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Oishi meets 175R? - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Oishi meets 175R? [May. 7th, 2007|11:47 pm]
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|Kawakami Jiro feat MCU - free time]

Tenipuri vol #37... zomglol ♥Koharu!♥ (I forgot to say that last month) I'm only keeping up via Tankouban so plz, no spoilers from Jump? Thanks XD

OK, Oishi's album? Sounds a LOT like the latest 175R album o_O The vocal style is obviously very different, but... srsly o_O I could almost make a song-by-song comparison, but... I'm lazy.

Yossie finally graduated from MoMusu. Good Riddance! Lawdy, she was bringing their sound down SO much, especially in live performances. Ugh. Go watch the PV of "Kanashimi Twilight" and then compare her studio sound to the live Music Station performance of that song... it's ... wow. I mean, yeah, I know they're not exactly chosen for their musical talent, but... damn o_O

MCU new album out 6-20! W00t! And if you haven't heard the new single (due out 5-23), here's a Megaupload of it MCU- Sayonara.

Three years ago, I answered a tenipuri 68 (or so ) question survey thing (warning: yaoi content!). I'm going to re-answer it, showing the new answers in Blue, bold just to show how funny it is , the difference from 2004 to 2007.
Man, I still luv that show/manga. I miss the tv show terribly, and the OVA is no consolation!

I added a couple of questions because there's new schools since I took this quiz...

1. Did you watched all tenipuri episodes up to the newest?
Sadly, I can't find torrents of 132-147 yet, but when they're up, I will.
I've watched it all. Except the OVA, I've only watched enought to know the art sucks WORSE than the anime ;_;

2. You like tennis?
Actually I find tennis to be a bit boring. But I find Go to be a bit boring, too, and I ate that show up. It's all about the characters.
D00d, now? I LOVE tennis. I'm OBSESSED with tennis. I pay extra to get the Tennis Channel in my cable lineup. Tennis? Is LOVE ♥

3. Up to now, which scene(or line) that you remember most?
Two of 'em. First = Shishido and Ohtori, ep I forgot what episode, 118? Who knows. Anyway, Hyoutei practice matches against Seigaku after the hell week of training. Momo just made up a stupid name for his cyclone smash thing, and Shishido and Ohtori say "Super-lame" in unison, and then Shishido gets all embarrassed because it is SO OBVIOUS they are together at that point ^^ Then Ohtori does the puppy thing... damn it's cute!
Second = First time Kirihara is introduced, ep 49 or somethin, and he's tryin to be smoove, but he ends up causing a fiasco at Seigaku, so he's all "ZOMG they're gonna think I did it! Wait... I did it..." *slinks away* - That was priceless.
Most-quoted line of the entire anime: "Tezuka ZOOOOOONE!!"
Thing I actually have said during a match: "Rizumu ni noruze!"

4. What made you start watch(read) Tennis No Oujisama?
Suwabe Junichi and Ueda Yuji. Yup, I'm that sad.
Well, yeah, that started me on it. Now, would you believe, Suwabe's voice pisses me off? Yeah, I dunno, but there you go ;)

5. After watch(read) tenipuri did you start play tennis?
I barely play videogames, let alone actual *sports*!!
YES! I play about 3 times a week, more if I am in tennis classes! Kym sed to me the other day "Tennis is your boyfriend!" I'm OK with that.

6. To you... what's the best part about tenipuri?
The characters. There's so many, and they're all so well developed, it's easy to have like 10 favorite chars
I'm going with that same answer. The characters pwn. KOHARUUUUU!

7. Who do you think is Fudomine's AllUKE?
Kamio, he's very cute.
I think I'm changing my answer to Sakurai. He's cuter, and smaller ;D

8. Then who should be the seme?
Shinji. Just think about it. It's very hott.
Ishida (Tetsu). Duh! XD

9. Who is the last person that you want for his seme?
Last person on earth I'd like to see seme would be ... uhh... Banji >< (I squick you.)
I think I'll stick with the SPIRIT of the question and not just squick people... Let's not pair up Sakurai and Shinji. That's just weird ¬¬

10. What's your Fudomine Dream CP?
Shinji/Kamio. I know, I'm boring.
Srsly. Sakurai/Ishida. I can't believe I said Shinji/Kamio. Wow. That's LAME. Shinji/Tohji. Momo/Kamio.

11. Can you accept them Seme <-> Uke?
Only in other people ;)
I don't know what I meant by that. Sure, if.. it's physically possible...? ♥

12. Do you know what's Hyotei?
What kind of question is that?
We decided that if Hyoutei had a school mascot, like how the Dallas basketball team is the Mavericks, the Hyoutei mascot would be the Whores. The Hyoutei Whores. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? XD

13. hey~ what's the relationship between Oshitari and Gakuto?
They are doing 'it'. In the clubhouse. During lunch break. But only when Chotaroh and Shishido aren't in there ;)
Gakuto seme.
I'll agree with what I said last time, but only for awhile during jr. high. That sort of thing is finished when Yuushi and Sanada start dating XD

14. Does Kabaji knows human language?
Probably not. Is he a ape.
Actually, I think Kabaji is probably one of the smartest kids at Hyoutei, but he's faking being kindof slow because he feels sorry for Atobe. I think Chotaroh knows. Hiyoshi probably knows, too, but that pisses him off, because he wishes Kabaji would show Atobe up.

15. What do you think about Otori?
Ohtori is adorable and delicious and he's Shishido's puppy-seme. They are so in love <3
I've decided that Otori is cool, but Shishido is not very interesting at all. I've been having a discussion in my brain to try and split them up so I can make up some interesting story of Chotaroh, but ... he won't let me ¬¬

16. In your mind... what kind of school is Hyotei?
They're like the rich brat school, buncha princesses and stuff ^^
Also? They're the Hyoutei Whorrrrres!

17. Sengoku is Yamabuki's ... what?
Smex? God? Smex god? Yes. That's it >D
Yeah... what I said back in 2004 ;D

18. Akutsu is Yamabuki's ... what?
Delicious piece of protesting uke meat? Seriously. I thought Dan was uber-uke, but ... umm... Akutsu is a very close second. I bet Dan could seme him. (I shouldn't find that hott, should I) I know what you're thinking. You're thinking he's a big tough guy, he can't be uke. But you're wrong! Read the doujinshi. The doujinshi do not lie essept sometimes when they imply that Shishido makes out with Oshitari behind Chotaroh's back. That's a lie.
Yeap... delicious piece of protesting uke meat. Sometimes? I'm spot-on!

19. Sengoku and Ryoma, who is more...Cruel (don't know how to translate)
Sengoku is the best of everything. I don't know what the translate was about, but Sengoku wins. Because he's great ^^
Hrm, I still don't know what the translation was, because I don't know the original word, but... Sengoku is better :D

20. Seigaku's most match doubles?
I am lame. OishiKikumaru is a good coupling. Or I don't understand the question. Shut up, I don't care what the question is, it's Golden Pair smex! or tennis ¬¬
Hrm, if it's tennis, really, the absolute best doubles team would have to be Oishi and Inui. Here's why: Oishi PWNZ the baseline, hard, and he's kindof a doubles tensai. Inui is the best at the net out of all of Seigaku, plus he's REALLY tall, which is a HUGE advantage at the net, plus his data tennis makes up for his lack of natural doubles ability (which Oishi has). Srsly. If you have the Crystal Drive 2005 videogame, try using those two as a doubles team - you'll wim every match.

21. Seigaku's Allseme is?
Fuji. No question. I challenge you to deny it.
Yeap. Fuji could seme Hiruma.

22. Seigaku's Alluke is?
Kaidoh. He has issues, and issues = uke ;)
Hrm, I still agree with this. Kaidoh is REALLY uke. Which brings up a question - we decided a good pairing would be Taki/Kaidoh. But, who is seme? We don't know. We don't really care either, they're both so pretty.

23. Favorite Seigaku oudou CP?
Ryouma/Aoi (from Rokkaku) I don't know what the question is really but, you know, they are cute together and will probably move in together when they're 18.
Hrm, I'm still not sure what that means, but... for Seigaku only, best couple would be... Momo/Kaidoh. Seigaku + other sk00l would be Inui/Piyoshi. But I think Seigaku all knows about Momo/Kaidoh, and they giggle behind their backs. EVERYONE KNOWS.

24. How old is Tezuka?
like a million!
He acts like a granpa!

25. Who you think is his best match?
Yamato.. is that the right name? The buchou whenever Tezuka was a freshman. That guy.
Anime-only Kajimoto. That's actually my Tezuka OTP.

26. What do you think about Oishi's hair?
It's boring, like the rest of him. He's like, nowhere without Eiji. But his musics are really really good.
If he quit slicking it back, it would probably be real cute. I'm sure he'll grow out of that practice...

27. Is Fuji Syusuke Handsome?
Fuji is teh Seigaku sex.
What was I thinking o_O Maybe I was making a joke. Maybe ... umm... wtf o_O Fuji is nice-looking, but he looks like A GIRL. Srsly!

28. Do you think he is smileSeme or QueenUke?
Fuji? Fuji is uberseme. Uber.

29. Who is he's best match?
I kinda dig Fuji/Kirihara. But then if Kirihara is doing Fuji, who is Sengoku doing? Oh yeah. Akutsu and Atobe. >D
Fuji/Akaya 4-EVAR

30. What about Taka-san? what do you think about him?
He's funny. He wants a piece of Akutsu. But he's too shy to go for it.
Taka-san is YEY. I wish I would focus more fan-type-things on him. Because he's really awesome. I did make up a nice story about him and Hirakoba, but I ... lost it. Also... TeniMyu Hyoutei match Takasan? SOOOOOOO CUTE. Cutest guy in the whole musical. ♥!!

31. What do you think about TakaxFuji?
That would be FujixTaka. Mmkey? And... uhh.. .I think o_O
Well, yeah, it would be Fuji/Taka, but... it's a good match really. But not as good as Taka & Hirakoba.

32. Who you want be the most in Tenipuri?
Who what now? Jiroh or Sengoku. I dunno what the question means tho ¬¬
Koharu. Koharu PWNZ MEH.

33. Why?
Because they are the coolest. And all mellow. And they don't get all pissed off and princessy when they lose.
Koharu is awesome. He values humour over EVERYTHING ELSE, and I love and respect that. Because that's how I feel! In fact, early in my tennis life, we had a rule "if you miss the ball, but your pose is good, you get the point!" Humour is everything!!

34. Who you want play doubles with?
I would like to interpret this question the naughty way, but I won't. Umm... Dabide. Heehee!
KOHARU. Do not underestimate my willingness to show my butt on the court! I'd only feel like I won if somebody snarfed during the match! (Snarf is when you're laughing so hard that milk or some other beverage comes out your nose). Koharu pwnz. So hard.

35. If everyone is a pet, which one do you want!!!
If I could count the number of times I've watched the show and seen a char and said "Wow, that's adorable. I want one." So, here's the quick list: Jiroh, Gakuto, Bunta, Ohtori, Sengoku, Kirihara, Shinji, the rest of Yamabuki...
I did this, in "Nintendogs". I had two chihuahuas, Renji and Yuushi; one Shih-tzu, Sanada; one MinPin, Tezuka; a Black Lab named Inui, a Jack Russel named Amane, and in Holly's game I had a white poodle named Akutsu. Also, I currently have a real cat named ChibiShinjiHime, after that one chibi ep where Shinji was a princess. And, while I wouldn't actually *want* this, I have a cat who acts like Atobe. It's kindof annoying ¬¬ Tenipuri pets!

36. Who looks like "stupidest"?
Shiba. She's like, duhhhhhhhhhh
Yeah. She's a damn moron.

37. Then who looks like "smartest"?
Inui looks smart cuz he wears glasses and wanks on and on about 'data', but Fuji's probably the smartest really.
D00d. KOHARU is actually THE SMRTEST. What'd they say his IQ was, 200? ロック オン♥! .\,,/ (ascii sign of the goat)

38. Who is most evil?
What nobody knows is that, under cover of darkness, mild-mannered idiot-savant Kabaji moonlights as MALFEASOR, DESTROYER OF HOUSEPLANTS AND THE GOOD BREAD! Teh evil. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Yeah, that may be true... but you wouldn't BELIEVE Dan's secret identity! Let's just say it has nothing to do with puppies...

39. If everyone falls in to ocean, who will you save?
Renji. ♥

40. Who most likely to hurt himself?
On purpose, or on accident? On accident I'll say Kaidoh, because he's a total doofus. On purpose, heh >D wow my imagination went to some fun fun places!
Momo. Who's most likely to let someone else hurt him on purpose cuz he likes it? Akaya XD

41. Who loves himself too much?
Atobe. Duh ^^
The truth is, Atobe actually has really low self-esteem. He tries to feel better about himself by flaunting his money and acting like he owns everything, and also by putting others down. So, yeah, on the surface, Atobe, but who honestly believes he's God's Gift? Taki.

42. Who you want go out with?
Haven't you been paying attention? Sengoku, duh ^^

43. Who you want see turns to girl?
Turns to girl meaning what...? I have a doujinshi where Shishido grows boobies. And pics of Gakuto in a dress, and Atobe in a dress, and Sengoku in a dress... and most of Yamabuki in a dress really... actually the only person I don't think I have a pic of in a dress is Dan, which is kindof ironic, ne?
I have another doujinshi in which Fuji puts a curse on Atobe that turns him into a girl with nekomimi. I think. I forgot. It's actually obnoxious, cuz it's a OshiAto, which is a pairing I HATE a lot.

44. Who do you think will be bald first?
Well the obvious answer would be Jackal, but Minami's hair looks a bit recede-y
Yeah, Minami. Or Koharu.

45. Who will be the best friend?
My best friend? Who *wouldn't* want to be my best friend? XD I'll go with Sengoku and Dabide.
Yuushi. And Koharu. Kansai pwnz.

46. Who eats the most?

47. Who will be a good father?
Odd question... lesse... Tezuka.
Taka-san. And Inui. In my imaginary tenipuri world, Inui has a space baby that he found in a meteor.

48. Who will be a good mother?
Oishi. And Piyoshi, because he helps Inui with the speis baby. Who is named Tokuroh. So far he hasn't exhibited any superpowers, although Inui is trying hard to get some kind of lasers to come out his eyes.

49. If you can, in seigaku who you want talk to the most?
Fuji. He's cool. Plus he likes spicy food, so we could go eat wasabi-sushi, or jalapenos, or something good like that. Now I'm going to pretend he's my friend.
Yeah, Fuji or Inui or Taka.

50. If you can, in Hyotei who you want talk to the most?
Ohtori. He's just adorable and fun. Or Jiroh, but he might not have much to say if he's asleep...

51. If you can, in Fudomine who you want talk to the most?
Shinji. I love his random mumblings, it's like all his inner monologue is on the outside ^^
Yeah, lol, Shinji.

52. If you can, in Yamabuki who you want talk to the most?
I doubt anyone is still reading this, but if you are and you haven't figured out by now my answer will be Sengoku, there is something wrong with you. Now I'm going to pretend he's my friend. :D
Sengoku, yeah, and Tohji. Tohji actually pwnz, he just doesn't get much screen time.

53. If you can, in St.Rudolph who you want talk to the most?
Mizuki, but for evil reasons. It's fun to mess with people like him >D
But if we're talking about who I would have a better conversation with? Shinya. Da-ne!

54. If you can, in Rikkai who you want talk to the most?
Kirihara. He's just teh awesome.
Renji. Because Renji is zomgyeywub. ♥

55. Which school is your favorite?
Yamabuki. They need more anime screen time. And I need more than random odd pages of manga ;_; The whole team is just so odd and cute.
Yeah, Yamabuki. I adore Rikkai, but they're not as fun as Yamabuki as far as shenanigans.

56. Which school is the one you want to go?
Yamabuki (duh) because they have more fun than everybody else ^^ Rikkai would be 2nd but they have to study too much ><
Yeah, Yamabuki is still the most fun ^^

57. If you are a tennis player, want to PK whith who?
I dunno what that means. Probably means something to do with playing against, yeah, so I'll answer that question. Umm... Jiroh?
I would really love to try and return that knuckle serve of Akaya's. Or that uberserve of Sanada's. But if I could see how exactly zero-shiki drop works, I could probably figure out how to do it. Or that drop-stop that Yagyuu has. But I think I'll go with Akaya. Wtf, knuckle serve!!

58. Who you don't want to have a match with?
Fuji. Fuji is mean, in a good way.
Inui. He's REALLY tall, it would be hard to lob him effectively. Or Atobe, because he's just an obnoxious prick.

59. Did you start to watch real tennis match because of Tenipuri?
I don't watch much television.
I'm watching tennis RIGHT NOW. Yes. Keep yer eye on Djokovik. He's moved up really fast. And Juan-Carlos Ferrero, because he's really hott.

60. Who you think'll be a good teacher?
Hell I dunno, Minami?
We decided that after his pro career, Tezuka will end up coaching the Seigaku girls' tennis team XD

61. Who is your dream affair lover? (can't be the one you choose for boyfriend)

62. What kind of ending you wish Tenipuri have?
Sadly, I would like no ending at all. Because I'm that pathetic ¬¬ But seriously. Ending with graduation from jr. high, so that we get to see everybody cry, especially Ohtori ;_; ok that might be TOO sad for me...
NO ENDING EVAR. But, since I don't get that, it would be kinda awesome if Rikkai won the Nationals and then Seigaku couldn't win until the following year, when like Momo is team captain and Kachiro is on the team and Dan and Ryouma have a really tough match... I want to see Ryouma's Year 2!!

63. Say something to Konomi Takeshi-san!
Why, is he listening?

64. Besides Seigaku, who do you think should win?
Me. (Duh ;)
Me! And Rikkai. And I wish Yamabuki hadn't been defeated so early in the Nationals.

65. When do you think Tezuka will comeback?
When he's good & ready
Ahh, that dates the survey doesn't it. He came back. We all went like "ZOMG BUCHOUUUUUU~~~!" It was a moment.

66. How do you show your love towards your favorite character?
All I know is that I need plushies. Gimme ><
I made a Renji plushie. I'm in the middle of finishing Sanada, too. And I made a Hirakoba plushie. I'm also making a Yukimura plushie for Holly, but ... I havn't actually unpacked the sewing machine from when I moved. Last October. -_-;;

67. Anything want to say about the Seiyuus?
I'm impressed by the image songs. But especially Minagawa Junko. I mean, damn, she's like, amazing. I'm her fan now. Other faves in the show (outside of Suwabe and Ueda and Okiayu), uhh... ok instead of looking up real names I'll just tell what chars they play, my fave seiyuu on the show outside of the 4 I already mentioned: Sengoku, Kirihara, Oishi, Gakuto, Fuji, Saeki, Kentaroh, Chotaroh.
Srsly, Tsuda? Pwnz. I guess that's it really, because Sanada's seiyuu is such a weird guy. HE'S WEIRD.

68. At last, who you think is the PRINCE?
Bunta. I don't have a good reason.
Yeah, it's prolly Bunta.

New questions
In the spirit of the survey, I'm adding Higa/Shitenhouji questions!

69. Who do you think is Higa's Uber-Seme?
You think it's Kite, right? But really? It's Tanishi. He makes the others succumb with the classic mix of persistence and puppy-dog-pouting. It's uncanny!

70. Who is Kite's best match?
While they were in Tokyo, Kite had a short fling with Yukimura. They exchanged emails, but only as a courtesy really. The truth is, at night? Kite is thinking of Tanishi.

71. Who do you think is Shitenhouji's Uber-Uke?
Zaizen! He's really cute. Don't listen to what he says, he's just jealous that Koharu and Yuuji can be open about it. Also, he's still kinda confused about what happened that night he spent at the beach with Chitose.

72. Who is his (from q 71) best match?
Tough question (val wtf, you made it up!) Before I knew how awesome Koharu is, Zaizen was my favorite Shitenhouji d00d. But... I haven't seen the match yet. It'll be in vol 38. I don't have an ETA of vol 38. But he'd look real nice with Piyoshi, wouldn't he? Or Amane. I dunno. I have no idea. Maybe there's something between him & Kenya that I dunno yet. But he's so cute! Zaizen & Jiroh? They're both real cute!

73. If you could, who in Higa would you want to talk to the most?

74. If you could, who in Shitenhouji would you want to talk to the most?
OK, I'm going to interrupt this survey to say that my cats have figured out how to push the "copy" button on my printer. They think it's "funny" ¬¬
And like, if anyone might still be reading this and haven't figured out it would be Koharu, umm... yeah ;D Koharu!!!!

Well that was fun!
I might make a survey regarding Tenipuri musics. But I might not. I'm fickle! I might try saying "Gekokujo" in Saturday's match and see how it works out.

I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:May 8th, 2007 - 09:50 pm
I am like you, waiting eagerly for the next tankoubon.
That doubles pair in Shitenhouji was so much love after so much crap. Also, too much crack. I wonder why we didn't get more of Kaido's reactions to what was being said of him...

Oishi's album reminds me of other things in many cases. But I don't know IF I want to know. Rain Dance, now, I would like to.

[User Picture]
Date:May 9th, 2007 - 03:36 am
I figured Momo was keeping Kaidoh from getting violent... and I think Koharu was going JUST far enough but not quite crossing the actual line. Matches like that make me wish I played in more leagues with d00ds, so I could do more shenanigans.
Or more leagues with 14 yr olds. Now I have to read the USTA rules and see if there's a rule against wearing masks on the court. I'm pretty sure you could get away with the afro thing if you claimed it was your "new style" XD

[User Picture]
Date:May 9th, 2007 - 01:30 am
Haven't been reading TeniPuri for a while so I can't comment on most of it ;___;

but.. the Hyoutei Whores! Really does have a nice ring to it~

[User Picture]
Date:May 9th, 2007 - 03:47 am
I think we also decided that for Yamabuki's mascot it would be the Slackers. The Yamabuki Slackers. XD

[User Picture]
Date:May 24th, 2007 - 05:56 am
hey there. i stumbled upon your livejournal album while i was google-ing pictures for icon-making. is it ok if i used some of the screencaps you uploaded there? i will credit you in my userinfo and in the icon post.

thanks in advance :)

[User Picture]
Date:May 24th, 2007 - 01:09 pm
Sure, that would be fine! Can you link me to the icon post so I can see what you made? Thanks ^^