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オーケー!! [Sep. 17th, 2007|12:46 pm]
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Finally got to read all those chapters of TOQ that I was missing, because vol 16 came to me today (as well as vol 39 of tennis, but I have another whole entry about genius 358 which wasn't in vol 39 but here's a spoiler: I LIKED IT.)

How about some fanservice, boys? Here's Sumire and Yuri, in... well, don't we refer to this as "yuri"? There ya go. (I fully support this pairing, incidentally.)

OK, if you like, click on this, and then .. click again, you can get to the full-size version, but I didn't wanna mess up my entry page by making it huge (it's not rly huge, just huge for a lj entry) Anyway,
This scene? Pwnz rly hard. Take a look, I'll discuss below ;D

OK, that scene? Is ubar. It's so so so so so ubar. I can't even esplain it, but two guys huddling in the cold morning on a balcony smoking is... I dunno, I luv this scene. And I went all "ZOMG. TAKEYAMA IS SO CUTE. THEY SHOULD KISS. EXCEPT THAT HYOUGO WOULD BE A LITTLE PUT OFF BY THE SMOKING AND MIGHT NOT WANNA KISS HIM AFTER SMOKING." Gyahh I thought they were gonna kiss SO MANY TIMES. And ... so, liek, I would have spazzed so hard whenever I thought he was gonna be OUT. Man, that was so awesome. I was like NO NOT RIGHT AFTER I'VE FALLEN IN LUV WITH HIM!!!!!! (But Shima still pwnz everybody in the series frlz) (and Hamada pwnz everybody fictional evar).
OK, here's what happened. Yuri, Sumire, and Takeya... ok, what was his given name, Naoyoshi? Ouch. Anyway, they like, spent the night at Hyougo's house. And Takeyama ended up freaking out when the lights went out (in vol 15) while he was on the terlet and when the lights came back on he was on the floor in the doorway of the bathroom WITH HIS PANCE DOWN. lol, it was awesome, and somebody goes "d00d, frlz, gross! don't show yer ass!" (also, someone said that earlier in the series, in like vol 1 or 2 or something, they're getting ready to dive and Hyougo's getting ready on his coast guard ship "Shiraha" and he had the door to the locker room open and someone walking by goes "Close the damn door! Nobody wants to see your ass!" (cuz we could see it). Anyway, those were funny moments in which people saw someone else's ass.
That has nothing to do with the actual plot. well, sortof it does. Cuz, see, it turns out that Takeyama has a SRS FEAR OF THE DARK. So when they went to see if there were survivors on this one sunken ship, and the ship lurched, and Hyougo dropped the flashlight, Take freaked out. But Hyougo dint know he had an actual dark phobia, so he goes to find him after he gets the light on again and IT LOOKED LIEK HE WERE TEH DEDXX0RZ. (oh how eloquent I can be :p ) Anyway, Take gets back to the surface but Hyougo freaked out too badly from thinking Take died and so Sanada had to go save him. And in the end, they din't find anybody on that sunken ship because they had a freakout problem.
So then, Sanada has figured out that Take has a dark-o-phobia and everybody's liek "D00d, he gots to GO." but right as Sanada is sayin something to that effect Take WALKS IN to Hyougo's hospital room (he was in the room next door, they were both recovering in the hospital from the incident anyway) and he hears him and he's like... it was SO AWESOME. he like BOWED ALL THE WAY TO THA FL0. and by that i mean he was like, on his hands & knees on the floor, going "PLEEEEEEEEZ DONT FOR TO BE KICKIN ME OUTXX0R!!"
(is any of this even comprehensible.)
SO then,... oh Hyougo did A AWESOME THING. He ... he DID A SHIMA THING. I think. That's my opinion anyway. He was like, ok, like, Sanada was like "Hyougo, you decide. In five days give us yer answer, does he stay or does he go now." So, Hyougo is like, he ... he like YELLS at Take like "D00D J00 GOTS GET OVA J00 DARK PH33R OR I'MMA HEIT J00!!" (it wasn't quite that harsh, and you do realize none of them speak in l33tsp33k or 'hood, right? Cep Meguru. He O.G.) (not rly)
So, then... it was awesome. HYOUGO YELLED. AND HE DID IT CUZ HE'S UBER-NICE. IT WAS AWESOME. OK, so like, then, they (HyouTake) spend a lot of time the next few days trynna get him over his ph33r. They did a bunch of weird shit, like having him crawl thru the ventilation shaft and stuff like on cartoons or disney series. But with less shenanigans.
So, then, liek, it's the fifth day. I think. Shit I only read that part like 2 hours ago lol anyway, Hyougo shows up at the place where they were gonna do more therapy or whatever, and Take's not there. So Hyougo calls him but Sumire (they're twins, remember? Did I mention that? They're twins, Sumire and Naoyoshi Takeyama.) And she's like "I DUNNO WHERE HE WENT HE LIEK, IS GONNA DO SOMETHING RASH" (i totally forgot what she actually said) so Hyougo finds him out on the sea by himself, by the buoy that marks the spot where that one ship sank that he freaked out on. And his plan was to go find the ded ppl and bring 'em up so their familys could have closure. BUT HE WAS GOING BY HIMSELF (this is dangerous, right? You don't swim in the sea by j00self, right? we all learned this early in life, right?) Anyway, so Hyougo is gonna go in teh ship with him and they go in there and then while they're in there the ship topples again (it sure is on rocky ground, innit) and Take gets trapped in the laundry room and he's found a ded guy, and ... this was like, it was...
OK, he like, goes lookin for victims, and he finds one, and he STARTS CRYING in his scuba gear, and apologizing, cuz he feels like had he not freaked out the first time they might could have saved that guy (we will nevar know the truth, rly) and it was so cute, I might have cried, too, because he was so ... he totally meant it, he felt like he was the reason that guy died. But then, the ship (like I said) rolled again and he's TRAPPED in there, and the only way out is the air vent, but he can't get the dead guy in there so he's gotta go in by himself and he finally gets out and finds Kanbayashi and then oh there was some other stuff too damn
THEY get to the surface and there's the rest of 6-company (not sure the best TL for that) and they're like "wtf you morons" but Take was still passed out from ... it's hard to splain anyway it wasn't from darkness panic and the first thing Sanada does when Hyougo gets on board the boat is PUNCH HIM IN THE FEIS!!! And then, once they got Take breathing again and awake? He PUNCHED HIM IN THE FEIS TOO! lol it was cool. Then there was this discussion and I SWEAR THEY ARE IN LUV, HYOUGO AND TAKEYAMA.
And Sanada teamed up with Andou (sp?) and it made me make up a really weird crack moment of Sanada trying to cuddle him and Andou goin ... I can't find an appropriate emoticon.

Then Hyougo was having these nightmares about having to choose between girls and rescue, and a Shima octopus was in his dream bitching him out for premarital sex (which he hasn't had, his virginity has been kindof a plot point XD ) It was brilliant. I actually read that part earlier in the summer cuz i found the magazine chapter so I didn't re-read the whole thing so I forgot some stuff.

Anyway, the current arc, featuring Nanjou (?? starts with a NAN that's all I can remember) isn't that cool rly, I mean, it's like, he's just being kindof a dick and if anyone I like is actually KICKED OUT? I will be irritated ;____; but I think the authors know that. I don't expect anyone to be kicked out. (He's rly being a dick.) Altho, it might make for some kind of interesting story if it was 6-tai that was 86d. I hope Nanjou redeems himself ¬¬

But overall not enough Shima in this volume.

I'll discuss tennis next but SRSLY bedtime ya. I luv this manga.
I'm not insanedrop trou!