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Konomi-sensei is teh wim - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Konomi-sensei is teh wim [May. 25th, 2006|10:29 am]
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[left my soda at |Roland Garros (I wish)]
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Mechazawa recommends

Guess what this is. This is MY NEW RACQUET. It is mine! I no longer have to play with the Prince Wal-Mart Special!

Does it look familiar? Here, have some close-ups:

Here's the front of it. If you need close-ups of the detail you can click on the pic to go to the gallery page and then if you click on THAT it takes you to a full-size image.

Here's the side of it, where the details are. You can almost see the stickers on the inside frame (this is important later! take notes!)

Now check this out, it's Renji's racquet - look how detailed it is. How does he do that? Does he take B&W photos and then splice them in to the artwork? It's INSANE how detailed it is. Almost scary. Anyway, here it is, my racquet in manga form:

This one is for some reason flipped like a mirror image. You can tell if you look real close where there's words. You'd have to flip it to make it readable. I dunno why. That's really odd.

Actually you can't see all that much detail here, but I luv this pic ^_^

You can actually READ the WORDS in this scan, even tho it's not uber-resolution or anything. You can also see the grip detail. According to the internet that is Cushtac grips. OK. Anyway, you can see it. Also, you can see up Renji's shorts ;D

This is the coolest one, cuz you can see the stickers on the inside frame. I told you that would be important later.

This is kinda scary because this part of the racquet that you can see and read the words? It is VERY SMALL on the racquet. Like, in order to notice it sez something there, you gotta be lookin REAL CLOSE. You'll have to go to the full-size image of the photos above to see this part.

OK, just so you know, I din't buy this racquet because it's Renji's. I TRIED it because it's Renji's, and it just turned out I liked it best out of all the racquets I tried. I could have tried more racquets, but I didn't. I honestly thought I'd like a couple of other racquets better, but here's something important if yer lookin at racquets on the internet: the manufacturer's specs aren't always indicative of what you'll actually find when you use the racquet. There's a website Tennisracquets.com that has a database of what the racquet is actually like when you use it, as opposed to just what the manufacturer says it is. The racuqet that was a close 2nd to this one (Wilson nCode nSix-Two) ... it's really light, and it felt good to hit with, but it felt like I was serving with wiffle when I tried to serve with it. So there's my next bit of unsolicited advice, make sure you can serve with it. You know, if yer gonna buy a racquet. Also, if you pick it up in the st0 or from a demo program on the internet and immediately it feels really weird? You won't change your mind later. You'll hate it just as much after playing with it for a week as you did when you first picked it up. That's an easy way to eliminate some possibilities.

Next week starts the class in which we only do drills at the beginning then we play real matches, and on the 11th there's an actual USTA league tournament thingy... so I feel like I wanna play 24/7 so I don't suck so bad that I piss my teammates off, altho they are all really nice and encouraging, and they're at the same level as me... really I'm just excited to get to be playing in matches. I don't even care if I lose every match 6-0 6-0. I CAN DO IT, OTHER PEOPLE HAVE TENNISSED, AND SO CAN I. So there.

Since you've been so patient thru my tennis ramblings here, have a mp3 specially formulated for sultry summer nights:

PUSHIM feat PAPA B - 雨のバンドネオン

Heppy's on tv! He got up there and went "Ahhhhhhn?" Note that he's positioned himself as to not obscure my view of Atobe. Uhh, thanks, cat, but I wasn't looking at Atobe anyway. Also you can see the retarded crap that was on tv when he got up there. I wasn't watching tv, but it was on.

The weird thing is, he originally got up there to stare intently at Oishi. Hep is the only cat that can get on top of the tv, because you have to get up there from the floor. I mean, if you're a cat. The other cats can't jump that high in a single bound.

Yer mom is wub says:
  he's the paw prince of tennis
sanada is wub says:
sanada is wub says:
  there's a guy on the show that tells jokes that bad
sanada is wub says:
  another guy kicks him in the hed for it.
Yer mom is wub says:
  are you gonna kick me in the hed?
sanada is wub says:
  i hope so
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:May 26th, 2006 - 09:31 pm

*using random icon*


[User Picture]
Date:May 26th, 2006 - 09:42 pm

Re: *using random icon*

Yeah, it's another word that evolved out of typos (like pwn and teh pwn... stuff like that). It stuck, and now I don't even say "win" out loud anymore, it's always "wim" XD

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Date:May 26th, 2006 - 09:56 pm

Re: *using random icon*


Oh yeah, did you see the TeniPuri OVA?

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Date:May 27th, 2006 - 03:14 pm

Re: *using random icon*

I haven't seen vol 2 yet, I get mine next week.