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Epic Bleach dream - Can You Dig It [entries|archive|friends|profile|pics]
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Epic Bleach dream [Jan. 15th, 2011|02:13 pm]
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There was this train station slash rave lounge (what is a rave lounge?) and Rukia was using it to hide sortof, because she was wanted for hijacking, even tho it wasn't really her who hijacked something. But the point was to move thru there to get to another location, but the cops caught her, and she had to escape using some costume that someone else had, but it was more like her outfit when she went to Hueco Mundo. Lots of people were in costume because it was that kind of rave lounge/ train station. But with Ichigo's help they got out of that place but now they couldn't ride the train to their destination because the cops knew that she was around and they had the trains scoped out.
So, they had to cross through this really weird gangsta-infested post-apocalyptic town place, and it was full of action-hero type "cops on the edge" who were searching for the dangerous criminal Rukia, and seriously deranged gangstas were having bizarre weapon gang wars everywhere, and occasionally a cop would try to break it up and there'd be a megawar, but then if you talked to individuals everybody was really nice. So they got directions to a place that could help them out (probably Urahara!) but then Ichigo had to go get something and he had to cross thru this tilted parking lot with a bunch of gangstas around having little gangsta battles, and he accidentally stepped on this thing that dropped down into a weird bathtub trap and sealed him in a dungeon with iron bars! It seems like it was something left over from before the apocalypse, so he starts shouting for help , because it doesn't seem like anyone uses the dungeon anymore. But they don't hear because they're gangfightin, but then someone appears inside the dungeon like this "At last, you're here..." and Ichigo looks up to see who it is and he goes O_O like in a lot of manga panels and then

last week I dreamed I was playing doubles against Shuuhei and Izuru.
I'm not insanedrop trou!