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Mmmmm, goya

Holy crap, Renji is hott!
But that has nothing to do with this post (really)

Hirakoba frankenplushie! I made it out of pieces of a plushie we dismembered to get the pattern from. Guess who it was.
(also, made the uniform prior to 30.5, so it's black instead of purple. I like the black better.)
He's apposed to be makin that "yappei kankan da" thing but ... it's hard to do that in plush ¬¬

As many of you know, I am both lazy and untalented. So, when I get a really great idea for a gag comic, it either has to be uber short or it's just going to be made in Visio using icons I have.

What happened was, she made those icons, and I was like "hey, let's put all those guys in the same place at the same time! For days!" And the result was... well, odd. It's a little something I call Tennis Camp.

Click here for Visio Tennis Camp! (totally PG, no pairings, just some crack)

Either the nav clickys at the top of the page or click the image to get to the next page (only works in this gallery). There are 7 days finished so far, all PG (mild language).

If you decide to go exploring in my picture galleries and take the UP link to the parent gallery (called WTF) you might encounter some not-so-PG references. (also, some retardedness ¬¬)
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