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Akutsu! - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Akutsu! [Oct. 26th, 2010|10:35 pm]
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OK, coming up, Nov 10, new single from Rikkai Young-kan, called Soul Mate!
Coming up, on Nov 17, new single from Nasu (Fuji+Taka) FEATURING AKUTSU. Akutsu needs a new single!

Also, coming up Nov 4, FINALLY the next volume of ShinPOT, vol 4. It took a long time, and I wasn't reading it online, so I'll see new things that the rest of you already knew. I'm excited!

Incidentally and not at all tennis related, the best band evar in the history of hip-hop is listed as being on the new Rhymester single set to come out in Nov. Yes I'm talkin bout KTCC! Whoa!

10. Favorite slice-of-life anime:

Excel Saga! Can't you EASILY TELL that this is a pic from Excel Saga? Does it count as slice-of-life anime? What is slice-of-life anime? I don't want to watch life on anime, I do that in reality. I want to watch wacky antics and magic tennis physics!

11. Favorite mech series:

Either Eva or FLCL, which I think counts as mech, because there's mechs coming out of people's heads, right? Haha, no idea. Hrm I wonder who would win in a deathmatch, Naota or Shinji.

12. An ecchi picture from your favorite series
Hey, my favorite series of the moment had an ecchi moment in today's episode!

Wonderweiss... NAKED! woo. or not. I loved this episode cuz Genryuusai pwnz. I wanted a more epic battle. Also, I think I want to RP Wonderweiss on the internet. I'd be good at it. Uwaaaaaaa!

13. Cosplay of your "waifu" or "husbando": I don't know WTF this means, really. No, really. But it cracks me up when Japanese people referring to their actual spouse say "waifu", because internets made it funny. I'm so not into cosplay unless I know the person cosplaying, or I'm talking to them randomly at a con or something. I've never been to a cosplay contest or show or whatever it is the cosplayers do when they go do some thing at a convention. I skip this question and put a non-cosplay pic here:

Hamada! From Oofuri!! Playing basketball, because he is MADE OF WIM AND AWESONE. It's cute how you think I misspelled those on accident.

Also, I just don't get this question. Sorry. HAMA-CHAN MAKES UP FOR MY VEXEDNESS WITH BEGOODNESS.

14. Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper:
This is cheating, because it's manga wallpaper, but it's AWESOME:

Tokkyuu!! What a great series that was, but it wasn't anime, so it's like I'm cheating. I love that wallpaper. Click on the pic to go to the gallery page then click again to get to the full size image if you want to use it for yourself!
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:October 28th, 2010 - 05:47 am
Well, I appreciate a good costume, and the time and energy it takes to make one, either for cosplay purposes or for Halloween or theater. So, I like costumes, I love costumes actually, but since real people will never look like anime I just don't go SQUEE! over cosplay. If I see someone at a con in a costume of my favorite character, I'll talk to that person so we can fangirl/boy the character together, tho!