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Was it Cinqo de Mayo on Saturday? No. - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Was it Cinqo de Mayo on Saturday? No. [Sep. 5th, 2007|09:45 am]
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That's "Fifth of May" (spelled incorrectly I'm sure), not something having to do with sandwich condiments.

On Saturday night I returned from my parents' 40th wedding anniversary celebration to find a FIESTA going on downstairs! They had at least 20 people, going in and out, and they were playing music loudly and jubilantly... if I knew more español I'd have gone and tried to get in on it. You'd think it would be really annoying, but ... I guess I was in a good mood from my own evening of festivities. Plus, the only reason I wasn't invited is that we rarely talk, those neighbors and I (on account of them only speaking Spanish and me... not) But randomly, I enjoyed the fiesta from up here ^^

(Sunday and Monday there were less surprising things that happened, but we had a good time anyway ^^ )

OK, so like, I was supposed to be doing SOMETHING ELSE but I found a TOQ28 question-thingy, and I edited it for LJ purposes (and put it in English).

TOQ Fan's 28 question survey

1. Please give a brief introduction of yourself. (OK, honestly, in English, on LJ, this is... kinda boring.)

2. When did you get hooked on TOQ?
Right after I got hooked on Oofuri. I would get hooked on Godhand, too, but I can't find any.

3. What was it that made you start reading TOQ?
keycchou showed us some hott guys.

4. What is it about TOQ that makes you like it so much?
The characters, the realistic situations, the PERIL!! Apparently I luv realistic manga.

5. Up to the current chapter, what is the best scene so far in the manga? (there can be more than one)
1 - The entire Indonesia segment and everything about it

6. Who is your favorite character?
Shima ♥ (I've got a Shima-Lover questionnaire, too, I might do.)

7. What is it about that character that makes you like him/her so much?
He's a total spaz. He's adorable. He YELLS A LOT, SOMETIMES FOR NO GOOD REASON. He's slightly sadistic but still cares deeply. He sed "DA-YO-NE!" in English in an attempt to be "cool". He's a tiny sexeh d00d.

8. Are there other characters that you love as well? What is it about them that makes them great?
Sanada. He's uber, in just about every way, and on top of that he's a rly nice nice nice guy. I could write essays about the charas but I'm not going to.
Ichinomiya. HE'S RLY FUNNY.
Oba. HE TOOK HYOUGO ON A DATE. That's not why he's cool. He's cool because he's like this >D in a fun way.
ASLI. Oh man, Asli pwnz Hyougo so hard. Hyougo is like, the Perfect Idiot, but Asli is like... the Perfect D00d. (but not in a "I'm moe for him!" kind of way.)

9. Of all the characters in the series, which would be the best to have as a father?
The person who's website I copied the questions from, she said Kuroiwa. I'm gonna have to agree with that, cuz he's dad-ish XD (the original author of the questions, her website was gone.)

10. Of all the characters in the series, which would be the best to have as an older brother?

11. How about as a younger brother?

12. Of all the characters, which do you think you would get along with the best?
Oba, Okuchi, Mimura.

13. Of all the characters, which one would be the best to marry?
(lol, a question like this!!) SHIMA. ♥♥♥

14. Please explain which pairing you like the best. (there can be more than one)
SanaShimaSana (CANON.)
Ookuchi + Kotetsu (CANON)
Meguru + Hyougo (I can't help it.)
Oba + Hyougo (I read too many fanfics of this)
Shima + Meguru (the fandom made me do it. and it's RLY HOTT.)
everyone + Hyougo. LOL.

15. What was it that made you take an interest in that particular pairing?
(must pick one) Oba+Hyougo. It was the ferris wheel date scene that started it. Then the fandom made some AMAZINGLY cute stories of them. Even tho he's canon so wub Yuri, and if she didn't exist it would totally be canon so wub Meguru, I just can't help it. Oba's friggin adorable. He's an awesome boyfriend for clueless Hyougo!!!

16. In the manga, has there been an incident indicating that pairing?
Ahahaha, ferris wheel!! FERRIS WHEEL. "There's two GUYS in there! ^_^ " sed some random girl in the park on a date.

17. What's the moe situation for that pairing?
(I would really like to find an actual english equivalent for this question, but it CRACKS ME UP so I can't XD )
Oba obviously thinks Hyougo is teh wim. Hyougo... is clueless. Clueless!! Oba is full of wim and awesome. They're gonna make out. This is incoherent, DA-YO-NE.

18. Might there be wedding bells in the future for that couple?
IN MY MIND, YES. But, canon? Well, I haven't found the latest chapters yet, but at the end of the last one I read, the... "preview" spaz went like this "What's going to happen next?! Will they kiss? Profess their love? Could it even be... A PROPOSAL?!" (regarding Hyougo and Yuri, of course.) So, if we stick to canon, Hyougo will probably not get to marry Oba, no matter how much I want to see him in a dress.

19. (a question for doujinshi folk, I'm making a new question because it's LJ, not TOQ webring)
What did you think of vol 12's collaborative story featuring Godhand Teru?

I LOVE CROSSOVER. I love it especially when it's CANON. I don't even know that manga (altho I would totally read it if I found some) but I thought it was uber-awesome, especially how cute it was that he and Hyougo got along really well. It was great.

20. From reading TOQ, have you taken an interest in the [Japan] Coast Guard?
Rescue men are hott and uber. OK they're not ALL hott, but you know, they're all uber. Military uniform + rescue men = HOTT. (you know, the hott guys anyway.) But... yeahno. Maybe, but no more so than I was interested in firemen prior.

21. Would you like to have your photo taken with Umi-Maru-kun? (val's note: Umi-maru-kun is a REAL mascot for JCG and looks just like it does in the manga!! I've seen photos!!)

22. From reading TOQ, have you been more involved in swimming?
No, but from not reading manga at all my parents were recently certified in scuba diving.

23. Have you ever been swimming and thought you might require rescuing?
(Not sure I got the question right, but there you go). No, I swim in the pool, and ... I'm pretty good at it.

24. Of all of the female characters in TOQ, which is your favorite?

25. What makes her so interesting?
Uhh... Shima? ^^;;

26. If you love other female characters, please list with a breif explanation of why.
Sumire. She pwnz so hard. Also, that conversation she had with Hyougo on the pier at the thing? I have HAD that conversation before in my life! And it worked, too ^^v
Yuri is also adorable, and she's not the wimpy kind of do-nothing girlfriend so often seen in manga (altho she did do a little too much cooking/mothering stuff... meh ¬¬ Thank goodness Sumire hasn't lapsed into that yet!)
I wasn't going to mention Igarashi, but she played SUCH AN UBER PRANK on the boys that I can't just go "Oh ok she's pretty cool." It was so awesome. She drinks too much beer, tho.

27. Of other works you've loved, has there been something that you could compare to TOQ?
Uhh, no? Yes!!! Anything/everything by Peter Benchley!! I sooo sooo soo want the TOQ guys to end up in a Peter Benchley situation. Sometimes, in my mind? That's what happens. Also, not sure if this counts as a "work" because it's non-fiction, I've always been totally addicted to that show on History channel where those guys dive for artifacts or evidence of stuff. (Also all those shows on NatGeo about diving for sunken treasure. I'm addicted to shows about treasure. They usually have at least one show about treasure per day, but I haven't watched tv in like a month.)

28. Thank you for answering the questions. Is there anything you'd like to add?
That's kinda how it was worded but more...weirdly. But, yeah, no. Yeah? No!! I have nothing to add!
"Toast" in Esperanto is "El toasto". (that's the only esperanto I know aside from LEVEL NIVELO, from Red Dwarf.)

OK two more things to cover, in another entry (this one's long enough eh.)
I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:September 5th, 2007 - 05:51 pm
I think it's "Cinco de Mayo." But I'm sure nobody cares, haha.

Since both you and Iciak read TOQ I sort of want to too. More things to spaz together lulz. Someone should make an Oofuri questionnaire.

[User Picture]
Date:September 6th, 2007 - 12:36 am
TOQ goes faster because there's furigana! It would be awesome if there were more TOQ spazzings aside from doujin websites ^^

I will look for an Oofuri questionnaire! But I might end up just making my own based on the other questionnaires I've done ;D

[User Picture]
Date:September 7th, 2007 - 01:50 am
FURIGANA?!! *insert heavenly chorus here*

Yay! If you make one I'll definitely take it muhahaha.