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Dark skin, red eyes - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Dark skin, red eyes [Apr. 6th, 2004|09:58 pm]
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First, the sins. They have circles on an appropriate place on their bodies. Gluttony has one on his tongue, Lust has one on her bosom, and Envy has one ... ok I forgot where Envy's is. But I saw one on him whenever he went into kawaii mode. I don't know where Sloth's is, but that's becasue she always covers her body completely. I'll have to look for Greed's, because I forgot that, too, and I already watched the best Greed ep tonight so I can't go into detail.
OK, That HAS to be Scar's brother's arm, and it must have been transmuted onto Scar somehow. That's why he both hates it and needs it.
Roy killed Winry's parents. That's kinda sad and really really adds to the RoyxEd angst. But did Marco tell Ed that it was Roy who killed them? I don't know. Maybe that's only something us fans know.
OK, Basque Gran is a total ass, but was he always one of the Sins? Is the latest Envy creation only one of many? Or was he always Envy? Envy could have survived Scar's attack, and everyone saw Gran explode. And what does the Fuhrer have to do with all of this? Surely he can't be nothing and just manipulated by Sloth.
Somehow, Elric Sr. is involved in all this.
OH Greed's circle is on his hand. Of course. I should have guessed! I bet Sloth's is on her butt! Hahahaha!
Episode 21 is by far my favorite. But where was I...
Oh yeah. Elric Sr. He must be involved, but he can't possibly be the one who created the sins, as Greed mentions it's been like 130 years. Or, maybe that's a bad translation and he meant 13, which would coincide with the Ishbal war. I guess I could just rewind to that part and listen instead of read, but I'm probably not going to.
Or, I am going to, and he says hyaku-sanjuu. Which would be 130. So, there you go.
Or, is Greed confused? He seems very much insane. And someone had to have imprisoned him within that chamber. Perhaps Elric Sr. imprisoned him, but didn't create him. But I'd prefer if he did create them. But for what purpose? Obviously there's something to do with the philosopher's stone, and obviously Ishbal has something to do with it.
Have you noticed that the color red has something to do with everything? Maybe that's why only Ishbal people could make one.
OK, notice, whenever that bomb blows up Ishbal in Scar's flashback (I love him so!), see his right arm is all blown up. Since it seems like this show is full of severed limbs, he probably lost it. And how did he acquire his brother's arm? That remains to be seen.
I'm not insanedrop trou!