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I logged in ... [Apr. 14th, 2004|01:52 pm]
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... so I can talk about how much I think about FMA during the day. I mentioned in raditzsex that I worked 14 hours yesterday and today I have a cold. I did lots of work yesterday, it was non-stop. And yet, I managed to think of another FMA ponderable (But I was too busy to post it yesterday) and loads of other Fullmetal Begoodness.

OK, in those episodes about the imposter Elrics (which would be Russell and Fletcher.. umm, forgot their last name, but they have a famous alchemist father), why did Ed not just show the townsfolk his State Alchemist's watch to prove he was the real Elric? Why? WHY? Plot reasons. Where's the plot if he can prove it.
Official Site (http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/hagaren/ just proving I have it memorized) has the official names of folk. Riza Hawkeye. Cornello. Rose. And, of course, Ishval, which actually isn't written in English it's written in Japanese so there could still be a question of anything in between Ishval and Ishuvaru. But there you have it.
And... the hell? They've updated the character page! Yeah now they have bios for Scar and Barry - Barry as a woman and as a man, not in his suit-of-armor body. But as a man, with the lipstick and the dress. Bios only valid through ep 8 or so. Why they take so long!
I still maintain that what Scar did at the end of ep 7 was merciful. Even though Edward seems so pissed off, like he could have undone what Tucker had done. He couldn't have. He's not the sewing-life alchemist. What became of all of Tucker's experiments in Lab 5? Were any of those part human? I know the humans were set free by Greed, but I wonder what about the doggy-chimeras. Now I wonder if Scar randomly kills chimeras, or only those that are part human. Probably just human ones, because he sorta freaked out when he realized it was part human.
Now THERE'S a tragedy. Imagine going to pet a random doggy, then realizing it's part human and that the most humane thing you can do for it is kill it with your brother's arm. He probably cried later and was like "DOGGIEEEEEEEEE!"
OK I made that up. I really love that scene. I'm going to marry it. Not really. I'm going to marry episode 21 "insane brother" scene. Not really. I think I'll go through the whole show and name all the good scenes, like how on DVDs the scenes are labelled so you know which scene has the gore in it.
In celebration of Barry's appearance on the official site, I'll discuss him for awhile. When he first shows up, dressed as a woman, and that chef is hitting on him? I was like "Dude! That's a dude!" He looks much cooler as a suit of empty armor than as a guy. The best part was when he was fighting Al and he showed that he was an empty suit and told him who he was, and Al was like "eh." and Barry was all ".. the hell! You're supposed to freak out and be like EEEEEE SCARY or like HELP ME MOMMY!" And Al was like "Eh." He's a mean bastard. He only told Al that he wasn't human to be mean, not because he thought it was true. Other people have said that in 24 he *doesn't* die, but I know I saw his seal disintigrate! If that's not death for a soul-transfixed-to-a-suit, then Al should be fine through the whole series. But see, I want that Al dies in some really dramatic and heartwrenching way, saving his brother or something. Because a series ending is only good if a hero dies. I want that the intro to each episode, where we hear Al talking about alchemy, is someone reading his journal. Like, the last scene in the whole series would be Ed picking up the journal and reading the opening credit words and fading from an Ed-voice into the Al-voice we hear at the start of each episode.
A good Al-death scene would be if Ed and Scar got into some final battle (oh come on, guys, give it up already!) like Mew and Mewtwo, and then Al jumps in the middle like Ash did, only instead of Pokemon tears reviving him, he DIES! Then Ed and Scar cry! OK actually that's a crappy ending, it just reminds me of Pokemon. I am not sure exactly how I want the ending to be. And it doesn't really matter, because I don't get to make the ending. But I am sure that Al should die importantly. And he should never get restored.
I'll tell you what a really crappy ending would be. If they find the philosopher's stone (or make one) and bring everybody back to life and restore everybody and happy-happy barf-barf. All of the tragedy everyone's been through would suddenly have no meaning, like on Dragonball Z. Everyone's death was meaningless except Cell and Raditz. OK, maybe other villains, too, but those are the important ones ;)

You know, Edward doesn't really deserve to be restored. Like that one guy in that one house in the middle of nowhere, he was on purpose living without automail so he would never forget. If Ed is restored completely, he'll lose the things that remind him of his transgression. I think Al deserves to be restored by in-char thinking, because he was more innocent in the whole thing, plus he's had to live as a suit of armor. If he *was* restored, would he be restored at age 9 or at age 15 or whatever he is now? I would say 9, because he still needs to go through puberty. But Ed doesn't really deserve to be restored, because he's still fully functional, like that chick from 26. Why should Ed get restoration and she can't? He did something terrible, and she was an innocent victim of an accident. Hey, I found a use for ep 26! Heh. Anyway, unless Ed plans to restore everyone with automail to their original forms, he shouldn't restore himself. Maybe that's the realization he comes to when Al dies. Which is only in my mind right now.
I hope they don't have reruns during the summer -

Cut off because I have a really terrible cold and I just realized taxes are due tomorrow and I haven't done mine! Geh!

I'm not insanedrop trou!