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You know what happens when I can't sleep - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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You know what happens when I can't sleep [Jan. 24th, 2004|04:48 am]
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But hey, at least it's not The Movie (tm).

So, what's up with Faye's multifunction does-everything-but-the-pool-guy bangle? Is there nothing she can't do with that bangle? I mean, damn! It probably balances her checkbook and divides by zero!

OK, Faye Valentine. Mai Valentine. Sisters? Could be! While Mai is alternating between playing Duel Monsters and flirting with Joey, Faye is at home making herself a videotape that she won't see for 200 years. Haha! Yeah!

OK, I totally hate the dub voices on Tenchi. I had forgotten how bad they are. Well, not all of 'em, just Ayeka and Tenchi. I mean, damn, those are some bad voices. The show is still pretty good, and the actual acting is really great. I just hate Tenchi and Ayeka's voices. Actually, Tenchi dub is everything the DBZ dub is not. I just happen to hate those particular voices. I really shouldn't dog it like that. It really is quite good. Well, for a romantic comedy anyway.

So, I'm finally watching Fist of the North Star. That guy, the main character, Ken or something? HE HAS MEGA BROWAGE. We're talkin furry Amarao here.

And speaking of Amarao, I have discovered that FLCL is better than Bebop. Which is kinda sad, considering how much I love Bebop, but I can't deny that FLCL is better. I explain my process in anime if you're really keen.

This post was started several days ago but I got sidetracked, then I got a fanfic idea, then I decided I didn't feel like writing fanfic so I quit writing it, and then ... uhh... I forget. So, yeah. It was Inuyasha. (the fanfic I was going to do). I might just do a quickie-fic later, because it *was* well funny.
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