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crambone and a zibby stick!!!!!!!! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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crambone and a zibby stick!!!!!!!! [Aug. 27th, 2007|12:57 pm]
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(that subject line means nothing, btw.)

I had this weird dream the other night about Umehara and his family. In my dream, him and his sister were arguing over "Toaster Strudel". Not pop tarts, toaster strudel. And then his gramma came in and stopped the argument but I forgot what she said. Wtf OUENDAN OBSESSION?


YouTube isn't working and I don't have any software for converting from .wmv to a decent format... but anyway, there's THAT SCENE from the anime. Just that scene. Just the cute part of that scene. That's... all it is. That's all I need, but you know, that's... all it is.

mp3 of the chicken dance, anyone? anyone? I could FIGURE OUT the software for converting from .wmv to .avi if... if only I had a reason! Like... chicken dance.


but first...

made for me by valamelmeo!!!

Now I can't say ZOMG in the type of font I want without minimizing the effect of the Hamada banner. But... also, did you notice what was MISSING from this chapter?
;___; (not rly, but... yes really.)


But before I get to the ZOMG (which, we all knew it was going to happen eventually... but you know... anyway...) First I have to point out some things that were awesome about this chapter despite the lack of Hamada.

First there was this pornographic IzuMizu scene! They have had so much awesome interaction in this arc, I'm such a happy IzuMizu shipper today ^^

Then there was this awesome Mihashi at-bat! Regardless of hitting it right into a double play, he hit the ball and he made this awesome face. Is this the first time he's ever made such a determined face?

Of course, I should give props to the Tetsuroh scene because it was just as awesome as Sakaeguchi's that one time, but since I'm not 100% sure that it was Tetsuroh that was hitting that one today (rly forgetting the Bijou players' names yo) I didn't make a picture of it.

But... OH NOES NOT ABE-KUN!!!!! Oh wow, would you believe I left off reading right at the scene where they showed Abe stepping upon ... uhh... that guy? Yeah! I left it until like, lunchtime, so I could be filled with suspense about what was going to become of Abe. He was so totally lying when he said it didn't hurt, and it reminded me of when Mihashi got smacked in the butt with a Junta pitch, but Mihashi really wasn't hurt at all, and Abe IS INJURed (evidenced here, he has to grab onto Mihashi , which is something he's wanted to do since school started, just to try to keep standing!)

Whenever Abe fell to the ground after standing up while he was still on the field, man, that was like, HOLY CRAP! Because not only did he let a run in, but he's rly injured on top of that!! Then they helped him off the field, wow that was pr0n wasn't it? Not rly (but maybe).
rainy_takako called it right when she said Nishihiro might get to play this game, which will definitely be awesome, I think. But, what will become of Abe and his Mihashi-luv after Mihashi realizes that he forms a better battery with his best friend Tajima than with Mr. Volatility? OK I'm making that up, but... I really do think Nishiura is going to win the game somehow, and this game is so awesome because I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY'RE GOING TO DO IT. That's the key to writing good peril (ok, not rly peril, baseball peril lol), even tho we're pretty sure they're going to win, we just have no idea how they're going to be able to do it!! Or, they COULD LOSE, since I feel like the plan is to show them going thru more than just one year of school, but at the same time, it seems like their win over Tosei would be a bit meaningless if they lose to Bijou. I guess the beginning of this game was just kinda depressing, but this part of their losings is like, PANICKY. I guess?

I'm enjoying that relief pitcher (Takumi? Kashima?) rather a lot. He amuses me and he's a total dork XD

When the hell are they gonna print more tanks, d00d. Frlz. TOQ started printing the next tank (due out Sept) as soon as the magazine had published enough chapters to warrant it. Tenipuri has a little more lag but not much really. But... I mean, Tosei was like, SO two games ago. So much has happened. Considering vol 8 ended with I think magazine chapter 30, and we're on chapter 48 now? Wtf. That's like, fully 4 to 5 volumes behind. Also? I want a Hamada omake in whichever volume contains magazine chapter 39. He deserves an omake. He's so awesome.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:August 28th, 2007 - 07:47 am
Yeah, it was Tetsurō and yes, it was like an exact copy of Sakaeguchi's feat. 8D I'm amused at how many links there are between the Tōsei game and the Bijō game. Which was to be expected, tactics-wise, but still.

No Hamada. D: I was focusing on what was going to happen to Abe, but now that you mention it... No ōendan. Maybe they'll have an actual scene next time. (We got to see Bijō's parents' cheer, though? Ahaha.)

Bijō might get disqualified for something. There've been cases of teams being disqualified from Kōshien because of something an ex-member had done. Though I don't think such strict rules apply to the regional level...

When the hell are they gonna print more tanks, d00d. Frlz.
FRZL. I have no idea what they're waiting for. Maybe Higuchi has trouble thinking up birthdays for all of her characters, orz.

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Date:August 29th, 2007 - 02:33 pm
I think it's kinda cool that the opponent is using some of the same tactics. I hate it in manga when the main characters come up with something awesome and the opponents never realize they can do it too. So it's refreshing to see Bijou do a lot of the same things that Nishiura was doing vs. Tosei.

I can't wait to see what the ouendan's reactions are to the player substitutions.

I think that Tajima as catcher is going to turn the tide of the game, and then Abe can have even more girly angst. He's so going to cry. And probably have another introspective moment in the mirror. SO girly XD