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OVA "National Tournament" episode 7 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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OVA "National Tournament" episode 7 [Mar. 24th, 2008|02:05 pm]
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Yeah I know everybody watched it in like 2006 or whenever... it's from OVA DVD vol 4, the one with Tezuka and Kite and Aoi and Saeki on the cover?
I only just now got to see it, and by "just now" I mean like, last week or so when I finally got the DVD. I ended up making a crude AVI so I could screencap properly. I should take more pics of Kite, huh.

this is all from the Beach Volley incident. The REAL beach volley incident. I'm kinda confused as to the timeline, because I feel like there was beach volleyball in the anime already, before the OVA, but then here it is in it's proper form... or maybe I'm just confusing something else that happened in the anime with what was going on in the manga at the same time... uhh...

So, here's me, taking screencaps of this episode that the rest of the fandom watched like a year ago. Hahahaha. Inspired me to pre-order Final Match Vol 0, though, which should have the yakiniku incident. WHICH ALSO FEATURES INUI PROMINENTLY.

"YOU BETTER NOT, OLD GUY!" that's what they said. I'm making that up.

On second thought, it would be funnier if they'd said "YOU BETTER NOT, OLD LADY!"

I forgot what I was doing with this picture. Maybe it's just gratuitous shirtless Inui and Aoi.

Here's Aoi, sipping on the fishy beverage...

Here's Aoi *after* having sipped! I like how his eyebrows went from polite outlines to BIG HAIRY CATERPILL0RZ!!

Is that a fish in yer pocket or are you just... oh, nevermind. It IS a fish.

Oh, did I mention they're in the Land of Nipple-less Zombies?
(what, you don't see the zombies? You'll see the zombies later.)

See, Fuji is not a girl. No matter how much I want him to be. Neither is Ryou Kisarazu or Saeki. They are not girls.
They're still nipple-less, though.

They actually dont look as much like girls as you think they should. Fuji does, though.

Land shark!
But, he's not good at it. He's not even holding one hand up like a dorsal fin.

Tezuka does not find Ryouma's land shark antics amusing. It's because Ryouma sucks at it? No, it's because Tezuka doesn't have a sense of humor.

You know something's wrong when they garnish your beverage with a fish...

OK, now wait just a minute. What's with the lovely lashes! Someone's been using a curling brush!

REMEMBER WHEN I SAID NIPPLE-LESS ZOMBIE ISLAND? That's because I just now made up the "island" part. That's why you don't remember.

Oishi only THINKS he's been traumatized by Nipple-less Zombie Island.

This was in the manga iirc. It was just as disturbing then, too. But the animators... can make things so much worse than we evar imagined D:

Just one pic of the old lady in a swimsuit? Nahh, that's not enough to make Kaidoh and Oishi wanna spew....


... maybe I took the previous one so you would know why Kaidoh was jumping and about to hurl at the same time.

And if it's not bad enough they had to be defeated by the gruesome twosome, afterwards they had to drink the fish squeezins!

"Did someone just say 'squeezins'?"

And now it's time for something completely different.
In a sick and wrong kind of way.

They didn't just sit...

... they sat and jiggled.

Super-freaky old-guy make-up power!

Well Fuji looks lovely. But he's not a girl!

Fuji and his fish. After the old lady gets off his head, it'll look better. But it'll taste the same.

OK, now listen. I didn't listen. Closely. I am not some uber Japanese-listener that knows all the words after hearing it once. But I can assure you, this? This was hilarious.

Sorry yeah I know I'm digressing from the whatever I was doing! I have no idea what i was doing! Inui pwned this episode so hard! I want one!

This is how I felt that time when... umm... actually, this happens to me pretty regularly...

My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon!

Inui had this horrible dream that he was married to Oishi and Oishi's butt was HUGE.

Then it got cold and underwater, and Inui got lines on him like on Kyogre. GETTO-DAZE!! ♥

I have this song called "The Stress". I feel like this scene would make a good AMV for that. Except I don't make AMVs. So, too bad.
♥ Inui.

He was trynna say "Tenisu" but TENNIS WOULDN'T COME OUT.

Look, just because my manga automatically opens to this page, it doesn't MEAN anything!

Look at Kisarazu's grabby little hand.

Really this wasn't in the manga, it was a little different in the manga. But just because I remember that IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING.

Yeah that was pretty much my reaction, too, first time I saw it.

So here's Ryouma. "Oooh!"

.. then he goes like "Oh yeah, I'm not supposed to be impressed. Ewww!"


A shiny part blocks your view of his privates. But only your view. The other guys? They can SEE IT.

Sorry, yeah it's a great face and all, but...

Admit it. You're dying to move that fish. Naughty!

Wow he had a BUNCH of fish in his pockets!

I hope these aren't the same fish he was keeping in his trousers....

It's the aftermath of the legendary "Fish Fight"!

Inui's fish nudity inspires Tezuka to go all glowy. AND THAT IS WHAT ME AND TEZUKA HAVE IN COMMON.

It seemed humorous at the time, but now I really wish I'd taken less screencaps of this kind of thing =__=

Wtf is Ojii doing. Don't ask stupid questions! He's Egyptian!

HERE COME THE ZOMBIES. Remember earlier I said they were stranded on Nipple-less Zombie Island? Here's one!

Now you can tell who's really nipple-less. It's Momo. They are a lovely color, tho, the zombies.

INUI IS STILL VERY NAKED. HE'S TOTALLY NAKED. So, they took the time to remove his yellow shirt for the game but not the time to replace his trousers so it would be safe on the beach again... HE'S SO VERY VERY NAKED. SOOOOOOOOOO NAKED!! NUDE, EVEN!

Now here's the part in the anime where Tezuka gazes deeply into Ryouma's eye.

Yeah one eye. They only show us one. We have to extrapolate the other one. Or get two TVs and put them next to each other and put one video in that is flipped horizontally. Then you can see Echizen's two eyes.

And they rode off into the sunset. The old people. On the heads of teens.

"Become teh pillar of Seigaku. I can't do it because there's a old guy on my hed."

"Yer gonna have a weird sunburn later."
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:March 26th, 2008 - 02:52 am


Fuji is not a girl

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Date:March 27th, 2008 - 03:14 am



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Date:January 10th, 2009 - 04:54 am
Yep. I see you've seen this episode and it is hilarious as heck, ne? :)

No no no! Must have MOAR screencaps! 8D The moar the funnier kekekeke...

You took just the right ones too *snckr snckr*