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MOAR HAMADA PLZ - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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MOAR HAMADA PLZ [Jul. 23rd, 2007|09:04 pm]
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[I'm all | "stupid" isn't an LJ mood.]
Mechazawa recommends
|MCU - B.A.M.O.R.A.]

There's just not.

Gotta admit I'm rather pleased with this one.

So, have some Tru Confessions.

1 - I am not going to read Harry Potter. So I'm going to read all your spoilers.

2 - I secretly luv Matsuura Aya songs. Here's what I've decided is Junta's theme song (MU). And over here is a romanization and translation. It is lol.

3 - I secretly luv Grappler Baki. I downloaded the manga and so far it's betta than the anime (but when is that NOT the case ;D ) Dunno if it's worth buying yet.

4 - I think I like TOQ better than Oofuri, even tho Hamada is THE BESTEST CHARA EVAR ZOMG. I'm not 100% sure, tho, because THERE IS NOT ENOUGH HAMADA IN MY LIFE. If there was more Hamada I might have a different opinion.

But I rly do wub TOQ, and I want to tell you all about it, but then if someone DID decide to read it they'd know all the good parts. There's some spoileriffic pics in a this sparse TOQ gallery but ... doesn't do justice really.

You'd think this was the ultimate Sanada hottness (vol 14 cover) but really that's just a prelude to this (vol 15 returning from Indonesia). Indonesia was TEH YEY. Asli > Hyougo. Mimura / Shima = Sanada's ultimate fantasy PWN.
It's one of the few times in manga where a main character went away for awhile and I was actually INTERESTED in his adventures. I thought I'd be bored like I was when Tezuka went away or when Goku went to Kaioh's, but it was actually so much awesome I was almost sad to see him return to Yokohama. The authors made Jakarta look so cool I wanted to go there. And the treatment of memories of the tsunami was amazing.
Sumire is teh awesome. And I was almost in tears when she was telling Hyougo about Yuri's feelings, because I have HAD THAT CONVERSATION. It brought back some really awesome memories for me. It's too bad for Yuri that Hyougo is damn near married to Meguru ;D
I was actually disappointed that Meguru was in pyjamas rather than one of those disturbing open-back hospital gowns when Hyougo was running him thru the streets.
AND THERE WAS BEISBOL!! Oh that was so sweet. I flailed so hard. Wtf Shima's rival looks like Lupin III lol. Shima pwnz teh all. Sanada should keep his hair that long all the time. It's UBER HOTT. I was really surprised how hott it was. Shima is in my list of top favorite characters evar, which the top of that list is Hamada, but that's because it's HAMADA. But I do squee Shima a lot, too. (Just, you know, nothing at all compares to Hamada. At all.)
Takeyama futago wtf, but it was cute so OK ;D Lol Takeyama. What an excellent way to end a volume when there's not a cliffhanger!

It's awesome, really. It's really awesome. It's so awesome I've been keeping people who don't care informed of the action and sometimes they ask for updates. Hyougo's probably the best main character since Goku. The only thing that would make it better is if they were put in some kind of Peter Benchley type situation. It's not that kind of manga, tho. But if I ever make fan-anythings, you can expect toxic contamination or secret government experiments gone awry!!

I just realized I haven't actually mentioned anything about the PLOT. Well, the plot is peril at sea. It's about the Japan Coast Guard. And how Hyougo gets into the "Special Forces" team and how they do dramatic heart-stopping LESKYUU (rescue) of people in peril. Supposedly Hyougo is a person who "makes his own miracles" (or something like that) but the truth is, everyone who gets close to him ends up in peril. Which he saves them from. So, really, he's just the unluckiest guy on earth but he's good at saving folk. This is probably the real reason his entire family never goes to sea.

So, yeah. It's a manga about... seamen.

I'm not insanedrop trou!