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We are all fuzzy robots.

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GIP [Apr. 21st, 2004|11:05 pm]
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umm.... I guess I don't really have much to say. Umm... some raditzsex news... I'm on the executive committee since I'm a precinct chair, apparently. That'll be cool, I think.

Umm... in keeping with the journal's theme... Rick (FMA) is the 2nd cutest kid next to Al. And I do plan to make a website, probably tomorrow, since it took so long to make this very simple-looking icon. I don't know why.

OK you've all seen the hoops, right? No? Oh, well, here you go:

See the hoops? (OK, yes, I love this picture.) His jacket has hoops. Strange useless hoops, unless there is some kind of jacket-wearing bondage that I don't know about.

He gets injured, and ... hehe, gratuitous, yes! Sans jacket, sans shirt!

Yes this picture is larger than the other. I had to shrink it so it would fit nicely in here. Anyway, notice the lack of shirt. It's important, because it precedes...

Dude, check it out! His shoulders are HUGE! He's friggin ripped!! But that, too, is gratuitous. I'll be looking at this post tomorrow from work.

A lack of hoops! He lost his shirt, and he also lost his hoops! But the jacket remains. Here's hoping he's completely naked by the end of the series. OK that's not gonna happen, heh.

Again, sans hoops. Isn't this a cute picture? That would be Al on the left and Rick on the right. And after the hoops go, his jacket just sorta falls apart (I don't have a pic of that up yet because I'm really really lazy.)
Anyway, that's it for the edit/update. Have fun with those.
I'm not insanedrop trou!