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Final Fantasy Tactics A-2 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Final Fantasy Tactics A-2 [Oct. 27th, 2007|11:50 pm]
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Yes, Oofuri 50 and PoT 363, but I've been sitting on this entry for like 2 days. (Been workin a lot and then doing val-things.)

First, this awesome ad for Jeep that's been on TV lately:

And, this morning I got on a conference call and forgot to turn off my music. They didn't seem to notice, because it wasn't uber-loud, which is good. This would have raised a few eyebrows, I think!
Lutan Fyah - Hey Officer
I just like the music! I don't smork dope! ALtho, if I get cancer, I'm so totally moving to Jamaica...

OK, so like, first impressions of FFTA2

The main character, who I named Motoki again altho I think his default name is Russo, HE IS SO MUCH 100 TIMES BETTA THAN MARCHE. As far as , I mean, I have nothin against Marche, he was kinda... "rly good kid". You know? Like, boy scout material. But like, in the first part of this game, the main character? HE GETS A DETENTION FOR PRANKING. It's like, the last day of sk00l, but like, he gets a detention on THE LAST DAY (うわぁ~ ヒデーなぁ! 先生!!) Anyway, he's just like, rly cool, unlike Marche who was like, a quiet nobody before he went to Ivalice. But like, this guy, he's cool & funny and he's like, I dunno, he's cooler than Marche so it's more fun.

I'm not really motivated to level up anything other than 6 people I like. I've got like, 12 people total, including Adel, but I'm just not inclined to have 12 good people yet. It's kinda hard to find other people.

Did I mention the MAD AMOUNTS OF KANJI in this game? "orz" ;____; And there's this one mission where basically you're store clerk for a day and you have to answer people's questions about what they need, and you have to get 'em all correct if you want the UBER PRIZE, and let me tell you, I was none too happy to be looking up kanji for "gun" and "spear" and "ashura"...

But, it's still awesome. If you can read Japanese and have a DS and don't mind the occasional kanji lookup (this is me, having faith that you can read more kanji than I can), you might like it. Unless you hated FFTA, you won't like this one. Russo > Marche, by like, a bajillion. I dunno if Ritz or Adel is better, tho, because I haven't seen much of Adel.

OK, now I gotta make a post about Oofuri 50.
I'm not insanedrop trou!