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40.5 discussion AT LAST and I need another Takumi icon - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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40.5 discussion AT LAST and I need another Takumi icon [Dec. 9th, 2007|01:32 am]
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Well, I've been doing stuff, but I've been sitting on this for like, 2 days... ^^;;
Chapter 369 = pure fanservice innit. more later.

Jackal is awesome I said this before, but nobody believed me!! Sure he's a bit of a doormat, but... lol he said the places he ends up the most at school are wherever Bunta or Akaya drag him. He's really such a doormat ♥

Piyoshi pwnz TOO MUCH TEH WIM D00d, Piyoshi. So much wim. He has a photo in his bag that may be a UFO!! Piyoshi stalking UFOs, that's just TOO CUTE. TOO TOO CUTE. I don't recall everything the profile page said about his UFOing, but... there's adorable Piyoshi!! And he wears contacts - who knew!! Well, maybe we knew, but I can't remember from that long ago. I wasn't paying Piyoshi much attention in the 20.5 era.

Akaya is adorable In the profile, "things you dislike", he put "Sanada fukubuchou". And then when Sanada looks in his bookbag, he's got rly bad grades and Sanada yells at him. He's so cute!!

Some people are scary Jiroh is scary for having Bunta's wristband in his bag. Gakuto is scary for saying the thing he wants most is wings, and having random feathers in his bag. Chinen is scary, on purpose, he likes scary shit, that's OK. We don't mind. What do you mean "What about Oishi?" There's a whole section devoted to Oishi later!!

Higa luv Kite shares a favorite food with me (gouya champloo). He shares a birthday with Koharu. And they're both flaming flaming flaming ;D (but in completely different ways).
Tanishi has a HUGE FAMILY!! But I think some of Tanishi's profile was kinda... stereotyped. I was like, really looking forward to finding out more about Tanishi right before I got this book, and some of it was like, uninspired. Thx Konomi D: But Tanishi sed the best place to go on a date is a disco. Now imagine him dancing. IS AWESOME.

Renji gets shafted again In the actual manga series, Renji is interesting and gregarious and everybody likes him. So, why do his profiles always make him seem like a loner bookworm nerd? How does Renji have a reputation for being a strong silent loner type, when he won't shut up and is ALWAYS with a group of d00ds? I don't get it. Things Renji dislikes: money and time wasters.

........... Oishi... wha...whut?! Did he say chicken sexing (chicken sexing being determining the sex of baby chickens, not... something foul. lol my pun y/y?) If Koharu'd said that, we'd know he was making a joke, but if it's Oishi...
Oishi's niku-attack moment... oh that reminds me of something Rikkai related we'll get to that in a minute... niku nazi Oishi won #1 funniest moment in the series!! #5 funniest moment was one of my favorite lines, too, Tezuka remarking on Yuushi's poker face XD
Don't forget, too, that Oishi (and Yuushi, speaking of) both read romance novels. ROMANCE NOVELS. Oh teh lol, Oishi, oh teh lol. And, scary mother hen I guess that esplains being a chicken sexer.
"We prefer to call him the chicken LOVER."

I forgot what goes here Rikkai thing? I forgot... maybe I was going to comment that everybody had a thing from Sanada? Or that... like... Sanada is still awesome and a big homo? That reminds me of something that... I will post later when I like, have time to like, make pictures of stuff.

The other day I had this dream that there was a 40.5 style fanbook for Oofuri out, and all I really remember is that it said that Hamada's best school subject was English and that Takumi doesn't like spiders. I hope we get a fanbook that tells me whether I DREAM THE FUTURE or not.
I'm not insanedrop trou!