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I'M LATE!! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I'M LATE!! [Jun. 29th, 2007|10:41 pm]
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Mechazawa recommends

... with my screencappage and random ... hey, screencappage and rampage have the same last 4 letters. It's a screencap RAMPAGE.

over 70 screencaps, and nothing really cohesive... they're not even in the correct order ^^;;
If you click on the 320x240, you'll get a 640x480.

If I was smrt, I could probably come up with a better caption than this. But he's soooooo cute, early morning Hamada!

Behold, the power of cheese!

"Oh wait, hang on..." he goes back out, comes back in, does the "Greetings" at the entrance. "Wtf j00 doin?" "Uhh... same thing you guys were doin?"
Really frlz WUB Hama-chan.

Oh, Abe's still pissed off that he wasn't invited to Mihashi's wedding.

Abe throws Mihashi at Hamada. Double-backhed moment!

"Why you wanna hit me in the back with j00 feis?"

Now here's the actual POINT of the episode. It's actually a "Best Faces" contest. Here's Mihashi's entry... and it's pretty good, I gotta say.

Aside from Hamada's wim-ness, here's the three of them competing in the Ensemble segment of the Best Faces Competition.

Gratuitous Tajima hanging on Mihashi.

This is the exact same pose that Yuuji & Koharu have in TeniPuri when they are first introduced! IT'S GAY! GAY, I TELL YOU!

Another entry in the Ensemble class... I don't think they have what it takes.

This isn't actually Hamada's entry for the competition, he's just practicing.

Hamada's vexedness is so cute!!

This *migh* be his entry for the faces competition! But, really he's just warming up.

This is Tajima's final entry in the Solo competition. He's not very bright, there's no way this is going to beat Mihashi at this point...

They so fail this, as a team!

Here Hamada is embarrassed that he's not wearing the GREEN jacket like I told him to.

Here's the Sakae/Mizu/whoeverthatlastguyis (Oki? Nishihiro?) Ensemble entry. I don't think being girls is actually going to win the contest...

They're good faces, sure, but... kinda half-assed for competition.

Boys holding hands is always good.

There's Hamada, playing along with Shiga's weirdness...

There's Hamada, going "Wtf this baseball team and their hand-holding and meditation?!"

Now he went all blushy because he was holding hands with boys.

He liked it, and that scares him.

I have no caption, because I am too full of WUB AND FLAIL.

They're holding hands again. Or something.

Do you know what he's doing?
He's praying. He's thanking the boobie gods for the bountiful harvest.

He kinda looks like he's wondering if he should report this as "sekuhara" or not XD

This? Is NOT EVEN Hamada's entry for the Best Face contest.

Neither is this, but he's doing face excercises to prepare.

IS HAMA-CHAN AWESOME OR WHAT. The answer is, Yes. He is awesome.

He found some guys. I think they're probably also in class 9.

He got to play some baseball, yey! (If you're asking yourself if all of this is about Hamada, the answer is... Yes. He is awesome.)

"Quick! Run over there before my evil arm smacks you on the head with this bat!"

Got Milk?

IzuMizu for luv. Where the hell ARE they? It looks like a hotel lobby!

This is class 9. Look around. Notice that Hamada is not sitting anywhere in front of where the hidden camera was placed.

Here's the baseball kids from class 9. Notice that Hamada is also not sitting anywhere near whiere THIS hidden camera was placed.
He must be wise to their spying. (or, he's skipping class, which would esplain some things...)

Tajima's doing something dumb...

This is just an awesome picture.


Hama-chan do-rag backhed! This do-rag is not as awesome as manga!do-rag.

Tajima's sandwich-eatin backhed. And Hamada's becuteness. You'll notice in a minute that these screencaps aren't exactly in order.

This is really the greatest ep for Hamada faces evar.


Yeah yeah, Mihashi's butt and Izumi's sexeh, but look how hott Hamada is sitting like a girl!! And SEWING. I shouldn't find that hott, should I!

Here's Hama-chan, sewing. Hand-stitching. Which is really an annoying way to sew. They should take up a collection and buy him a rudimentary sewing machine from Wal-mart. If only for the big jobs.

He's still sewing, and he's still awesome, and sexeh. I AR ALL A-SQUEE.

Guess what! This guy here? It's HAMADA! He's biting thread! Isn't that AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND SEXEH? The answer is Yes. He is awesome.

HE'S SO YEY. Sorry I'm not very useful when I'm captioning Hama-chan pics ^^;;;

This is the awesome thing he was making! All for the sake of the baseball club!

This is a preview for next week. If you didn't see the Mihashi-puppy sketch by petshopmistress in oofuri_etc, go see it. Because this? Reminds me of it XD Mihashi-puppy by day, SUPER CHICKEN by night!

Chibi-Hama-chan zomg TEH CUTE!!!

chibi-Hama-chan wub

Remember I mentioned the pics were out of order? See? Bleev me now?

I can't stop laughing about how much this is a Morning-After feis.

I'm out of clever things to say.
"Whateva, you were out of cleva things to say about 55 screencaps ago."

Does this remind you of Patrick from Spongebob? Because, it shouldn't, Hamada is wayyyyyyy more sexeh than Patrick.

See, here's the difference between Mihashi and Hamada:

OK, normally I would be saying something like "This was so much cuter in the manga!" but the truth is, the anime has made him quite teh sexeh-er than in the manga! Go, anime!

Altho, I have to admit, my mmind had completely different acting than what the anime did. It was more like "Were you ill? Were you injured? WERE YOU A MORON?!" (in the anime Tajima just went like "ill/injured/st00pit?" like it was some kind of mulitple choice question on a doctor's form XD)

NOW the competition is heating up! Here's challenger Hamada's reaction after seeing some of the other entries before him in today's Best Face Evar contest!

Hanai's bes... hey! He's not even TRYING for Best Face Evar! He's just trying to copy Mihashi, who wims every year!

Hamada can't do it, the Mihashi face. But he's trying!

Uh oh, it looks like Mihashi and Tajima are going to run away with the Ensemble grand prize! Can anyone top this?!

I have no reason for taking this pic except that Hamada is in it. And he is teh sexeh. And awesome.

Unfortunately, Momokan's late entry in the Ensemble Faces was disqualified. It turns out "no face" does not qualify as a "face".

I know you're getting tired of all the Hama-chan wub, but aside from having MAD WUB for Hama-chan, it's really difficult to think of captions for over 70 screencaps in one go --;;

Now I want a Mountain Dew.
And... Hamada is love.

Here's Hamada's entry for the Best Face Competition. Can he steal the title from reigning champ Mihashi?

If you're me? Then yes, Hama-chan wimz. If you're not me? Them maybe Mihashi wims!

What the... that's no face! (and.. what the... this pic is in here twice?)

They're mad at me for repeating a pic.

As far as sheer number of awesome faces in this episode, Hama-chan wims tha prize.

As for sheer awesome sexeh wim-ness and yey in this episode, Hama-chan also wims teh best!!!!

Up next: GIP or somethin!
I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:June 30th, 2007 - 05:35 am
I laughed so hard with your captions. Man, this *was* some stupid face competition. But Mihashi wins with the fried-eggs & ham face.
I too thought about Tajima and Mihashi as Koharu and Hitouji.

And I still need to make my post with the girly threesome pic.

This was all kinds of awesome, really. Both the episode and your post.

Hamada was so extremely cute. All lost among the gay and thegay philosophy and the crazy adults.

[User Picture]
Date:June 30th, 2007 - 04:15 pm
Mihashi did his best in the competition because he was defeated last week by Hanai!!

I keep trying to make a proper reply but I end up spazzing on how awesome Hamada is, being all tall and sexeh and girly and sewing and EVERYTHING. i'm still flailing, normal service will return shortly ^^;;;

[User Picture]
Date:June 30th, 2007 - 11:46 am
I thought you would fix the color of the jacket. xD

Ahaha, I had imagined Tajima asking why Hamada was repeating a year exactly the way it was shown in the anime. I love that scene.

They drink too much milk. Mihashi's body is clearly trying to get rid of the redundant amount.

[User Picture]
Date:June 30th, 2007 - 04:44 pm
But I didn't have the energy after all the spazzing I have to do ^^

I think it's the way the "?!" are inserted between his questions, Tajima's, and because he's a hyper person, and because I love to translate it in such a way that the last line is "WERE YOU A MORON?!?!" But I did like how it was some kind of medical form :
Why did you fail the 10th grade? (circle one)   illness / injury / NOT SMRT
It was awesome, just... not what I'd imagined XD

I'm slightly obsessed with "got milk" icons. As soon as I find my lost fonts, I'll make one of Izumi.

[User Picture]
Date:June 30th, 2007 - 05:27 pm
Color it so that nobody will be able to tell it's been edited. Make icons. Then make sure people see them every day. If people see a green jacket every day and a grey jacket once a week, which one will they believe? NFU.

Lost? What happened to them? 8D;

[User Picture]
Date:June 30th, 2007 - 06:58 pm
That's my plan ;D Initially, before I realized how in-over-my-head I was with the screencaps, my plan was to make it look like I'd colored the jacket with crayon.

My fonts are on my old pc, I forgot that some of them are no longer being distributed for free. So I just have to .. get them. From the old PC.

[User Picture]
Date:July 1st, 2007 - 05:59 pm
LOL! Yay, I finally watched the episode. AND HAMADA'S JACKET IS NOT GREEN!!! *gasp* XD

This is really the greatest ep for Hamada faces evar.

SO TRUE! Even though this is only the second episode he's been in. Hee! I really like Hamada's faces. They're way up there with Mihashi's crazy expressions. And Sewing!Hamada totally wins. :D

LOL! Did Hamada really fail a grade? Maybe that is why he is so much taller than everybody else. ^^

[User Picture]
Date:July 1st, 2007 - 09:49 pm
I was going to go back and color all the caps so it was green, but ... I got lazy ^^;; I still may do that, tho.

Hamada did fail a grade. After Abe throws Mihashi at Hamada, and Hamada tells Mihashi he can call him "Hama-chan", that's when Mihashi goes all bacon&egg faced, and then after he recovers, he says "But... as I recall, weren't you a grade higher than me?" and that's when Hamada goes all embarrassed, then Tajima jumps in and says "You're repeating a grade?!" and Hamada goes "yah." and then Tajima goes (I mention this in the post) "Illness/injurty/st00pit?" and it's cuz he was not smrt. Then Tajima says something like "Hey we're not the only morons, Mihashi!"
So, that's exactly why Hamada is the tallest of the Nishiura folk. But he's also taller than almost everyone at Tosei! I know Rioh is taller, and Rioh's a 1st year (he's 186cm!!) but I think only Rioh and Oda are taller than Hamada, based on the character profiles.

Hamada is awesome! Sorry I flailed at you ^^;;

[User Picture]
Date:July 2nd, 2007 - 12:08 am
I see! Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me. Hamada is awesome no matter what so his repeating a grade only endears him even more to me. ^^

And don't be sorry for the flailing! It's so much fun! :D

[User Picture]
Date:July 2nd, 2007 - 03:31 am
I KNOW. Everything I find out about Hamada just makes him that much more TEH WIM. Every time he shows up I go like this "YEY!!" The first thing I did when I got the new manga chapter was flip thru it looking for Hamada scenes. I didn't even read it first. And... he just gets better from here!! ♥