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I bought more DVDs - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I bought more DVDs [Apr. 19th, 2004|11:45 am]
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I have a terrible DVD habit. But I had a $35 replay certificate! I HAD to buy something!
Transformers G1 season 2 part 2 - the last one I needed! My G1 collection is complete! Noticed that Armada is now available *sigh* love teh giant robots.
SD Gundam Force #1 - Ohh I better post a review in sdgundamforce so everyone knows what's on it. I suspect I will own the rest of the available DVDs by the end of the week -_- love teh sentient robots.
Berserk #2 - haven't watched it yet. It was between this, LupinIII #3, and Gundam Wing #2, but they had neither of those choices.
PRE-ORDERED Star Wars DVD!!! Yeah baby! It was hella expensive, too, so there better be some damn good extries. I don't even know when the release date is, but I'm gonna have it!

Little note regarding Transformers Armada. Starscream. (OK most of you know I have serious Starscream issues.) He was a villain, and then he had to side with the Autobots for awhile, and he became somewhat nice during that time. The verb I created for this kind of characterization is "vegetacized" (based on DBZ character Vegeta). They vegetacized Starscream a bit, and it didn't set well with me. But the series is still so interesting that I'm sure I'll buy the DVDs. I can't wait for Transformers Energon (Superlink) to come out on DVD. That is the best series since G1, IMO. Best human character ever in a Transformers series - Kicker.

You know the rule - please no manga spoilers as I have not read it.

I was discussing this in a comm, and figured I needed to bring it home.
The new kid, from ep 28, appears to have Ed's arm. Also appears to have Al's face. Now, I thought prior to this that whoever was creating homunculi was creating them in the likeness of other people, but now I'm thinking they actually have the body of the other people. Sloth obviously has the body of Trisha Elric, and Lust has Scar's brother's wife's body, and who knows what the hell Gluttony is. Someone suggested that before they saw the kid in ep 28 they thought Envy had Al's body. That would have been too cute for words.
So, sins we know of:
Lust = Scar's brother's wife
Gluttony = ???
Envy = ??? but I bet we find out
Sloth = Trisha Elric
Greed = ??? but I bet we already know and haven't noticed yet
Sins we're missing:

Whaddaya wanna bet ONE of those ???s or the new ones turns out to be one of Winry's parents. It would serve so many purposes - of course Winry and the Elrics would freak out, but also Roy would freak out, and Dr. Marco if he still lives (I forgot if they gave a final disposition for him). I wonder if the Fuhrer is a homunculus.
And speaking of, I think Gran has always been a homunculus. Of course, Envy was playing the part of Cornello for awhile, but there was nothing to stop one of the others from playing Gran until Envy could arrive on the scene. Whenever Scar blew Gran up, Hughes mentioned something to the effect of "Not unless he can revive after being turned into hamburger meat." That sort of comment usually has a nice irony later, so I'm hoping that's what it is. Of course a homunculus could regenerate after being blown up from the inside. Was there a funeral for him, like there was for ooooh better not say in case someone who hasn't seen it is reading. We didn't see the funeral if there was one, but then, if you were exploded into a million disgusting little man-meat pieces, they probably would just have a memorial rather than an open-casket or something. I feel like there was a lot more of Gran left than there was of Ninaxander, but I need to watch it again. But if the Ninaxander remains are any indication, there wasn't enough left of Gran to bury or creamate anyway. Creamate. Sounds like some kind of milk-substitute for coffee.
Anyway, I hated that guy. He was a prick and represented everything wrong with the FMA-world military. And I know he's the one that destroyed the village in the naked-insane-brother scene. So really, he had it coming. But, suppose he was a homunculus from the beginning. Suppose in that scene where he uses the pseudo-philosopher's stone to blow up Ishval, that it really is a homunculus and that the real Gran is already dead. And maybe that's why he was so keen on blowing up Ishval anyway, so he could get the real philosopher's stone and make himself and the others human.
And what of the cryptic message Scar's brother tells him? Is it just the ramblings of a madman, or is there some hidden truth? Probably some hidden truth, or it wouldn't have been animated. Rule #1 - only show what's important! ;)
So, back to the kid from 28. If he *does* have Al's body, and Ed's arm, what the hell? Is he a homunculus? Will Al be restored (that would rock)? Damn I can't wait for Saturday. And who the hell has Scar's real arm if he has his brother's arm and people's parts are showing up elsewhere? And whoa, Scar's brother is probably one of something... somewhere, geez this plot is wrinkling my brow!! <3

FMA, FMA, FMA. Is that all you ever think of?

Count the tragedies.
1.) Shou Tucker lied to his daughter about her mother's death! She goes on believing that her mother is alive and she will see her again, even writing letters that she thinks will arrive.
II.) Then, the one person that is supposed to protect her from harm above all others uses her in an experiment for no other reason than to further his scientific research!
C.) Ed and Al's friends (Nina and Alexander) are now gone forever, even before the killing. The chimera can't possibly replace the two.
$.) The military plans to use Ninaxander for their own nefarious purposes, and kill her father even though she still needs him and cares about him (as seen when she stops Ed from killing him).
five.) Ed can't do anything about it. He can't change what Tucker has done, no matter how good an alchemist he is. He and Al are completely powerless to save Nina.
monkey.) Had a rough day? Pet a doggy. Oh, gotta kill the doggy because it's a sad combination of human and animal.
§.) BYE BYE NINAXANDER. (you may cry now)

Damn I love that episode. Could you kill the doggy? I don't know if I could, even if it desired death. Even, like, real doggies, whenever they are in such pain and there's nothing to save them, and they should be put down, I have always had a vet do it. Of course, I don't have an arm of doom. I remember one time my ex-husband ran over a puppy, and we thought it was going to die, and he was going to take it out back and shoot it to put it out of it's misery, but I insisted that we take it to the vet, and the vet saved it. Later (like, 2 years or so) the doggy died when she was hit by a car, and we cried and cried for our lost doggy. Even Scott! He cried. He loves doggies. Her name was Heidi, named after the girl from Tool Time.
And all of that reminds me of the movie Old Yeller. That kid had to kill his own doggy that had been his best friend, because it had rabies which is uncureable. Could you kill the doggy? I don't know if I could.

I believe that Ninaxander desired death, just like her mother did. It just seems too coincidental. Why else would she run from Ed and Al, who would have cared for her, and gone and whined at Scar, who was the only person outside of Tucker's circle that could have known what she was and could have killed her? Dogs do have a 6th sense, you know, before you give me that "They didn't know he had a transmutation arm" spiel. Sure, Nina didn't know she wanted to die, but Alexander was an older doggy, and probably realized there was no hope for them. Dogs know stuff. And, Nina, being able to understand human speech, would have at least had an idea that Scar was going to destroy her from what he said. Plus, if they were fused, Nina would have gained some of Alexander's experience knowledge, and Alexander would have gained some of Nina's language skills, right? They must have known what he was going to do. And they didn't run, and they didn't yelp, or speak, or question. Ninaxander just stood there with that heartbreakingly pathetic look on their face, waiting for oblivion.

You may cry now.
I'm not insanedrop trou!