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Myuuuu...jikaru. - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Myuuuu...jikaru. [Apr. 9th, 2006|02:48 am]
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I watched one. Hyoutei "in winter" (wtf is that about, "in winter"). Tried to watch it last night but not 30 seconds into it Holly goes "turn it off, it hurts me!" lol XD
We sat thru it tonite, tho. And I'd sed whoever wimps out first has to eat a gouya, and Holly did try a piece, but I ate the rest.

Oh, yeah, no BL this weekend cuz Holly's here. For those of you who remember, how old were you when you figured out BL?

Anyway, I think they should have renamed it from "Tenisu no oujisama" to "Tenisu no Tezuka-sama". Cuz there was like, no Echizen in the whole thing lol XD It was a whole show about Tezuka. I had a lot of trouble getting over how retarded and cheezy the songs were, but I had a lot of time getting over how retarded and cheezy anime image songs were for a long time, and now I'm totally addicted to anime image songs.

Wtf Sakurai and Ishida LOL. Tha Sengoku was CUTE. And that Kawamura. I was nearly overwhelmed by how cute that Kawamura was. Lol the bugi song XD the best part was the backup dancing, tho, and they dint show enough of that. Man, I laughed and laughed and laughed. I dunno how people sit in the theater watching that and don't laugh themselves to tears.

But really it just reminded me how awesome the Hyoutei match was, except that Momo should not be able to dunk smash on Yuushi *evar*, and Inui and Kaidoh deserved to wim their match. It shoulda been Yuushi and Gakuto wim, and then Inui and Kaidoh wim. And I'm not just saying that cuz I wub Yuushi and Inui. Or maybe I am, I don't know.

I was doing that one meme where you list 12 characters and then answer questions about 'em but then my PC died so I lost it, and I don't feel like re-creating it, but the long & short of it was that Sanada, Hayashida and Jet Black had to go to dinner together. I drew a retarded picture of that. Also at some point there was some kind of Ogata/Sanada suggestion (nosebleed!) and a Renji/Don Patchi suggestion (wtf!), and Yuushi went on a date with Sanji (zomg wub!).

OH I haven't showed the scans I made from this chibi poster I got:

Awww, Tezuka got Akaya a little creepyscary Akaya puppet! But... for some reason I don't think the Seigaku Pillar suit is from Akaya. (Tezuka is not amused. I'm sure Akaya got Tezuka some chocolates, like normal people).

Fuji baked Taka a pie with luv on it... but Mizuki thinks it's for him. Poor Mizuki. Fuji should have labelled it, like Eiji did.

Inui made Taka a special remix j00s. Kaidoh is too embarrassed to give Inui those valentine chocolates. OK, we all know you shouldn't drink any beverage Inui gives you, but what if he made his own chocolates? Would you eat those? I wouldn't. I don't like chocolates.

This is the edge of the poster, there is no more of this pic so we have no way of knowing just how many valentines Piyoshi received. Also, what is going on here? Did Yuushi take some of Piyoshi's presents and Piyoshi suspects and Yuushi's trying to act smoove? Or, is Yuushi giving him MORE presents? Or, did Yuushi switch all the labels of Atobe's gifts and put "TO HIYOSHI" on them, and Piyoshi suspects but Yuushi's reassuring him that those are all for him? Or, is Piyoshi giving Yuushi a present but Yuushi accidentally ate the chocolates he was gonna give Piyoshi? OH I KNOW, Yuushi got Piyoshi a box-set of all of Yuushi's musics, and Piyoshi's kinda pissed off cuz he doesn't even have a single.

Does that look like Atobe to you? Doesn't it look MORE like Kita in a Atobe suit? Note the lack of a dot. That's Kita. Pretending to be Atobe. Because... he really really wishes he was Atobe.

OK that is all.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:April 9th, 2006 - 09:01 am
See? The musicals fun~
well, sort of XD;;

I loved Sengoku & Yuuta! What's really surprising was that the guy for Ooishi is actually quite hot when he's not.. Ooishi. Mmm~
I'm actually glad it focused more on Tezuka that Echizen. Notice how Echizen's voiced sucked? It's coz he was in a major car accident that left him in a coma. It also partly destroyed his vocal cords. Poor thing ^^
Sakurai & Ishida were such a couple XD
& I can't get 'Gekokujou da ze! Gekokujou da ze!' outta my mind!

Kya~ Piyoshi's really so popular on Valentines! Really. *glomps*

[User Picture]
Date:April 9th, 2006 - 04:47 pm
Yeah we decided Oishi was nice lookin but he didn't look like Oishi. But that Yuushi really looked like Yuushi (cute!)... nobody can "saa, yudan sezuni ikou" like Okiayu, tho. But man, that Kawamura... SO CUTE. I wonder if that's the same guy that's gonna be in the live-action movie. That guy is CUTE. I think I'mma screencap him.

And yes, Piyoshi = LUV XD

[User Picture]
Date:April 9th, 2006 - 07:55 pm
Well, I can't complain since I think alot of the new cast sings a bit better than the old one did (with the exception of Kimeru [Fuji], MoriEiji [Momo] & Tuti [Ooishi]).
Yes Kawamura's so CUTE! But Sengoku the Yuuta~ <3
You should check out the backstage part where Yuuta's crying & Tezuka/Oshitari comfurt him. So so cute! *o*

Piyoshi needs much more love I tells ya! *still singing 'Gekokujou da ze!~'*