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Mmmmm - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Mmmmm [Jan. 29th, 2004|09:44 am]
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[I'm all | Bebop]

You know how there are those commercials on tv where a person is sitting in a theater watching an old classic movie, and mouthing all the words that the on-screen characters are saying? I do that with the Cowboy Bebop movie. I wish some theater would show it again, even if it's like midnight movie or something. That would so rock. I'd go see it all the time and mouth the words.

OK, now, I really don't like the episode "Speak Like A Child", because it's kinda... lame. But I have to point this out. Whenever Spike and Jet go to sell the beta cassette to a geeky collector, and he's watching an old 20th century show, and at the end of the show credits roll including the names Jason Priestly and "Shanan Daugherty". I don't recall if Jason Priestly is Engrished or not, and you can't actually see the whole name, so I've extrapolated a bit. But that's who is definitely implied. I didn't see if it said "Produced by" or "Starring". Maybe it said neither, but my instinct says "Produced by".
I guess the episode isn't really lame, it's just not very hip. Last time I watched it on TV (i.e., not a dvd or divx) it made me think. So I asked myself "Hey, if I had made a video for myself ten years ago, what wo--- no, better make it 20 years ago, to compare with Faye. What would I have said to myself, and would it make my current life seem pathetic?"
So, I answered myself. I would probably have talked about Star Trek and Dangermouse. And about boys. And I might have reminded me to write, even if I didn't intend anyone to read it. But I wouldn't have been wearing a cheerleader outfit. But I would have said something seriously lame, like "I hope this message finds you in the arms of your beloved, whether it be Jody or Lane." (Jody and Lane were guys I crushed on all through jr. high.) My message would certainly not have included a cheer "Let's... go.... me!"
So, in that respect, it wouldn't at all make my current life seem pathetic.

Speaking of Star Trek, there was a really funny gag on "Family Guy" once. They showed a theater marquee, and it said "Fiddler on the Roof, starring William Shatner" and they showed Shatner doing that patented singing style "... is like a fiddler on the... KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" Damn it was funny! That's probably the best Family Guy moment ever, because the show really does suck.

As a matter of fact, no, I never get tired of The Movie. Here's when I first got it. I should put a freefind search box in this LJ just so I can see how many posts mention that movie. The Movie. I like how we get to see the three old guys finally doing something aside from hangin out at the saloon. One scene that doesn't get enough attention is the opening credits. The whole animating of the song is just incredible. The tapping of fingers, just like everyone does when they listen to that song (the song being Ask DNA, for those unsure); the butt-shift coinciding with the beat; the dj saying what's up; the old guy asking who's hip... it's really amazing. That song is incredible. And the answer is, me. I'm hip. I was the answer to the Tower of Power song "What is hip?", and I'm the answer to "Who's hip, anyway?"

OK, that's all for now. Expect updates later.

I'm not insanedrop trou!