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I suppose you couldn't go a day... - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I suppose you couldn't go a day... [Apr. 20th, 2004|01:39 pm]
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... without hearing something about FMA from me.

I was just commenting in another post and realized something really creepy-cool.
At first I thought the boy from ep 28 was Al's body, but now I'm convinced it's Izumi's child's body, and I'm no longer convinced (although I might still be suspicious) that Envy has Rose's boyfriend Kain's body.
Check it:
Sloth = Trisha Elric. Trisha Elric was deceased and then Ed and Al tried to transmute her back to life.
Lust = Scar's brother's wife. She was deceased and then Scar's brother tried to transmute her back to life. Then he went crizzazy and ran around in nothing but tattoos.
Boy in the woods = dark Izumi-colored hair, Al-eyes, Ed-arm. The fuck?

Anyway, it would be cool if the homunculi were all using the bodies of people who were deceased and then attempted ressurection via alchemy, wouldn't it. It would be creepy weird.

I have to say. If I had freaky-cool powers like the homunculi do, I'm not sure I would be so eager to become human. If I had nearly invincible automail, I also don't think I would be so eager to regain my original appendages. UNLESS OF COURSE IT'S THE ULTIMATE APPENDAGE HE LOST. Haha, sorry, a little naughty humor there. *mind wanders into uncharted freaky-weird territory*
THe only two people we know for sure whose bodies are now being used by homunculi were both attempted-human-transmutation people. So there. Umm... man I'm really bored. I'm waiting for a program to finish running, and it uses tons of resources, so I can't do anything else but this or check email until it's done.
I guess I'll go home tonight and watch episode 21 again, for no good reason.
Oh please, Val, do not give us that "no good reason" crap! We all KNOW why you're gonna watch that one! And ep 14. and ep 7. And eps 22-25. You sad monkey, you.
I'm not insanedrop trou!