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I've been watching Bleach 303 ALL WEEK. - Can You Dig It — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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I've been watching Bleach 303 ALL WEEK. [Jan. 8th, 2011|02:31 am]
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There's no spoilers for any of the real stuff!
There's only minor spoilers for next week's crack episode!
This was a crack episode, and it was brilliant, especially if you ... are me. You're not, and you're probably grateful.

Guess who's New Year's gift packet this one is... hint: it's Isane's ;D She went like D: cuz she's self-conscious about being tall. I was self-conscious about being tall until 9th grade when all the other kids caught up to me. I didn't grow more, evar. (169cm = me. since 8th grade.)

This was Nemu's gift packet, even tho it's the one Soi-fon wanted. Soi-fon got a bear on hers, but we didn't get to see it.

Here's the New Year's card that you'd get if you were getting one from squad 11. I can't not laugh every single time I see it XD I want a card from squad 11!

Here's the card that Rangiku sent out on behalf of squad 10. If you were getting a card from them, you'd probably expect this by now...

This is the card that squad 7 sent out, even tho it's not the year of the dog. This card was fanservice, they're just throwing Komamura fans a bone. (sorry!!!!)

Yoruichi-samaaaa! Well she forgot to send Soi-fon a card, and Soi-fon was all sad and wibbly. Of all the gotei-13, she's the one I'd like to battle the least. She scares me. (even tho I have this earring & necklace set that so looks like the suzumebachi mark)

Nemu is showing the card she sent. But we can't see it, because it's all pixellated like it's pr0n. It's also green, which leads me to believe it's tentacle pr0n. She kinda seems like she'd be into that.

Then Izuru and Shuuhei show up! To defend men's pride! But mainly because this was fanservice. I luv it when the fan being serviced is ME.

Srsly, what is this game? I have no experience in this kind of game. But here's the rules, as they appear from anime: line up on each side of a random pile of face-up cards. The mediator calls out a card, and the first team to acquire that card wins the round. So, it's like ... nothing I've ever played.

Yachiru was the mediator, and this is the first card she called out, and it was funny.

This was the 2nd card, and it was also funny, even tho that is a picture of some kind of Japanese thing that eludes me.

This was the card that sent Ikkaku over the edge, lol. This is Ikkaku as pachinko balls! Look sharp, it's a Bleach themed pachinko machine! How cute. Pachinko is addictive because the little balls make an awesome sound when they come out in large numbers.

It's the year of the rabbit. I didn't know that until I watched this episode. Instead of rabbit let's call it bunny, and make it cuter! I was born in the year of the ... chicken. I think that means I go best with white wine.

Mmmm, fanservice! I think Shuuhei's existence is fanservice. Or maybe Yumichika's existence is fanservice. (but it's Shuuhei.)

I bet Yachiru made the cards herself. I wanted to make sure I got pics of all of the cards that we see, because they're cool. I want a set of these cards.

Genryusai made Shuuhei nosebleed. Haha, not really! It was Rangiku of course, which is really cute, and one of my OTPs :D

An Omaeda card... does he have fans? Well, probably, because most fictional characters have fans, even the walk-ons. I bet that one hollow dog has mega fans.

Zabimaru: is it a year of the monkey icon, or a year of the snake? It's the year of the zabimaru. I wish I was year of the monkey, because monkeys are awesome.

Monkeys make Nemu CRIZZAZY. Not really, but you know, this is so nearly a panty shot that I'm a little shocked! Oh yeah, I keep forgetting this show has male fans, too...

I have no excuse for this picture. Lol, he totally started it, the scary battle for cards, cuz he used his weapon first. ♥

This is like that one time when Yamabuki's Kita is making fun of Atobe, in PoT. I bet Atobe doesn't watch anime.

I have watched, and re-watched, and quadrillion-watched this particular scene because it CRACKS ME UP. I don't think it's supposed to be as funny as I'm making it. Also, look at Hinamori D: face lol. OH IZURU, OH SHUUHEI.

Lol, ok, I used to have a huge crush on Kenpachi, and I still do, but also I've developed a huge crush on Izuru. They have so much nothing in common that I don't ever have to divide my "AWW SOCUTE!" in any one scene, because I don't think they've ever been in a scene together. Anyway, here's lol the dorkiest thing he did all episode ♥

Iba, fanservice. I wish he'd been there with Shuuhei and Izuru, because if anyone would be all up into defending the pride of his gender, it's Tetsuzaemon! How the hell did he get out of 1st grade with a massive kanji'd name like that!

My brain heard it this way. Hitsugaya: "You're kindof a dumbass, huh."

Mouuu! I think this captures the essence of "mouuuu!" I didn't used to like Hitsugaya much but lately he & Rangiku are in my brain, being hilarious.

A Yoruichi card. Uhh.... I guess I don't have any comment... my last pic from this segment of the episode.

Aww, this was a cute segment featuring Rukia making Orihime's New Year's real nice! I don't know if we have a tradition of spending new year's with our family, because we really didn't do that this year. But none of us felt like we missed anything, so I guess it was ok :D

Preview for the next episode, tentatively called (by me) OH HELLZ YES. But this reminds me, the black shinigami kimono, it's unattractive. Witch suit and nekomimi, tho, that's hawt.

Whaaaaaaa...? I guess we'll find out shortly.

Rukiruki! lol. But they'll have to give us full-on chibi episodes if they want to be as bad-ass at crack as tenipuri.

This? Makes me really happy :D You can tell who it is, right? THAT'S RIGHT. IT'S SHERLOCK HOLMES AND DR. WATSON. I AM MAKING THAT UP.

I'm going to slp now, because I have to get up at 8am. I hope to dream of this episode.
I'm not insanedrop trou!

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Date:January 8th, 2011 - 08:40 am
The 10th squad is ttly my squad, yo. Yo yo. I luv their relationship.

Because I haven't been keeping up w/ the story lately, Bleach crack seems to be the only way I take my Bleach now XD The next ep looks amazing.

[User Picture]
Date:January 9th, 2011 - 04:44 am
I'm right there with you on 10th!

I got back into the main storyline, but it's really nice to have some crack interruptions! I can't wait for the next one :D