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Soul Calibur 4 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Soul Calibur 4 [Jul. 29th, 2008|02:08 pm]
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So I went and got my copy of Soul Calibur 4, and here's what it's like so far!

The collectible tin thing is AWESOMELY GREAT, I plan to use that to keep my old GBA games in (right now they're in a shoebox on a shelf ^^v )
THE T-SHIRT IS AWESOME. But it's too big. I think that's the only size they have, though. I'm wearing it ANYWAY. Here's how the design looks:


Did you konw I was this much of a Soul Calibur spaz? Me either, really, til it got closer to this game coming out and I got too excited. And remember the other day I said I was going to post a mini-comic I made, it's still not done yet, it's a Soul Calibur comic. SO I GUESS I LUV THIS GAME.


There's two Astaroths. Just like other games, but this time, one looks ACTUALLY human, and the other... does not. And by "human", I mean wayyyyy more human than the pink Astaroth that battled Tezuka that one time. But the other Astaroth is like... can't possibly be human. Which, he's not, so it's OK, but....

So far here's what I did: played through story mode with Astaroth.

There's a really awesome feature of character creation, where it's not just making a whole new guy, you can take the existing people and change their outfits! I put a afro on Astaroth! I also have megane on him. And no facemask, which means in humanoid form he looks... like a big guy with megane and a 'fro!

My 2nd favorite character after Astaroth is Mitsurugi. So I'll try to get through story mode with him in a minute, and THEN I will use Darth Vader.

In story mode, enemies come at you one after the other, not like, "Battle... FIGHT!" like in SC3 or SC2 when you faced multiple enemies. It's like, you defeat one d00d, then there's like, another guy RUNNING UP to ninja you! So just keep hitting A+B when you're seeing the screen say like "You defeated a guy yey!" and you'll be fine. (it doesn't say that.)

One thing that's really different from SC3 is there's no shops. You buy stuff still, but like, there's no shops. So there's no shop girls to unlock. And nobody smacks you and goes "You're not gonna buy anything are you!" if you keep clicking on "I want that" and then changing your mind. That was kinda funny in SC3.

Major spoiler: the main "villain", like how Zasalamel was in SC3, is Algol, and he looks a lot like Akutsu. I'll scan it if I can get a strategy guide. Which I ordered but it's not here yet D:
OK I'm gonna play this game moar and then I might ... spaz on the internet more... I'm sure you're looking forward to it....

I need a Astaroth icon, if anyone has one? Especially SC3 Astaroth, I really could use one! I'll make my own eventually if I get a good picture...
I'm not insanedrop trou!