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Several things [Mar. 8th, 2004|03:18 pm]
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Teen Titans - I hope you have been watching this latest season of Teen Titans. It seems to get better every week. And the popularity ensures that more US-produced action cartoons will have an anime feel to them. Truly, the future of action cartoons. I'm in awe.
I don't have a favorite character or anything, so it's not the top of the heap, but it's still the best English-language action cartoon on the market. I wish they'd used some of the stylings from Teen Titans in X-men:Evo. That would be my favorite if they had.

Lupin III - I don't see how anyone could not like this show. It's like It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad world, in cartoon form. Or something. It's got elements of slapstick, banter, parody, and non-sequitur all rolled into one big cheese ball of doom. All of the characters are brilliantly over-the-top. It's got toilet humor, and cerebral humor. (Ce-re-brate good times come on! Let's cerebrate!) It's like Monty Python meets Sanford & Son. Animated for her pleasure! Sure it's not real meaningful or important, but that's why it's good. Just like It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. What, you never saw that movie? GO SEE IT.

Read or Die - I watched this 3-ep mini last week. It's loads of fun, and action-packed. The main character is a girl who is about obsessed with books. She also happens to be a secret agent. The art was kinda weird, though. Like the artists hadn't quite passed "perspective" class or something. But it was only distracting once. It had a great ending. I was impressed.

Pokemon Heroes, aka Pokemon 5th movie something in Japanese about Latios & Latias. Absolutely the best one-shot Team Rocket characters ever, Annie and Oakley (I don't know their Japanese names, no thanks to 4-kids). You thought Domino was cool? You ain't seen nothin yet! You thought Jiraldan went too far? Keep yer pants on! You thought Ash loved Pokemon? He does. But do they love him? Yes, they do. If I get around to it I will write a short Ash/Latias oddness.

And speaking of what I'm getting around to, I'm working on the Megatron/Starscream thing. I hit a snag in which I ended up doing some cliche things, but I think I've resolved how to fix that now. Expect it soon.

I joined a DBZ LJ RPG, and of course I'm playing as Raditz (duh), and I'm of course being villainous. I'm not sure how I'm going to avoid getting killed off by the heroes, though. You know, a sort of Vegeta thing where he ends up being their friend? If only so I can play for a little while longer. I have to think fast in order to play everyone into my little val-paws to save my Raditz. Mwuahahahaha.

I'm not insanedrop trou!