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My latest pop-idol crush - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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My latest pop-idol crush [Oct. 9th, 2006|03:14 pm]
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[left my soda at |bldg 9 - next week: bldg 10!]

Yesterday, in a tennis match? I did MYOUGI! FUR RLZ! I hit the ball in a drop-shot kind of way and it landed on the net and rolled about a foot and a half along the tape and then dropped on the opponents' side of the net! Another move that randomly comes out of my racquet every few weeks is that one of Yuushi's where he hits a drop shot that lands on the opponents' side of the net but then bounces back over the net to his side. Kinda like that one move of Fuji's but at the net. All this makes it sound like I'm a net playa, and I'm just so not. But if it's kinda windy out, and you hit a serious backspin, it'll come back to you after bouncing. Really the only thing that I'm having trouble with the physics of is Yagyuu's lead-weight drop shot.
On Saturday? I played a singles match that lasted like, nearly 3 hours. It was awesome. But, I lost. 6-3 2-6 4-6.

You'd think I wouldn't still be having a pop idol crush at my age, wouldn't you. But lately, I just adore MCU of Kick the Can Crew fame.
"Do what? This guy?!"
Yeah. What!! He's cute!

OK so his habit of grabbing his crotch in that rap way in most KTCC videos isn't really 'cute'... (Chikyuu Blues 337 PV)

Oh, here we go! The Crew doing a little dance. See how MCU is cute, despite his crotch-grabbing habit? I like the blonde hair the best out of all his hairstyles. (Marushe PV)

Here's DJ Shuho pretending to scratch while he's on the pot. Not cute at all really. What IS that smell?? (Marushe PV)

Hey there's MCU in a sweater! And... showing off his crotch. But.. lookit the sweater! Isn't that cute? Isn't it?! (Marushe PV)

Here's Kreva in a samurai outfit with a sword. Kym sez Kreva is hott, and he might be. I dunno from hott except Renji ;D (Marushe PV)

OK here he is being cute. MCU sitting on the pot in a china dress wearing megane. It's cute! or ... wtf.... sexy? (Did I mention I love the Marushe PV?)

Toriiiiiiiiiico! Mm, yabai, ne.
There he goes with the crotch thing... HE'S CUTE I SWEAR. I'LL FIND PROOF IF IT REQUIRES ME TO SPEND $30 ON DECENT DVD RIPPING SOFTWARE! (Toriiiico! PV)

Aww, there's Kreva, bein cute. By far my favorite Kreva hairstyle, this one. But I promise, MCU is real cute, too! (Toriiiiico! PV)

There's Kreva, glomping some other rapper. I think it's Cuezero (he is teh cute, too!) but it might be someone else, I dunno, there's lots of d00ds in this video. (Toriiiico! PV)

Here's Kreva fondling MCU, but you can't tell how cute MCU is. In a earlier shot that doesn't translate to screencaps well, Kreva wrestled him to the ground in the sn0. It was only marginally homoerotic, though. (Toriiiiico! PV)

SOME CUTE! Well, OK, it's a prelude to cute... MCU and - I forgot that guy's name - pretending to be fat in Hawaii. They did a really good job of looking fat. FYI, That Guy's shirt sez "Deerfield Academy", and MCU's shirt says "Girl State". Lol, Girl State! My sister went to Girl State. I don't think MCU went, though. He's Japanese, and a man. And cute! (Surfrider PV)

So they walked all the way to the beach and now they're thin yey! (Surfrider PV)

HERE IT IS!! Look how cute he is! LOOK! He's cute! REAL CUTE. (Surfrider PV)

Hey, this guy's cute, too! But, I wub MCU. (Surfrider PV)

Here's MCU's cutest video evar. That's Miyazawa singing while MCU does cute things. (He'll rap later in the song) (Arigatou ~Thanks to you all~ PV)

See how cute he is? Like.. a puppy or something! <3 (Arigatou ~Thanks to you all~ PV)

And this cute is why I wub MCU. Also, I tend to think that d00ds who rap are cute. One time I even said "Aww, cute!" while watching a Snoop Dogg video. Wtf ¬¬
(But MCU really is TRULY cute. He's cute! REAL CUTE!) (Arigatou ~Thanks to you all~ PV)

This is like, a squee feis. Like, if someone had a really cute kitn and he wanted to hold it.
(Arigatou ~Thanks to you all~ PV)

I told you I would prove that he is cute! Really, he's also very funny. And he raps. His real name is Koizumi Yuushi, and his birthday is 8-1-73, and his blood type is A, and he's from Sugamo in Tokyo. And he's a Leo. And you can find out nearly all of this by listening to lyrics! And he goes by Yuushi, instead of Koizumi. He sez why in ?WHATCHANAME? but I can't follow it really. And I don't have a lyric sheet. If I get a lyric sheet, I'll post it so we can see. Something about brothers & sisters but I can't tell if he's saying he's got brothers or sisters or both or none. I should listen closer. But it's probably not "none".
Apparently his favorite anime are Heidi and A Dog of Flanders. From the bio on wiki.

Oh, if anyone remembers before Higa had voice actors, and I had this one song that could be those guys rapping... MCU is the one I said should be Tanishi. I still think that, and I still think Sohjin would have been a better Kite than the actor they got. And Kreva would have been a better Chinen, but I did like how Chinen's singing voice is. I just hated his speaking voice. And how they made him un-pretty in the anime ;_; Kreva is pretty (see above). But, I ♥ MCU.
I'm not insanedrop trou!