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GIP (hint: there's 10!) [Sep. 16th, 2010|11:26 pm]
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[I'm all | monkeh!]

I had some kind of megapost planned but I spent so much time making an icon that didn't need to be made that I sorta forgot it.

It didn't need to be made because I'm only using 120 of 204 icons, meaning even if I made an icon of all my favorite characters from every show that I still like evar, it would be ok!

PS, that's why I will nevar evar leave LJ. TWO HUNDRED. OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!

Go watch the omake for Bleach 288. She might have moved up to #10 in my list from that. I guess I'm obsessed with that show now, which makes me super-lame cuz as usual I'm LATE to the party eh! Just like Tenipuri. But way way way late.

That reminds me, in the JP version of Star Wars, in the Japanese dub, they don't give Greedo an alien language (oona goota Solo?) they have him speaking Japanese. And he goes "Mou osoi!" which for some reason cracks me up. I guess the voice + the movements make it sound like he's scolding a child. ♥ Greedo. That's who I play as on Lego Star Wars.

I don't ship Grimmjow & Orihime, btw, just had a weird dream of them that one time. Not rly into het all that much. Maybe Unohana and Mayuri.
Holly had a dream that Genesis from Crisis Core had a coffee shop, speaking of amusing crack dreams.
I really want to do that 30 days meme but I'll never keep up with posting once a day. Nevar.

That said, I kinda feel like RPing lately, but I kinda don't want to cuz most RPs I see are 90% romance driven and I kinda suck at playing persons who aren't completely and totally insane, like Kimblee from FMA. Which might be the only person I could evar RP as really well, ahhaahaha. No, wait, Gaz from Invader Zim. I pwnd Gaz. Maybe I should stick to D&D.


Gonna name all my pkmnz after Bleach persons. Maybe my character, too. Yeah. So far I'm relatively spoiler-free for the new games, so I don't even know how the main characters look! So excited :DDDDD

What am I even talking about? I guess I'm done here... (that's not Gin, it's hollow Ichigo, it goes fast yah I know)
If I post tomorrow, I'll do the 30 days meme ^^v

I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:September 18th, 2010 - 01:43 am
That's a good plan. I'll just compile the bits & pieces when I get a chance and then I don't have to have a block of time each day.

day 1 is easy :D