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ep 305


I don't usually keep up with the shonen jump episodes, because I have to download them (I usually just wait for the manga to come out) but I kept hearing things so I had to see for myself...


(if that happens to Renji, I will CRY REAL TEARS thankj00verymud.)

I have no idea why he did that, cuz I didn't read it really and I haven't read anything between this and the end of vol 32... but... but... ZOMG LOL.

OK I know I'm the last person on the planet to have seen it, but just IN CASE you haven't seen it and you really wanted to but didn't want to download it, I uploaded the choice bits to my photos. Major spoiler if yer not caught up, so you know, can you handle not knowing for another few months? CAN YOU???

Yeah remember old Bugs Bunny cartoons, and he was sneakin up behind somebody with a mallet, and he goes like "Awww... I wouldn't do THAT, would I?" and then he does it, and some random thing holds up a card that sez "HE D00D IT!"
I think tha's the Daffy Duck episode with the hiccups and the freaky doctor and delivering a singing telegram to Chloe. Remember that? That was most excellent.
But this, this is also most excellent XD


And now, a mad fangirling
And now, I wub Echizen. This was just the coolest thing anyone has evar done in the series. This is just bad-ass. The only cooler thing would be if someone got panced on purpose (Kisarazu panced Inui, yeah, but it was a accident, so it doesn't count... altho that was damned hilarious, too)
Guhhhhhhh I am overwhelmed by the mad cool XD
Man, the Yuushi and Piyoshi that live in my hed are laughing so hard they're gonna pee. And even tho Renji and Sanada are trying to be cool, they can't stifle their giggles XD (and Piyoshi sed "Gekokujou" ... indeed XD )

MAD COOL, TEH PWN!! Damn!! Konomi is MY HERO. I think this might actually move Konomi above Toriyama in my personal manga hero-worship rankings. DAMN!!!!!!!!

OK, you know how I have a Atobe kitty (there he is, sayin 'oresama no bigi ni yoi na')...
LOL hell no!
But boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy am I tempted XD
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