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Cowboy Bebop Movie Special Edition DVD - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Cowboy Bebop Movie Special Edition DVD [Oct. 3rd, 2003|02:14 pm]
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I finally got around to watching the special features on the DVD. Wow! It's so cool! There's a mini-interview with Yoko Kanno! Plus lots of other behind-the-scenes stuff. It was so cool. There's the conceptual artwork, and some of the storyboards, and it's just so awesome. There's audio in English or Japanese (and French I think, I should watch that.) and subtitles (as usual). One of the extras that I was disappointed with was the "Music Videos". It's music videos of Ask DNA and Gotta Knock a little harder. They're both just the scenes from the movie in which the songs were playing. The Ask DNA one is still cool, because the opening sequence is very cool. But the end credits are not quite so cool, because they're designed to run as background. I wish they'd spiced up that "music video" a little bit. The only difference is that the credits aren't there. But all the end scenes are just scenes from the movie, minus the main characters. Like that one scene where Spike sits down on Morocco Street to have a smoke, and the one where Ed is walking with Ein tracking the hacker. They're not still-shots, but it's just not half as cool as it could have been. A cooler video for that song would have been some kind of epilogue with Electra.

Really, I could have watched a lot more of the Yoko Kanno interview, but it's still a really cool package of extras. I'm not sure which of these things is the "special edition" stuff, but it's all good.
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