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bleach major spoilers thru 432 - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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bleach major spoilers thru 432 [Dec. 30th, 2010|12:22 am]
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OK like, all the fun stuff is sortof on hiatus during the winter break, but like, I still have to work, so like, I can't go OUT and stuff, but there's nothing to DO, so I'm kinda bored and so I figure I'll post here about stuff nobody else is gonna understand anyway cuz I'm hte only one still in this fandom lol ♥

Here's how I feel!

Old arc stuff
1. Gin's redemption = weak, yo. He was cooler when he was full-on villain with a crush, rather than secret hero with a deathwish. :/

2. Who actually died!
Check all that apply:
✔ Gin
✔ Tosen
✔ Hallibel
✔ Stark
✔ Barragan
✔ fraccion of the above
✔ Ulquiorra (awwww)
✔ Tesla (awwww)
✔ Wonderweiss (uaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh)
✔ Szayel-apollo
✔ Arieoneiro
✔ Zommari

? Hinamori (plz oh plz let her be DONE WITH)
? Nnoitra (well nellyell was there, right? she has healin' power, right?)

Mortally wounded but probably OK
◊ Izuru
◊ Iba
◊ Grimmjow
◊ Hiyori
◊ Yammy

3. Ichigo is a moron. He was kicking Aizen's ass, so why use the Final GT? Why not just kick Aizen's ass with fists? That sounds dumb, doesn't it... nice long hair, tho, wish he'd kept it. And then Aizen doesn't even die? Wtf? Why didn't Orihime get to do anything useful at the end there, like she said she was gonna.

New Arc Stuff

1. Ichigo is a moron! So, everybody knows Orihime has a MASSIVE CRUSH on Ichigo except Ichigo. Typical, I guess, but he's still kinda standoffish to her, even tho they should be closer after having gone thru a bunch of stuff together! Moron!

2. Orihime pwnz, remember? Oh yeah, she was funny and a good character prior to becoming a damsel in distress! It's good to see her back to normal! But she should just drop the whole Ichigo thing, he's a moron! Grimmjow is clearly a better choice.

3. New pplz: I'm sortof over Ginjo's smartassed Aizen-ness, and the clone, oh good another pissed-off ass-kicking girl. In his defense, Taito makes excellent female characters, like comedy-loving Orihime and manly little Rukia, and lots of others (Nel, Rangiku, Nemu, Hallibel)! Me shipping any het is testament to awesome girls, but... Riruka (new chick) = Hiyori = Loly = yawnfest.

4. Where are Soul Society! Remember Kuukaku? No? That's cuz after her role in the "ryoka" arc we sorta never hear from her again. Do you recall the last time we see Nel? She was kicked or thrown or something by Nnoitra and then Ichigo tells Orihime to plz heal her up first before she heals him up. This is prior to Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra. I'm not 100% sure but I think that is the last time we hear anything of Nel at all D: My favorite character in the whole series up to now is Pesche Gautiche, and we haven't seen him since post-Szayelapollo, I think. I hope we don't lose sight of Gotei-13 because we're in a new plotline! Can we at least see Izuru! and Iba, cuz they were attacked right before the end of the Aizen arc, and it would DEVASTATE ME if either of them died.

That said, it would make me really happy if Hinamori died; in fact there could be a nice angstfest surrounding a clique of Hitsugaya, Rangiku, Shuuhei, Izuru, and stuff. Specially Hitsugaya, cuz he's a good angstmonger. Shuuhei and Rangiku can finally do it, incidentally, since she's not holding out hope for Gin anymore since he died. Izuru is awesome. Maybe he's my favorite non-hollow. I named my viola Wabisuke.

In Closing
Conceptually, I like the new arc. Lots of interesting things going on. But I don't like any of the new characters, except the villain looks interesting. When Ichigo and Sado are the main characters, it's boring. When Rukia is battling, it's boring. Ichigo battling = interesting. I hope he gets his powers back and they find some reason to go back to Hueco Mundo. I love that place.

my ships:
Grimmjow x Orihime
Kurosaki x Ishida (trick! i mean the dads :D )
Uryu x Nemu
Mayuri x Unohana
(rly Rangiku or Izuru x Shuuhei, but also everybody, because srsly everybody, but mostly Rangiku or Izuru.)

(I mean everybody. Grimmjow x Shuuhei? Hawt! Haineko x Shuuhei? She wanted it! Sado x Shuuhei? Why not! I mean everybody.)

(Srsly everybody.)
I'm not insanedrop trou!

[User Picture]
Date:December 30th, 2010 - 12:32 pm
GrimmjowxOrihime FTW!!! ^_^

Orihime's back to her cheerful self, which is like a breath of fresh air. I love my Hime with a smiling face and I love her imaginations.

I would love to see Grimmjow back again. We all know he's alive.

Yeah, I do agree that Ichigo is a moron at times. The whole FGT thing was for the major drama in epic proportions. Now we see him going through this angsty shit. I really hate it when Ichigo has his emo moments. Oh well...

[User Picture]
Date:December 31st, 2010 - 07:46 am
Yeah I had totally forgotten how awesome Orihime can be, and she's had some of her best best moments in recent chapters! She (and Uryu) are keeping me interested in the series at this point, since the other stuff is moving slowly. Also I've become totally obsessed with her & Grimmjow so I keep re-reading old chapters XD

I really miss Soul Society and Hueco Mundo.