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Projects, and some FMA stuff - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Projects, and some FMA stuff [Apr. 12th, 2004|12:47 pm]
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valamelmeo said that the reason I haven't finished my many projects is because my chi is still blocked from having a messy house. She's probably right.

Short list of unfinished/unstarted writing projects:
that one detective story screenplay
Megatron/Starscream slash
Ash/Latias lemon
Annie and Oakley (non-slash)
I had started one really great Pokemon fic that used all OCs (except for the Pokemon, of course), but I'll probably never finish it now.
At some point surely I'll draw that one Naruto fanart piece, featuring Haku/Sasuke/Naruto.
At some really close future time I will HAVE to draw my piece of the doujinshi_relay or be ostracized from the FMA community for life. I want to do a 4-panel gag strip, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I need to think fast.

Major spoilers (FMA) below:

I should watch the Bebop movie again, just so I don't overwhelm this journal with FMA stuff.
OK, remember in episode 7 (of Hagaren, not Bebop), whenever Ninaxander ran off, and found Scar hiding in the alley, and Scar went to pet the doggy, and then he was like "Masaka!" when he touched it... damn, that is a heartwrenching scene. But that's not the point. The point is, his original intent was to pet the doggy. His original intent wasn't to discover random human-based chimeras and send them to God. He was just a guy in an alley going to pet a doggie. And in that respect, is he that much different from Fry on Futurama? Well, yes. Fry is a fuckup and doesn't have an arm of doom.
But that brings up another question. The Ishval massacre was like, 10 years prior to Ed becoming a state alchemist. But only then did Scar make his way to Central City. What was he doing in between the time his brother died and when Ed came to Central City? His brother obviously died when Ishval was wiped out. And if Scar has his brother's arm, then he must have gotten it at that time, because if he waited too much longer eww. Or, maybe Scar's brother *didn't* die when we think he did. Maybe he died just prior to Scar coming to Central City. Coming to, like I live there :P
I wish TPTB would tell us their names. Maybe they did, in the manga that I'm not reading. Is it just me, or does it feel like FOREVER until Saturday when the next episode airs! I should make up names for them. Based on something, like how Alphonse and Edward Elric are based on something.

Oh, yeah, episode 27. MUCH better than episode 26, and it wasn't all heavy and stuff, either. So see, it is possible to make a semi-fluff ep without making it suck. Ep 13 was also good, even though it was pure fanservice. So, wtf with ep 26? Enough of that, here's the lowdown on 27.
All those fans that were all "Squee! Sensei!" were right. She r0xx0rs. She's like a female Kakashi, well, she might be meaner than Kakashi, but she has the same attitude and she also reads during fight-training.
So, at the end, she's beating the crap out of Ed. Ed keeps getting up. I think that's symbolic of his character. And I think that's why she decided to hug them at the end. Ed knew he was wrong, and he was willing to take the beating that goes along with getting in trouble, so he just stood up and braced himself for the next blow.
She only hit with as much force as she knew they could take (well, Ed anyway - Al can take loads of force). That's like Kakashi. They knew they were in trouble when she told that little girl she couldn't revive her cat because she wasn't Godlike. They were like "We busted." I'm glad they came clean. But can we get to Ishval already? I'm dyin here! Well, not really, this was a great story with a good combination of touching parts and hilarious parts. I'm glad I watched it. Can't wait to see it subbed.

Oh, and go check out raditzsex and see my new car.
I'm not insanedrop trou!