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lunchtime! [Apr. 7th, 2010|01:13 pm]
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OK so I can't figure out how to make this computer get screencaps of mp4 files without downloading more software, which I don't feel like doing because I like this computer to be Lite.

So FFXIII is awesome, because the characters are awesome and the plot is intriguing and the battle system doesn't suck ass like the 12 battle system, BUT...

- there's no NPCs. "What about [that guy]! Or [that guy]!" yeah those guys have less screen time than Lani in FFIX. There's nobody that you can talk to or hang out with. There's no towns to hang out in. There's just no NPCs, and that means there's only the 6 main characters.

- You can't use all 6 characters. The walkthru and everything else says "Use [these three] or you won't make it!" Ok why give us 6 characters if we can't use them? Why create 6 characters that are completely not equal? Why not make all the characters equally good?

- The characters have max stats and there's no getting around them. Maybe SQenix things it's not cool if we level up a bunch and then just cruise thru the main storyline enemies. I was so excited about the levelling system because it seemed similar to 10, but then you can't add anything so once you fill that up, you're done. Maybe they didn't like that we gave every character max stats in FFX. Why?

- I'm about ready for a standard RPG battle system again. OK I was ready for that after 12. I've gone back even though I have this shiny new PS3 game, back to old awesome FF games like... everything except 1, V, VI, because I don't have my own copy of those.

SPEAKING of old awesome games, check out this artist:

One of my favorite artists, this is from a new album that came out today, and the album cover is drawn by the artist who did FF tactics art! It's adorable, here's a good pic! There's chibi-types on the inside cover (not pictured, sorry my scanner isn't behaving so I can't share) that look like the cuties from FFIII DS.
The musician is De De Mouse, he does electronica, with voices from sampled Mongolian traditional singing. But that is my memory of what I read years ago, and I can't find the source now, so that might not be right. But he's definitely De De Mouse, and he definitely has a new album out, and it's awesome :D
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:April 8th, 2010 - 11:16 am
I miss NPCs too. :( There are a couple, like Snow's friends in Nora, and those people in the Guardian Core, but you only get a couple of lines out of them on one or two occasions and that's it. :( I liked random people on the street, or mysterious salespeople who tried to charge you triple the prices and followed you around the world. I understand why they didn't do towns, but even just a village.... Still love it to pieces, though. The chocobos and the little stories behind each mission help make up for it.

Yeah, crystarium is a bit constricting, I sort of wish the whole lot had been unlocked from the start, felt a bit like hand-holding. But you can also improve on your weapons and accessories by upgrading those. It can make a pretty big difference in stats. As for the choosing your characters part, I tend to make the leader whichever eidolon I want to summon at the time, depending on what sort of monsters are in the area. (e.g. weak to fire, Sazh, weak to ice, Snow etc.) Except when riding Chocobos. I always, always put Hope as leader when riding a chocobo, because the idle animation is ADORABLE. *___* Walkthroughs can bite me. I'LL FIND A WAY TO MAKE MY FAVOURITE PARTY SURVIVE.

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Date:April 8th, 2010 - 02:28 pm
I was unable to find a way to use my favorite party. If your favorite party is Fang, Lightning, and Hope, then you won't have to worry about the rest of the storyline battles, because that's the party everybody says you need to make it thru. I was unable to find a way to use a different party. I tried, too! I got right up to near the end, and there was this ... really hard combo of things, and nothing I did was going to make my party survive (Sazh, Lightning, Fang). So I went ahead and used the recommended party, and got thru the ending just fine. But I was really disappointed that nothing I did was going to let them survive. (really, I tried like 7 times, and there was just no way, and it was just a 'random' battle!)

Even if you improve the weapons and stuff, there's a limit, and I don't like limits, but I know that most games have 'em (even my favorite, FFIX). But 10 didn't have limits, so I'm spoiled :D

I ALSO LOVE THIS GAME TO PIECES!! I just wish the characters were more balanced. I'm going to have to get an icon, too :D

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Date:April 8th, 2010 - 09:08 pm
I hadn't tried Hope as the chocobo rider before but you're right, that IS the cutest!!!!!!!!