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Spongebob, Teen Titans, and Vicious is a big fat baby - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Spongebob, Teen Titans, and Vicious is a big fat baby [Jan. 20th, 2004|08:50 pm]
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Espongebob - new ep last night! It was good. I heard the "Lost Ep" was not so good, so it was good that this one was good. Could I use the word good more in one sentence? Plankton finally got the secret recipe, but hahaha, I won't say, so you have to see! It was well funny. I forgot the partner ep. I'm glad they're making quality episodes. At least, i THINK it was quality. I may change my mind later.

Teen Titans - new season starts off with a bang! Man, I have loved each episode of this new season. The plots are good, the writing is good, the animation is excellent. They're using more anime-style double-takes. The character interaction is really getting to where we wanted it to be. It's ALMOST like a 5-player anime, but there needs to be more Raven. Even though she's not outspoken or exuberant, they could still give her more lines so her character is fully developed. One chardev ep doesn't make a character. Still, what a great show. I'm totally impressed.

Vicious is a big fat baby - OK, like, I was watchin Jupiter Jazz again, and looking at all the subtle stuff, and like, I think the reason VIcious is such a damn asshole is because he's bitter about losing Julia to Spike. See, I figured it all out. Although Spike seems much too young to be involved in all this... that's beside the point. Whenever Vicious and Gren were on Titan together, Vicious still thought that Julia was his woman. Then, he gets back, and there's the new guy, Spike. So, then, Vicious goes all hater, and he hates Gren for knowing "The Song", and he hates Spike for obvious reasons. He's just being a big baby. He can't accept that he's not as cool as Spike and so Julia likes Spike better. That's why he's always whining about the world sucks and stuff. He only wanted to take over the syndicates because he was trying to impress Julia. As if. He'd have done better pursuing Faye. Or not, considering Faye is in love with Spike, too.
Point is, Vicious is a big whiny baby. Good riddance.
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