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N! [Oct. 15th, 2010|01:11 am]
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OK, first off, insects are disturbing and grotesque and awesome!!
Inui wants you to learn the word entomophagy. Means eatin buggs. Don't do it! Buggs are our friends!

I'm actually here to spaz about N from Pokemon. If you haven't played Black or White and you're not into spoilers, maybe don't click the lj-cut. There's a picture in case you wanna see who N is. He's awesome.

Yeah I stole it from Pokestation, so what!
Turns out he is the prince of Pokemon, which is not at all how they phrased it or anything but it's what I immediately thought of XD Look how cute he is!! And also, in this scene, HE TAKES YOU ON THE FERRIS WHEEL. Even if your character is a boy!
(I'm playing as the boi because the girl is wearin dazzey-dukez)
(jk, but I'm playin the d00d)
(named him Uryuu even tho Chellen looks like Uryuu).

N. He is part of Plasma-dan and he takes you on the ferris wheel, and then you find out he's in Plasma, and then he sorta follows you around hoping you'll become the other hero aside from himself. Then he gets a cool dragon pokemon and you're lik OMG WHERZ MAH. Then later you get one, and he likes you, then it turns out Geuches is HIS FATHER just like on Star Wars, only not, I made up that spelling btw, and then he tells you why he's ALWAYS LOVED YOU.


not rly

Look, this game pwnz, and even tho some people have said it doesn't feel like a Pokemon game because your d00d is older, the pokemon are all new (no gen 1-4 pkmnz are anywhere until after you get the national dex! NONE!) but the plot is so much better. It's like, a real plot. You HAVE to go to Pokemon league to stop team plasma. And the gym leaders have all had their own issues with Plasma.

Ok it did kinda bother me that for a long time they would say "We're stealing pokemon from trainers because we want them to be freee!" and then they'd attack you with pokemon.

But thru the whole thing, N is just adorable, and he's SO NICE even tho he's kindof your enemy, and he's like, "W00T FERRIS WHEEL FTW!!" (sorry that scene was just so cute!) and then like, you find his room where all his toys are, including a skate ramp, it's cute. Dark Trinity were cute too. I'm going to miss them! I expect to see N again in the other city plots that I haven't gotten to yet because all the trainers on those routes have pokemon of level 65 and I won the final boss battle with about level 53 or so pkmnz.... but I kindof expect him to show up at least once. But Dark Trinity said their goodbyes so I think they're going to a secret ninja place.

Here's the pokemon I won the league with:
Name: Ukitake
Name: Iba
Name: Izuru
Name: Shuuhei

I had two others with me but I wasn't using them (meraruba and kokoromori) so they don't count toward my final. Dageki is the star of my team and it was about level 55 during the final Gueches battle.

Oh wait, this d00d counts, because you have to catch it! They let you switch it out for one of your party, too, so you can go up against N's Zekrom (in White he'd have Reshiram and you'd have to catch Zekrom, right?)
Mine is named Hatenko.

Also, here's N again, when he battles you and stuff.

He's awesome. Go play this game.

Haha, I spent a lot of time making an entry nobody will read...
I'm not insanedrop trou!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
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Date:October 19th, 2010 - 02:18 am
It really has the best plot of any Pokemon game. I hope you get to play it soon, so you can see how awesome it is :D