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Penance - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Penance [Jan. 27th, 2004|06:03 am]
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For my earlier actions.

A brief list of some of the choice "Coming Episode" scenes I recall. Nobody seems to give these much thought, but they sure are great.
Preview for Speak Like A Child, by Jet. He's all "It sounds interesting, but it's really lame and the ending sucks." Well, he doesn't use those words, but that's the idea. It's well funny.
Preview for "Jupiter Jazz pt 1" by Ed. She goes "Well, that's the end. Everybody's dead. Stay tuned for the new show Cowgirl Ed!" and then the others get mad at her. It's so cute!
Preview for "Jupiter Jazz pt 2" by Spike et al. Spike is talking about what he likes in a woman, and Faye is like "Oh really? ;)" (yes you can hear the wink) and Spike's all "Not you!" then Ed is like "Maybe it's me!" then Jet goes "Maybe it's me!" It's cool.
Preview for "Brain Scratch" by Andy. He's talking like the show is about him, and Spike gets all mad. It's really great!
There's more, but these are what I remember best.

OK, in the episode Black Dog Serenade, Jet finds out that his ex-partner Fad was the one who shot him back in the day. So then it looks like Fad is gonna shoot Jet, but Jet shoots him, and turns out (whcih we already knew from watching him load his gun) that Fad had only put one bullet in his gun. So then, Fad is dying, and asks Jet for a smoke. And Jet gives him one! I mean, damn, if I found out one of my buddies shot my arm off and then blamed it on some criminal, even if he was dying I don't think I'd be giving him a smoke! And I sure as hell wouldn't reposition his hand so he could touch his favorite vintage pistol! I mean, dude. He SHOT YOUR ARM OFF. Hello? People have done much less to me and I've denied them cigarettes! Of course, they weren't on their deathbed, but I'd be more likely to kick someone who betrayed me while they were on their deathbed rather than give them a smoke! Unless I thought it would physically hurt them. Then I'd give 'em a smoke. I try to give non-smokers smokes all the time, and those people haven't done anything at all to me. Hahahaha! Then I'd kick 'em. Kicking people is fun. I should learn kung fu so I can kick people.

I have fave eps from each session. In order: Stray Dog Strut, Heavy Metal Queen, Toys in the Attic, Mushroom Samba, Cowboy Funk, Real Folk Blues (doi).

Here's what all that text in Speak Like A Child says:
"Then... in 2071 in the universe The bounty hunters who are gathering in a spaceship "BEBOP" will play freely without fear of risky things They must create new dreams and films by breaking traditional styles. The work which becomes a new genre itself will be called " [Cowboy Bebop]
I'm not insanedrop trou!