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Oofuri ep 08 screencaps.... - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Oofuri ep 08 screencaps.... [Jun. 1st, 2007|10:13 am]
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Mechazawa recommends

Episode 08! It was fluffy and fresh. What does that even mean?

Nalbandian vs Monfils was like, a really awesome match. It was so awesome. They were both playing at the top of their game. Nalbandian came out on top (pr0n!) but it was a most excellent showing for Monfils, who I like, even though he is French ;D (I'm teasing!)

Just a reminder: most of what's in here is in no way a translation or a summarization. But some might be. So, you know, watch the show! ^^

You know what? I really do LOVE Tosei. Lovelovelove. It'll take a lot for Musashino to overtake them as #1 rival school in my head. Frlz, I LOVE them. Especially Kawai. He's just teh awesome ♥
I was a little disappointed in the stuff they left out of this episode, but since that means we'll get to Hamada sooner I'm gonna say it's OK ;D
Also, I didn't quite catch if Tajima mentioned his peter or not in the anime, because I was ALMOST fast-forwarding to the Tosei segments XD

Sakaeguchi. He's still my favorite from Nishiura baseball team. See how he's all cute and stuff?

Am I the only one who wants to put a little Kaidoh down the corner where she's looking?

Do all baseball teams hold hands a lot? Or just the REALLY CUTE ONES?

Mihashi goes all blushy because he's been wanting to hold Abe's hand again. Zomgluv!!

And Abe was thinking "If we weren't on the baseball field, I'd so kiss him on the lips." He was so thinking that.

Tajima plans to get a suntan on his thinger.

Momo-kan was like "The hell you are!"


Haruna is SO jealous. Even tho they broke up a long time ago, he's still possessive of Abe.

Chiyo-chan is just so cute!

Akimaru!! He's real cute. I think I'm fond of him & Haruna together. I'm not 100% sold on it yet, though.

Well they are starting to look a bit like a couple....

Akimaru was trying to tell Haruna that he had something on his feis, but Haruna was too busy talkin smack to Abe. You know they're all laughing behind his back.

Weeeee, Lioh! Can I call him Leo? I think that's an acceptable romanization! I love him. Wait... I love everybody. But, here's our first glimpse of Tosei, yey!!

*flail* Kawai and Junta (from right to left). They're SO CUTE. You'll see!

Lol, he just seems so unmotivated, all the time! Except at certain times that haven't come up yet. He's awesome. Tosei is awesome.

I guess they're catholic, and not just a good luck charm like Chotaroh.

They were worried Lioh was gonna try to perform a wedding ceremony right there in the stands. They're not ready for that, they're in high school!

Uhh.... I couldn't decide which shot was betta, so I took both shots.

Tosei. Love.

Normally I watch anime first and THEN read manga, because it's easier that way (anime takes only 24 minutes, but manga can take 8-10 hours with no furigana, even if I'm skipping Shiga's parts). So, it's kinda odd to be on the "hrm, I guess the anime looks pretty good," side of things. I srsly love these two. Kawai is teh wim.

See? Kawai is teh WIM. He's just awesome, he is.

Here, have some Musashino. Oh I can't wait ^____^

See? Haruna's not ALL asshole. Plus this is right before he gets kicked in the yams ;D

Here's Akimaru, waitin for the show-off pitch. Akimaru's awesome. He's so far my favorite guy from Musashino.

Damn, Mihashi is real cute. He was just... so cute... the end of this episode. I went all squishy inside ^^;;

So, yeah, there were some things that were left out that were funny that would have been fun to see, but Tosei was in this episode so it's aaaaaaallllllllll good.

Coming up next: a post full of manga scans!
I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:June 2nd, 2007 - 01:09 pm
I think the official romanization would be Rio, seeing how according to Higuchi his parents named him after Rio de Janeiro. (On a side note, I feel for the kid.)

They were worried Lioh was gonna try to perform a wedding ceremony right there in the stands. They're not ready for that, they're in high school!
Only two more years. Ahaha I'm glad I wasn't the only person who got this impression upon seeing Riou with the cross.

Akimaru gives off stalker-ish vibes. Is there anything he DOESN'T know about Haruna? XD I'm kind of swaying between AkiHaru and HaruKagu.

[User Picture]
Date:June 2nd, 2007 - 09:06 pm
Yeah the official romanization will be Rio, but that's really sad, so I was trying to help him out. Also, it's my habit to hear "L" for japanese R sound rather than R or D if my first intro is the Japanese text. I've always said if I'd seen the Naruto manga in Japanese before I'd heard of it in English, I'd have called him Nalt ^^;;
So, really, I should get used to saying Rioh. Which I guess means he can star in a Duran Duran song from the 80s.

Originally I was all about HaruKagu, but the more I see of Akimaru the more I like him and Haruna together. He kinda reminds me of Dan Taichi from TeniPuri - smarter and ballsier than his cute appearance and demanor would lead you to believe. (Plus I like Haruna uke, and Kagu can't DO that ;)

[User Picture]
Date:June 3rd, 2007 - 05:15 pm
I see~ I've been taught to transliterate ら・り・る・れ・ろ as ra-ri-ru-re-ro, so L is like a non-existent letter in Japanese words for me.

*tries to picture KaguHaru* ...No, he can't. xD

Quite unusually, I don't think I have a preference. Of the 3 Haruna ships I like, he bottoms with Akimaru and tops with Kaguyan and Mihashi. The only seme Haru situation I can't digest very well is HaruAbe. It's just a general impression, but it's as if that pairing was drawing out the worst of both of them (assuming that the art/story keeps them even remotely in-character). :S

[User Picture]
Date:June 4th, 2007 - 12:16 am
I guess I misspoke - really I hear the "L" sound when the R is at the beginning or in the middle of the word, but R at the end of words. I heard Japanese wayyyyyyy before I could read it or even knew what the possible available sounds were, and since I've never had any formal schooling in it, I've got poor romanization skills ¬¬ (Similar issue with double-O sound: ou in words and oh at the end of words. Inconsistent!)

I have to say that even tho I don't like it on a "ship" type level, AbeHaru is kinda hott ;D