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Rurouni Kenshin - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Rurouni Kenshin [Feb. 12th, 2004|09:46 pm]
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Please tell me you've heard by now my DVD purchasing experience.

So, on to the DVD. Soooo great! Kenshin and Shishio are having a battle, and they're all swordsy, and then Shishio does that thing with the gunpowder (which is almost like cheating, but I'm not sure), and so you think Kenshin is dead, but you know he's not because you know there's more episodes after this. And then everybody else shows up to fight Shishio, but he kicks their butts, and he's major cool about it, and then Kenshin comes back, and then "How could you kill her!" and then "Whatever! We understand each other! Piss off!" and omg I always cry because they are SUCH a great couple. You can't blame her for being in love with him, you know. And then, Saitoh, and he's all "eh" and Sano's all "...!" because we know they in love. And then Shishio and Yumi and Houji are in hell and Shishio's all "Well, I guess I better take over hell, eh," he's so cool!!!

Ok, enough of that slobbering fangirl stuff.
Houji (sp?). Houji is a major loser. He's nothing but a suck-up. I can totally see why Shishio keeps him around, but still, 1053r. And what's with that haircut. Does he have to coiff that every day? He went all nutso at the end. And they knew that he'd show up in hell soon. They knew, because he's the yes-man to end all yes-men. You could even tell he was only partially sincere there at the end, and only to save face.
Saitoh (sp? ugh I really need to look up these names somewhere) is being so smoove there at the end whenever Houji is blowing up the place.
I always wonder, whenever Shishio and his juppongatana people are mouthing off about natural selection, I wonder why no one ever says "What about babies? Are you saying babies should die because they're helpless?" because you know that's not what they're saying. Well, most of them aren't saying that. There's probably a couple who would agree with that. Anyway, no one ever brings up those arguments. I suppose the answer would be "I'm talking about men, you dork. Not women and children." Still, someone should have said that. Maybe someone does in some episode I didn't see.
I totally understand how Ymi doesn't feel hurt when Shishio stabs through her to get to Kenshin. I think if I had lived in an age where I hadn't felt useful at all, I would have appreciated the chance to be helpful, even if it meant I got stabbed by my boyfriend. Especially someone as powerful as Shishio, I mean, she had to have some serious feelings of impotence (not the man-kind) being in love with a guy who could do so much when she was "just a woman" as they saw her back in that time. It's a beautiful scene.

OK that's all for now. More later. Or Bebop later. We don't know.

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