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GIP and BIZARRO WORLD - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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GIP and BIZARRO WORLD [Jun. 24th, 2007|10:38 pm]
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Mechazawa recommends
|Suga Shikao - Saka no Tochuu ('07 Spring Version)]

I had some kind of weird dream in which Junta was pitching lefty. And that's all I remember. And Hamada is yey.

I figured since we had nothing to do last night, we should go to a ballgame. I didn't even know if there WAS a ballgame, but I figured we could go up to the ballpark and see, and then go see a game. And Hamada is yey.
So, we go there, and like, there was something going on in there, and it was ALMOST a ballgame, but... it was a charity CELEBRITY ball game! It wasn't quite uber-name celebritys, except for a few people from our local pro sports teams, like, Mike Modano was playing, and... I forgot, someone from the Mavs. But... there were a bunch of random athletes and ex-athletes and tv stars... in the minor league park... playing baseball...
If that wasn't surreal enough, one of the between-inning events was a GROUP of mascots, doing a tug of war!! There were some mascots from local professional sports organizations, but then there was also the Red Robin or whatever burger stand mascot, and the cow from the Chik-Fil-A commercials!! IT WAS BIZARRE. And Hamada is yey.

So, like, I was eating nachos and they were good (♥ ballpark nachos!) and some local dj (there were TONS of radio stations there) starts introducing some people who were sitting behind the 3rd base dugout, and it turns out they were part of a WOMEN'S AMEFUTO TEAM. (amefuto = American Football, as in, not "soccer", or what the rest of the world calls "football") Girls!! Playing "pro" (?) football! against other girls!! And they were at LEAST my age or older, one girl mentioned in her intro how she wanted to acknowledge her anniversary of being married to her husband for like 25 years or something. 45 YR OLD WOMEN. PLAYING FOOTBALL. And Hamada is yey.

And then my brain exploded and it got cold out (lol.. it was like 25°C according to the internet... What!! I felt CHILLY!!) and so we left. It was fun, but... oh so bizarre XD And Hamada is yey.

I can't get enough of ToQ. *______* even tho I can only marginally read it because there are a lot of big words +______@ So, even tho I wasn't sure, I guess I'm some kind of ToQ fan now. Yesterday I went over to my parents' house and they were talking about scuba-diving stuff and my dad even got one of those housings for his camera so he can take mad cool underwater photos when they go diving in HAWAII next week (meh!! my parents do all the cool stuff!) and I went all ToQ fangirly XD I didn't tell them about the peril that Hyougo faces regularly, tho, because they're not rescue rangers, they're just some people who do really cool stuff in Hawaii without me :/

I almost married the manga when they had to do Matsuken Samba II. FOR REAL. OK not "for real" for real, but... it was brilliant. And awesome. And brilliant. And Matsuken Samba II is the best thing to parody evar in the history of gold lamé kimonos and 45 yr old gay singers. (OK I don't know for a fact he's gay, but you shoulda seen the Kouhaku performance).
Can anyone who is good at Japanese help me with This Page from vol 5? (it's like 300kb so the furigana is still legible... I think...)
Whut, Hyougo sucks but they let him in cuz he's cute as a kitty and Sanada wubs kittys? No, srsly, I can't at all follow that last part of the scene. Help?
I knew Hoshino wasn't gonna make it, probably from the beginning of that scene right there when they're first describing him. Hyougo is such a born hero! And Hamada is yey.

::fangirls Shimamoto:: He's just the cutest thing!!!
::fangirls Meguru:: He's so dorky!! And his cute Fukuoka (I think) accent XD
I found this cute picture on the internet!!
Wahhh!! More cute stuff!! I can't describe how to get to tha cutest pic but it's Sanada+Shima and it's CUTE.
ZOMG CHIBIS. Perfect cuddly chibis! ♥ Click on "Pictures" (in kanji) and then click on this "全員集合(ちょっと重い)" then click on this "ペットショップ真田" and you might as well look at everything but those two pics are how I wasted my Sunday ^^;;
ToQ Search I couldn't live without those search-type things.
Also, I have to go buy those mangas. I've only read thru #6 (thanks keycchou) but they're on vol 15, which was apparently published last week. So not only is that FIFTEEN manga I have to buy, that's NINE manga I have to try and figure out the complicated words in. If manga was an academic subject, I'd fail so bad @__@
And speaking of failing... Hamada is YEY.

And, in case you wondered what else might possibly make it some kind of Bizarro World:
青学のマムシこと海堂 薫だ!(6/25)NEW!!
アーティスト:海堂 薫

Oh joy. Just what I always wanted. ><
"You don't HAVE to buy it!"
YES I DO. Even tho it's gonna suck :/ But Inui will probably be on it, and Inui is yey :D
And... Hamada is yey!

Did I mention Hamada is yey?

I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:June 25th, 2007 - 04:42 am
FIRST OF ALL. since I didn't comment back:

and second:
the page is (I dont know the characters since I havent started reading yet but..)
he's saying that 'it's too early for kanbayashi to enter tokyuu
and didn't you even say (the boss dude) that he wasn't ready before?'

and so the boss guy says basically 'he wants to thank the young man for saving sanada'
but it's weird how he says it >_> cause he says he wants to pray to him..worship him...kinda thing lol.
and so again the other guy 'I told you it's troublesome for you to bring stray cats into the base didn't I?'

'Letting Kanbayashi in at this level'
'What is the boss thinking'

yah ._. something like that
it's a bit hard when you have no idea who people are :D/////;

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Date:June 25th, 2007 - 05:45 am
Oh, thank you so much!!! I got really confused because of that weird part - so I gave up. In that particular scene, it's just some guys talking about the new recruits (incl Kanbayashi, who is the main character) and Sanada (who is the taichou) so your explanation makes perfect sense :D
And I feel better now, because I actually *was* following it , but then someone said something that didn't make enough sense so I thought I failed. (Which, I guess I did fail... ^^;; )

I'm glad you like Oofuri ^___^ It's so gay yey!

[User Picture]
Date:June 25th, 2007 - 06:05 am

it sure is *3*.....I need to buy doujinshi like woah.

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Date:June 25th, 2007 - 06:51 am
Ahaha, Oofuri dreams = do not want. In each and every single one I've had they were speaking Japanese, and then the me inside the dream didn't know if it was correct Japanese and would start thinking and thinking about it and uh. Grammar. The best one I remember was murdered by passive voice. Definitely do not want.

YAY TOQ! <3 I knew I wasn't going weird, spazzing a manga about marine rescue. xD (I'm stuck in the middle of book 8 with a language block, which is painful. Been reading too much Japanese recently, and I don't exactly understand Japanese, so head is saying NO. *sigh*) The Matsuken Samba = so much win. And Shimamoto's reintroduction as a sergeant was win, too. The first panel that shows exactly *how much* shorter Shima is than, ehehe, humans... I have to laugh no matter how many times I look at that picture.

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Date:June 25th, 2007 - 03:53 pm
Wow, that must be what this room is for...
They were speaking Japanese in my dream, too, but they weren't saying much (pretty much variations on 'wtf, he's pitching with his left hand!') When I was playing Pokemon Crystal in Japanese, I didn't know as much Japanese then, and I'd have these dreams in which I was travelling with Pokemon but I couldn't understand anything that other people were saying to me XD

I knew when Meguru was first introduced that I'd have to keep reading this manga. And then Shima's tinyness, and how he makes the cutest faces when he's being a complete bastard XD (which, he's not really, he's just training them, but it SEEMS bastardly!) The scene that always makes me laugh every time I see it is when Meguru-Oba-Takamitsu went all walrus-faced. I wish that scene fit in an icon. Also, the internet has convinced me that Shima+Megu is plausible. XD

Thanks for recommending the series, even if that just means I have to go buy more manga ^^ It's great.