you get to the gallery? It's a link to the full-size. It's huge! But I wanted to keep the light fixture in there for scale.
Also? Renji is teh hotttttttttttness :D

It's a pencil board. I put it on the front door. There's also a sticky note from Holly informing me that she does not like pumpkin pie. The truth is, she's not so keen on Renji and Inui, either. (She wubs Yukimura.)

Here's another poster, and a tennis racquet (that is Holly's) and ... a rubber bat I got at the Halloween store. There's actually more posters and stuff around the house, but as you can see there is another cabinet without posterage, that one is for the other chibi poster, which I do not have.

This is Ilmari. She was named after a member of Rip Slyme. As you can see, that is not a Rip Slyme album she is enjoying. Ironically, she prefers Kick the Can Crew. She goes all purr-y when she hears Kreva. She used to be a very skinny sad kitty. Now she is fat, yey :D

Meowth commands the top-secret plushie army.

Oh, a coup! Ilmari is positioning herself to take command! But how did she infiltrate the plushie stronghold?

Aha, a plushie accomplice! Meowth has no chance against Ilmari's powerful O_O of d00m!!

I'm not insanedrop trou!

Date:October 28th, 2005 - 02:57 am


AFRO=LOVE because Richard's afro is love too (Richard is the one that attempted to trip Tezuka, and if you don't remember: "AHAHAHAHAHA!!!")

Shoot, I still gotta plan a day to start playing tennis. -__-;; So much stress, especially with Student Government!

After seing your Meowth, I'm starting to miss my Pikachu plushie. *tear* I used to bring that plushie everywhere with me. Damn, I need more anime plushies, too.

[User Picture]
Date:October 28th, 2005 - 02:42 pm

Re: *sigh*

Yah I remember Richard XD Damn, if my scanner was working I'd use that picture for a HAHAHAHAHA icon. I'm tired of this one.

We actually have rather a lot of pokemon plushies, but Meowth just happened to be at the top of the plushie mountain ;)

Date:December 16th, 2005 - 07:22 am
I know I haven't commented in a million years, but I saw this post and had to:

You are the funniest person on the internetz. Hahaha, fro's. And kitties.