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ZOMG HAMADA - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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ZOMG HAMADA [May. 28th, 2007|03:19 am]
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Mechazawa recommends

It rained most the weekend, and I have the day off on Monday, which is... already now because it's like 4am....
Anyway, I spent the weekend reading the manga. I'm kinda scared right now because as of this time, which is I think I got to the end of vol 5, I like EVERY character. Even like, their moms (specially Mihashi's mom, she's awesome).
Character profiles (translated from the manga, no spoilers except team names and characters) here!

I'm on the EDGE of my seat in this game, and so let me give a little baseball background:
Every position on the field has a number, 1-9. Those numbers are used in scoring (Chiyo is doing this in the anime) to show who did what. Here's what the numbers are:
1 - pitcher
2 - catcher
3 - first base
4 - second base
5 - 3rd base
6 - shortstop
7 - left field
8 - center field
9 - right field
IF I RECALL CORRECTLY. (haven't done baseball in over 10 years ya kno)

Anyway, using those, you can make nice abbreviations for pairings between d00ds on the same team XD Also, when you write it like this 3-1, it looks like what happened in the game! (this would happen in a bunt down the first base line, when the first baseman gets the ball and flings it to the pitcher who is covering the 1st base. Or, it's Oda/Kanoh.)
SO, it's like a SECRET CODE of boy's love on the field XD

It would actually take me a bit to really remember well the scoring shorthand, but this one will work for a SECRET CODE when we wanna speak of it... or if we're at an actual baseball game and there are hott guys playing ;D

That being said, behind this cut is like... no BL at all ehehehe ^^;;
Just some spoilers for vol 1-5 and some manga scans of my favoritist character zomgyeywim, Hamada.

FIrst, quick list of things that made me go ♥_♥:
1 - Kaguyama bowing after Haruna left
2 - Mihashi's impromptu birthday party
3 - Mihashi saying arigatou in the middle of the game and Abe going all... ok, he didn't actually go all like I wanted him to, but we can pretend he went all squishy and luvluv, right? Maybe I'll "scansfake" that whole scene to my liking >D
4 - Everything Kawai does
5 - Everything Hamada does (frlz WUB)

I don't say much below aside from things that are similar to ZOMG HAMADA DAISQUEE ♥♥♥
It takes me to uberfangirl one of the few characters who doesn't even PLAY baseball! Maybe after I get over this initial squee phase I'll have some concrete reasons why Hamada is YEY.

But... this first picture is Hanai. I like him a lot too. And his sparkly moment pwnd.

Colorized beautifully by valamelmeo I'm going to make an icon of it but I dunno what yet.

Zomg Hamada!!!! ♥!! Frlz, ♥!!!!! I'm going to make an icon of this, too. But I dunno what yet.

Kyaaa! Hamada!

kuwahhhhhh!! HAMADA!!!!!

Hamada's backhed KEKEKEKEKE

Ginyu force Hamada!!!

Hamada made this huge banner. D00d. I like, LOVE HIM. WHYYYYYYYYYY. I do not know.

Liek zomg one of teh cutest scenes EVAR. Waiiiiiiiiii HAMADA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to go to bed now.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:May 30th, 2007 - 12:18 pm
For a while I couldn't translate the "base" as "base" until I remembered the basic baseball knowledge I had, which was ridiculous ^^

Hamada is so much love. I am glad the author brought him out so early, instead of leaving the "childhood friend" theme for much later, like other series, in which you have to wince and say "yeah, OK", like in E21 ("the master of Sena's running techniques" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!) and PoT (Ryoga...PLEAAAAAAASE, where how what?!!!).

Why is Abe so much love, WHY?!!! How can he do it all so perfectly and generous and....Man, I melt inside over and over.

I loved it when Mihashi said thanks to him! He was feeling all warm and fluffy inside, do not doubt it. He was just assimilating it.

I must scan a page from an anthology I bought at a Book off before returning home (couldn't resist the cover, dammit), in which Abe goes all Haruna on Hamada ;D "You are Mihashi's childhood friend" and inside "Katta!" and to him "Let's both work hard!" XDDDD I will try to do it asap.

As I said, I will check your comments on the other books as soon as I read them. I was saving them for my trip back to Japan in two weeks, because I need some airport entertainment, dammit. So, no spoilers, please!!!!

But thanks for linking me to this post ;D

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Date:May 30th, 2007 - 11:49 pm
Ahh! If you ever have any questions that aren't answered in the notes on the side of the pages, or questions about baseball in general, I really do know just about everything about baseball... I was a HUGE baseball nerd in college ^^;; I am thinking I might even be able to compile everyone's stats after the first match.

I agree, Hamada's intro was just perfect, it wasn't too corny and it wasn't some kind of ridiculous plot device - it was more like, knowing Mihashi gave him a good reason to head up the cheering squad (really there's no American equivalent that makes sense, so cheering squad it is --;;) I squee every time I see Hamada. I can't actually explain why that is, but there it is ^_____^

I'm really impressed at how each character has become likeable, and on their own merit, not from a "I feel sorry for him because he was ignored as a child" or something. And I haven't seen any caricatures so far (except for Momo-kan's chest o_O ), which is one of the other things that sorta pushed me out of love with ES21. I'm just so impressed with the writing, and every time I read some I just go all melty :D

I will not post any spoilers, hopefully, that aren't behind a cut (and I'm hyper about cuts) because there are GREAT THINGS that will be less great if you know they're coming! I should get vol 8 next week if it comes before I've gone on vacation, I CAN'T WAIT.

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Date:June 14th, 2007 - 07:48 am
Woah, it took me so long to reply.
I appreciate your offer about baseball explanations. By the time I first read this comment I was still so clueless about the rules that I'd rather check Wikipedia than bombard you with questions.

Now after watching the anime (and that hindi movie on cricket) I have come to understand a great deal more about this game.

I want to keep learning on my own, but I'll be sure to ask you if I am really clueless about some important (or not) play.

I told you that I'd catch up in a week, but I was so exhausted during my trip back that I couldn't read. I'll try to catch up asap.

I think the manga is much richer than the anime in details, even if the art looks simpler. I like it how every panel is filled with characters, words, everyday life situations. The characters look and act human, and that is something that I was missing, unknowingly : )