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Lots of new stuff [Feb. 17th, 2004|03:00 pm]
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[I'm all | sex and cartoons]
Mechazawa recommends
|Full Metal Alchemist opening theme -- in my head]

Over the past weekend I watched the entire Dilbert tv series box set. I had forgotten how great the animation of the opening sequence is. I remember noticing that when it first aired, too. It's a perfectly fluid style that matches the style of the show exactly. The funny is no Angry Beavers, but it's still funny. It's Dilbert-y, you know? I'm glad I got it.

The other new show I'm watching is Full Metal Alchemist. For some reason I'm quite addicted to it. Usually I don't like those shows where the main character is a kid, but something about this one grabbed me. It's nowhere near Bebop or FLCL, but hey, what is.

I watched another show called "Full Metal Panic", but it was kinda lame. I FINALLY got ONE episode of Yu-gi-oh in Japanese. Yup, only one. I really hate that I can't get the Japanese track on the DVDs. Pokemon and DBZ are that way, too. I'm sure lots of stuff is that way, but I would say Yu-gi-oh is the one that irritates me the most, because it's the one that's got such horrible English voices. The manga isn't up to the Duel Monsters stuff yet, so I can't even take refuge there.

Everything prior to Duel Monsters is lame, IMO. Even if those *are* shadow games, they still resemble Candy-land and Twister. OK, I'm exaggerating. But that's kinda how it is to me. Have I mentioned everyone's seen more Yu-gi-oh than I have? I think I did in raditzsex. Well? They have! Last episode I saw in sequence was when some Egyptian guy invaded Yugi's mind and found out he was the 'chosen one' or something. It was hella cool. He was looking for who had stolen the millennium eye. Or something. I'm pretty sure it was the millennium eye. Because it was right after that episode with the flashback of Pegasus getting the eye. He was kinda whiney back then.

It would sorta suck if someone could read your mind.
Business meetings would especially suck:
"Someone in this room just thought about strangling you with a mouse cord because you won't 'get to the point', as she put it..."
*all eyes turn to me*
"Now all I'm getting is some internal swearing..."

Of course, Pegasus probably knows better than to turn on the mind-reading during a meeting. Look at those goons that are always in meetings with him. They can't possibly have anything interesting on their minds, unless it's some kind of betrayal. But he'd know.

Well, now I'm going somewhere completely unprecedented. You know how sometimes during an "intimate moment", you're like, thinking of stuff? Usually that's a sign of boredom or a desire to be somewhere else. It would sure be annoying if your partner could read your mind, huh!
"No, you don't have any leftover pizza in the fridge, that show doesn't start for another 5 minutes, and dammit, sometimes there's just no pleasing you!"
(that's the generic version)

Here's a specific version
"It unnerves me that you're thinking of cartoons right now..."

But that wouldn't be Pegasus saying that. He'd be turned on.

I'm not insanedrop trou!