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I CHEATED. - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I CHEATED. [Jun. 11th, 2007|08:50 pm]
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Mechazawa recommends
|175R - ame nochi kimi]

I'm eating a weird sandwich! Soy-nut butter, baby spinach leaves, imitation bacon bits (contains no animal products!) and spicy mustard. On whole wheat bread. IT'S THE HEALTHIEST SANDWICH EVAR.

Yeah, I like, am cheating. Normally I don't download manga from the internet, I just go buy it, cuz it's cheap. But... it's behind. And I needed it. So I ended up reading Oofuri chapters 31-40. That would be probably the equivalent of Vol 9, 10, 11. Maybe 12. 13. I'm just guessing. I am going to try to wait and not download the next bits. Can I do it? I don't know!

OK, what is UP with the chapter labelling! I'm confused ;_; Vol 08 tank says that segments 15 and 16 are in it, but it doesn't actually say what chapters from the serialized magazine are included. Or does it? I guess I just figure that's the sort of thing one would put in the area associated with "contents".... But vol 8 obviously includes chapters 28 thru 30. I'M CONFUSED.

Heh. I like it better that way.

Anyway, I have to say some stuff. It hasn't been published anywhere but in magazine at this time, so it's probably spoileriffic. Also, I feel guilty. I cheated. I read it before I pwned it. I'm naughty!

D00d. Kawai vs Roka. Or.. .yeah. Lol. There was... something that looked a lot like it was going to become pr0n XD Not that I'd watch that, Roka is not worthy of smex god Kawai ;D (D00d he ate a lot o_O Gyouza is f00d from my childhood!) ♥ Kawai.

Sakaeguchi pwnz more and more. He's like... I dunno what he's like, but he's awesome. I think he's one of the people who can see the sexual tension between Abe and Mihashi. I'm still not sold on Sakaeguchi x Mizutani, but I'll tell it if someone asks who's a couple. For some reason I'm leaning more towards Sakae+Suyama. I'm sure it won't take long for me to come up with some completely random OTP that only makes sense to me. Like Yuushi & Sanada. (OTP frlz.)

Abe/Mihashi luv angst UST. Normally I like unresolved sexual tension to stay unresolved, but there have been SO MANY TIMES when I'm like "Just kiss him already!" And you can see how Abe is kinda jealous of Mihashi and Tajima's relationship. And speaking of Tajima, how cute was Hanai in the battle vs ... uhh... Daichi's team (I forgot their name). I didn't used to actually think Hanai and Tajima (except one-sided) but maybe...?

O.M.G. Hamada. ♥___________♥
It's kinda scary reading new chapters because since the story is still pretty much developing there's always a chance the author will throw something in about my favorite character that will dismay me. But so far all his background stuff just makes him that much more teh yey.
I didn't actually catch everything dance-queen (forgot her name) said about him. But I think she had a crush on him. CAN YOU BLAME HER? HAMA-CHAN AR TEH WIM. Or she's his ex-girlfriend. Or she was just in his class or whatever like she sed.
Wait. Lovely megane dance-queen was in class 9?? Wtf kind of manga IS this!!! lol ;D

Man, I love Hamada.

I'm not insanedrop trou!