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It's Renji's birthday! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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It's Renji's birthday! [Jun. 4th, 2007|09:23 am]
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Mechazawa recommends

Yeah it is! So, in honor of how awesome Renji is, here's a WHOLE LOT of screencaps, manga scans, and other official art scans of him.

Hey! Why hasn't tenipuri vol 38 shipped yet! It'll ship just in time for me to be out of town when it arrives ;_;

I didn't change any of the captions from what is in the galleries, but I did add a couple for some blank ones. But I also left some blank ones blank.

Er... Er...
Fuji's doing WHAT now?! Personally I'd have preferred to see Akaya on top.

You know, I have a lot of pictures of people goin ZOMG. But look, there's Renji!

Renji, Nioh and Bunta agree that Yukimura's prettier than Shinji.

Everybody was like "ZOMG!" cep Renji, he was like "Ooh, tha's gotta hurt."

Rikkai gangstas in tha hizzy!

there's renji.

I don't recall if I already used this as a caption, but remember when Sakuno drew little Ryouma hedz on her ballz so she'd know which ones were hers? I drew little Renji hedz on mine XD

Did you know that in Japanese 'Yanagi' means 'navel'?

It doesn't.

look, there's Renji! And you can see his chest. Some of it. Tha's what Yagyuu's doin through this whole scene, starin at Renji's chest.

Gratuitous rival sk00ls, just to keep us happy. Look, we are not happy! We wanted a Rikkai in the bath episode!!

No Echizen means Rikkai will dominate the Nationals. Sorry Seigaku, j00 lose. I am not caught up on the manga, but I tell you what, if it's not Rikkai vs Seigaku in the finals, I'm going to do this >( Check out Renji's tallness.

chibi inui and renji This is my desktop wallpaper at work.

chibi Inui and Renji again Holy crap, chibi Renji is CUTE.

Renji! Whatever you do, DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!!

Renji IS YEY.

Here's how it happened. Kym looks at me one day and goes "Hey! j00 wub Renji!" and I was like "I like Renji. Wha's wrong with Renji?" and she goes "no, you WUB Renji." and I was like "Renji's mad cool! dunno about MAD WUB tho..." So I decided I would watch the Renji vs Inui match just to see. So, I'm watchin those episodes, and it's like midnight or so, and I IMd Kym (and woke her up lol) and I was like "Holy crap, I wub Renji!" What I'm saying here is, tha's the kind of guy Renji is. All insidious and yey. <3

See how yey Renji is? He's all zomgtehhottness and perfect hair and yey tennis and stuff.
I went to type <3 but I accidentally typed <4..
<4. When <3 just isn't enough.

Yey Renji's backhed!

that's a cute feis

Lenjy is YEY. Lookit his shiny perfect hair.

YEY. shut up. I sed yey and I meant it.

Yeah I know you thought I was gonna say somethin like YEY RENJI or ZOMGTEHHOTTNESS or WUB RENJI or somethin, but ... WHO'S SCHOOL COLORS INCLUDE MUSTARD. I mean really! Mustard! That color doesn't complement ANYBODY!! Not that it looks bad on Renji, cuz it doesn't. But you know, the red uniform is hotter.

I can see up his shirt yey >D

Renji is wet. And he has perfect hair. And it's wet. And... delicious ;D

Wet Renji backhed yey!!!!

Yey random Rikkai backhedz!

Yey Renji backhed!

Yeah I just woke up one day and randomly had MAD WUB for Renji. I can't esplain it. But yey Renji :D

This is Just Cute and you know it.

Everybody say awwwwwww! No, that's "awwwww". Not "ahhhhn."

I tried to think of something witty, but all I can come up with is Renji is YEY.

I'm not addicted to backhedz!! Ok maybe a little...

OK yes you can see his navel, but isn't this kindof like one guy drew the top half of the picha and someone else drew the bottom half then they merged 'em and hoped they fit? And his pance are falling off. Also, that ball looks like dogs have had their way with it.

Those little blue dots are supposed to be in Saeki's eyeballs. Looks kinda like he's going to be hit by a REALLY BIG bus....

hitomi o tojite?

I think he uses product. Do you think he uses product? Oh, and in case you forgot... MAD WUB <3333

Yey Renji's navel! Yey, Renji's... uhh... other navel o_O

Yeah! What he sed!!

Renji is wearin socks. D00d you know what Kym can do? She can MAKE SOCKS. I saw her do it! She took some string and some sticks and made a sock! It was red, tho. Renji's not wearin it. He's wearin socks his mom bought for him at the depaato.

"See this ball? A dog had this ball in it's mouth. I'm gonna put it on you!"

"See this ball? I found it in the lake. I'm gonna put it on you!"

Did I already get this pic? It's way cute. He was like "yey! my neck grew!"

Then he was *not* like "yey!" he was like "dammit!" but I like this picture a lot. Whenever I miss the ball, I announce it. Like this "I missed!!" I do not know why. I mean I don't know why I announce it. I know why I missed the ball. It's because I'm bad at tennis ;D The other day instead of missing completely I caught the ball in the little triangular bit between the string-part and the handle-part. I think that means I have ESP now.

I can't think of a witty caption so you get more of my real-life tennis adventures. Now I got OTHER people announcing "I missed!" when they miss the ball XD

OK I know there's a pic almost ezacly like this one, of up his shirt, but this pic is *better* than that one. It is.

Damn, chibi Renji is TEH CUTE.

Here's a conversation that happened in my brain: me: Psst, Renji, give Sanada a wedgie! renji: I'm not giving him a wedgie. me: Do you know how hilarious it would be if you wedgied him? Come on. Atomic wedgie. renji: I'm not going to atomic wedgie him. me: He'd never expect it. He'd be so surprised. It would be brilliant! renji: I'm not going to wedgie my friends. me: If you can't wedgie your friends, who can you wedgie!! renji: Well... don't tell anyone, but the whole team wedgies Akaya on a pretty regular basis. The kind of wedgie referred to as "full melvin". me: Schweet! renji: One time he wore y-fronts.

Damn, now they're wearin purple! Really I need more pics of them in their sk00l uniforms... especially Renji, because he is TEH ZOMG HOTTTTTTTTTTTTNESS.

Sanada was like "ZOMG!" but Renji was unimpressed.

Here it comes, Renji. Don't let Akaya have any.

Sanada's like "The hell are you guys lookin at? What? What? I don't see it! What are you LOOKING at!! Dammit is this some kind of prank?"

And then Yuuta was like "ZOMG!" and Shinya was like "ZOMG DA-NE!" and Renji was like "That's kindof annoying." Renji never goes "ZOMG!" cep for the time it appeared he might be responsible for the death of one of Oishi's fish in this totally bizarre and insane RP me and Kym do.

(Renji) ::Genichiroh has a booger. Should I tell him, or should I let him run around with a booger all day? That would be amusing, but how many times in my life am I going to get the opportunity to say 'Genichiroh you have a booger'. Probably about 2, and this is one of them. On the other hand, it's funnier if nobody tells him. But then if he finds out prior to going home he might smack us for not telling him. Oh who am I kidding, Akaya's going to blurt it out if I don't. Screw it::
"Genichiroh, you have a booger."

Read: nearly beat j00 ass.

When in doubt, use the Reagan defense.

OK, not entirely related to this pic, but how the HELL could Hiyoshi have beaten Chotaroh in a singles match. I'm gonna play a practice match in Crystal Drive right now of Hiyoshi vs Chotaroh. For real. No way. Also? There's no way in hell Akaya's gonna be captain of the tennis team next year ;) (OK I won as Hiyoshi vs Chotaroh. But admittedly I'm pretty good at that game... or maybe Hiyoshi really can beat Chotaroh?)

Sanada was like "Damn, Echizen is hott!" and Akaya went like "I'mma get me somma that!" and Renji was like "He's too small."

Damn, Renji is just so hott. I'm distracted by the hottness and unable to come up with an amusing caption.
Here's a conversation I had with the cat (the one that acts like Atobe).
cat: ~~purrrrr~~
me: Atobe-kitty, what do you think of Renji?
cat: ~~purrrr~~
me: What do you think of Yuushi?
cat: ~~purrrr~~
me: I tricked you! I know you dislike Yuushi!
cat: ...
me: What do you think of Sanada?
cat: ...
me: What do you think of Hirakoba?
cat: ~~purrrr~~

Renji is hott.

Renji's playing tennis indoors. I don't like people to play tennis indoors at my house, but it's a lot smaller than this gymnasium here.

Renji is YEY.

Rikkai is YEY. Inoue is in there just cuz.. uhh.. he was standin there. He has a crush on Sanada.

You can see up his shirt!

Stop it, Akaya.

Somewhere in between episode 124 and 128 they completely and totally forgot how to draw Renji o_O

"Oh nice, Sadaharu, put a bunch of disgusting goo on the ball. But you still can't beat me!"

Aww, there's Renji! his hat is on his butt.. and he cried ;_;

Hey guess what, in the "Wonderful Days" closing credits? There's Renji! <3

I don't really understand this... but... I want one.

Holy CRAP that's cute!!! Chibi Renji!!!! <3

Chibi drunk Renji and Inui is YEY.

Renji and chibi Renji are in Inui's megane. (someone please stop me from singing 'I only have eyes for you'... that's a terrible joke.)

Awww, poor little Renji. He's upset because Sadaharu made an indecent proposal, but if he sez no then they won't be friends anymore.... zomg angst!

Really, if he cries? I'll be all mad >( But, he... actually he did cry, didn't he. When they moved away. Bah! I hate angst! But... look how yey he is, all small and cute with perfect hair and still rather zomg teh hotttttttttttness....

There's Lenjy! Hitting the ball. (ok, actually? he didn't hit it, he got the racquet knocked out of his hand. But... he looked good!)

Now he's flying, using racquet power.

You can hardly tell, but ... there's Renji!

Ooh, you can see some skin. Damn, Renji's hott.

Gahhhh!!!!! Chibi Renji is CUTE. DAMN. Lookit Tezuka. I think he died.

Here's Renji, showing Inui different racquet grips. I think this one is semi-western.

See? Renji's hottness is overwhelming Inui right now. Look at him standing there gaping. He's right, too. Zomg teh hotttttttttttttness.

Do you know, I spent all the free time I had today taking screencaps and scans of Renji. Because he's THAT MUCH YEY.

Ooh, there's Renji's navel! ... *touch*


I'm just glad it's not as bad as the cover art on Sanada's album. Wub Renji!

What's going on here? Obviously no one is paying attention in class except Tezuka. Renji's amused because he put a sign on Tezuka's back that says "Yudan sezuni ikou >( " Fuji took a picture of it. Bunta's been asked if he brought enough gum for everybody, and apparently he did. Eiji doesn't know any of this is going on because he's listening to Morning Musume and wondering what hisk00l Risa goes to. Ryouma is going to sleep. No one is going to wake him up when class is over, though, and the next class is going to laugh at him for drooling on the desk.

TOO HOTT FOR TV!! Renji's eyes!

Man, Renji is SO HOTT. I do not know what the hell he's wearin a t-shirt of. If you couldn't see so much of that feis, I might think it was a Che Guevara t-shirt, but ... looks more like Janis Joplin. OH I KNOW!! It's the first day of sk00l, and he's wearin a t-shirt with the professor's feis on it! I always wanted to do that gag, but they didn't used to have the internet with everybody's feis readily available. Tha's a awesome gag, Renji!! <3

Not a particularly good chibi pic of them, actually.... (from a poster on the wall in my dining room )

D00d, how is that not ZOMGTEHHOTTESTTHINGEVAR. Frlz.

OK, first, lookit what Mizuki's wearing. I dunno what it is, but it's ... purple. 2nd - lookit what Renji's wearing. He's wearing Tezuka's clothes! And his necklace! (in another pic on another playing card, you can see Tezuka wearing Renji's clothes... hrm, new OTP?)

Am I the only one who can stare at this picture for long periods of time?

Renji's profile page on the manga. We use the same tennis racquet, he and I.

You can so see up his shorts.

Hrm, I think I have the full page of this scene scanned, too....

Oh yeah, I was showing how detailed the racquet is. You can see it if you have one just like it, although I have trouble believing he's still using the grip it came with and hasn't changed to a higher-quality grip...

Inui was like "D00d you can't just borrow the chain that controls the dimensional gateway laser!" and Renji was like "I don't know why you're worried, anyway, that thing will never work. Your calculations are off by 3.5%" And then Inui got mad. But Renji was right, it didn't work anyway. Turns out you have to have a paper chain made of mobius strips to control a dimensional gateway laser. And yes, it matters what order the colors are in.

I'm not insanedrop trou!