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I know you were dying waiting for this... - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I know you were dying waiting for this... [Apr. 22nd, 2004|07:50 pm]
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The conclusion to this previous post, with the pictures in it.

OK, there is much to see in this seemingly simple screencap.
- The jacket: shredded!
- The 6-pack: uNF!
- The bald guy: Shit look at the arms on him! That guy works out.
- Barefoot! Aww.

They were sharing sake. Or so it looked. Someone poured sake, at any rate. I don't think Scar drank any, because he has to get up and go outside to blow up some people from the inside out. That's his old sensei or something, I dunno he called him Shishoh or something like that when he walked in not Sensei, but that's sortof the impression I got. Anyway, that guy, he's friggin ripped! Scar was working out when he walked in. He had a ... hell I dunno if it's a barbell or a dumbell or what, but it's the kind you can hold with one hand, and it looked like he made it out of stuff he found in a garage somewhere. Anyway, he was working out. With his own arm (not The Arm). He's like, totally freaked out that shishoh survived, and shishoh is all "Who's a naughty boy then!" because he had been in Central City and knew what Scar was up to.
According to the subs, this is the advice he gives Scar, which comes from Ishvara: "Even in pain, one can sleep. But if one inflicts pain, one can never sleep."
Then, upon hearing that advice from his old master, he goes outside and kills some ruffians who were attacking the Ishval camp.

In the picture I have here, he's getting up. The next scene is he is walking out the door. He is barefoot. Then, when he is outside, he suddenly has shoes again! They must be the slip-on type. I wonder if they are canvas or leather. Or some leather substitute.

Anyway, after he gets rid of the attackers, that is the last we have seen of the entire Ishval company!!

Now, I know that the Ishval-ites have some important role to play in the plot. It's only obvious that Scar's brother tried human transmutation and of course failed. We even saw "it" what Izumi-sensei referred to in 27. Which brings up a host of other questions, like why didn't Scar's brother (ok from now on I will refer to him as Bruce - see this post for explanation). Why did Bruce not get sucked into the void, or lose a limb? I mean, it's obvious he lost his mind, and it's also obvious that "it" was in that room. And someone was bloody. I'm not sure where the blood came from. But it was there.
Anyway, later on Scar, who didn't attempt human transmutation TO OUR KNOWLEDGE ends up losing a limb somehow and getting his brother's arm. But his brother was around long enough to tattoo that arm (and the rest of his body) after he HTd. (That stands for human transmutation, and yes, I just made it a verb.)
There are those who say that only folks who have seen "it" can perform a transmutation without a circle. Of course, this is just theory. But if that's true, then Bruce should be able to do it. Or, would have been, while he still lived. He's ... is he even dead now? We saw him walk into the battle naked with tattoos all over... but is he dead? Scar seems to think so. But I've noticed that people I think are dead are not always dead.
If Bruce is still alive, then .... he's missing an arm. And he's probably with Hoenheim, just for some good plot thickenings. Or, Hoenheim killed him. I forgot if he was a state alchemist or not. Or, it could have been Gran, because he turned into a weird thing and just shot at everybody.
Anyway, the point is, ... wait, did I have a point?

I guess not.

Have some gratuitous chest.
I'm not insanedrop trou!