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If it's not one thong, it's another. - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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If it's not one thong, it's another. [Apr. 6th, 2004|01:33 pm]
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Oh did I say thong? I meant thing. Sure I did.

I suppose I should watch something this evening so that I can get over my FMA problem. But you know what happens when I watch the Bebop movie, and is that really what you want? I thought so.
So, in the absence of a hobby, I present
OK, first off, that can't be his real name. I don't know why he never told Al his name, he just lets people call him Scar-san? I need to watch 25 again so I can see if his sensei calls him something aside from Scar. 27 is called Sensei, and we all know it's about Ed & Al's sensei, but I could go for some history of Scar and his sensei, or jutsu master, or whatever. What the hell kind of jutsu gives you a transmutation arm? None! and this is all completely beside the point!
First time Scar is introduced, he is killing state alchemists. And we all know it's him, and Ed had just resigned so Scar didn't kill him. He goes on to kill a couple of state alchemists including Basque Gran. Good riddance, that guy was a dick. Or was he? Why the hell was Envy impersonating him later? Oi I've lost the point again.
OK, Nina and Alexander. Ninaxander. The first kimera that Tucker created, it's only human words were "Give me death." But, what about Ninaxander? Did Ninaxander wish for death? Well, probably not, considering they weren't quite old enough to comprehend what had happened. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a mercy killing. I'll have to watch the episode again to get more insight into the incident. And hopefully to numb me a little bit. Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortably emotional.
Scar and his older brother during the war. Dammit, that man needs a friggin name. I would accept 24 minutes of fluff if 30 seconds of it was telling us what Scar's real name is. And his brother. Anyway, Scar's brother is up to something. Something weird. Then he goes crazy and is naked with ouroborous tattoos all over himself! Transmutation circles! Wacko! I figure his plan was to make a philosopher's stone out of himself.
Now, in 25, Scar's sensei remarks something to the effect "That arm of your brothers" or "That arm your brother gave you" (hey, kudos to me! My japanese is improving!) - this sortof makes me think that maybe it's *actually* his brother's arm. I mean, his brother had the tatts, and he was making himself a human philosopher's stone, and Scar had lamented earlier in the series something to the effect of "Nii-san, this damn thing you gave me!"
Aww damn, Scar saying nii-san. That's too cute for words. And in the flashbacks, chibi Scar! So cute, yet so tragic! Seeing his brother all wacked out! And that awesome incidental music behind that scene. I have to watch it again. What's more powerful, that scene, or the scene when Ed is all 9_9 from stepping in the philosopher juice? Damn those are good episodes. I hope I didn't lose them when I lost that one hard drive.
OK, so was it twice (once in a much earlier ep, and then in 24) that Scar gets rescued and taken care of by Ishbal refugees who are hiding in random places? I think so, yeah, because the first time he was like "What, Ishbal people still survive?!" Is it the same jii-san? I think so. And what exactly are they all doing up in the mountains now? Just hiding out? or do they plan to do somthing? Like, start a war, or end a war, or something? I'm sure the fates of the entire refugee-nation of Ishbal will somehow be tied to the Elric brothers.
Now that Scar has sortof redeemed himself in the storyline, as far as realizing that Ed is not kill-worthy even though he is a state alchemist, will he end up on the dying-poignantly list? I still expect Al to die, and I will tell you the horrible tragic way I would kill him off if I was writing it, but I forgot it right now. You'll have to wait.
Anyway, the question is, has Scar, with his defense of his people and his bond with Al, now on the death list? I would probably kill him off if I was writing it, but I haven't quite worked out how yet. You'll be the first to know (you being nobody, as no one who reads this LJ has seen the show so probably hasn't read my spoileriffic entries).

I'm sure I have more to say. But I forgot it. I love Scar, as much as Kym loves Kakashi. Oh yes.

I'm not insanedrop trou!